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Message no. 1
From: Mike Goldberg <m_goldberg@**.COLORADO.EDU>
Subject: A surprise gift (part 2)
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 1995 14:10:54 MST
>>>>>[ According to my calculations, this took place about 10 hours after
hit on Hammer. Draw your own conclusions. I decided that now was a good a
time as any to show it to you all here.

+++++ trideo download

You see a black van pull up to the curb. It's pretty
undescribable save for the fact that it is missing plates. It
takes you a second to figure out where this is being taken. You
figure it is extremely late night in a rainy sprawl. Probably
Seattle, but then again you can never be sure. A troll, Doomsday
gets out. You see him reach in the back and pull something out.
It looks like it is a piece of white cloth. He quietly rips off
two strips and hands one to a person who is still inside the van.
Quickly he ties a piece around his right arm. He then pauses and
looks around again.

Doomsday: "God I'm tired. What a long day. I dink da gangers
will be gone fer a little while. I hope da decoy is good enough
not to get herself geeked."

A man's tired voice softly responds, "She knew the risk, and said
that she had ways to get out of a mess. Besides, she took our
payment easily enough. I'm all set. Let's hope everything goes

Doomsday grunts and walks into a building. It takes you a second
to recognize it. It is Polish's. If that is the case, by the
timing of this Doomsday must have just gotten into town really
recently. After a few minutes, Nightmare gets out of the van.
He has his sword at his waist. Strapped on his back is a large
two-handed sword. Tied on his right forearm is a white strip of
cloth. You can tell he is extremely tired and oddly for him,
nervous. He quickly walks out of the rain into the building.

The camera follows as he walks in. The people who were mostly
talking to Doomsday at one table, all stare coldly at Nightmare
as he enters and stop talking. Doomsday points at a far room.
Nightmare walks across to the door and enters. Much to your
dismay the camera doesn't spend any time on the faces so you
cannot figure out who is in the bar. Nightmare knocks on the
door, but it is hard to tell if he waits for an answer before
entering. He almost shuts the door cutting off the camera, but
remembers and lets the camera drone enter first.

Inside the dimly lit room is a beautiful redheaded elf. She
looks stunning even if she is wearing completely black.
Nightmare stands just inside the doorway looking at her for a
long time. Amazingly calm, he asks, "May I sit?"

The female emotionlessly responds, "You don't really deserve to."

Nightmare forces a smile and says, "I seem to hear that a lot.
Let me make this quick, because I don't want to ruin the
hospitality I have been given. I want to extend my condolences
to you on your loss Cerise. Yes it is extremely late, but so is
everything else I seem to do." The elf, Cerise, starts to say
something but Nightmare raises a hand to forestall it. He
continues by saying, "I know you have no love for me and all the
things I have had a hand in. I don't blame you or ask for your
forgiveness. As you may or may not know Blitzkrieg recently came
out of his coma. Well, while I was sitting around, I had a lot
of time to think over my past interrogations of HAMMER -"

Cerise interrupts, "You surprised me, I didn't think you would
let him go."

Nightmare says, "I like to surprise people. Actually, I much
prefer the thought of having Doomsday free from Interpol more
than I care about getting immediate revenge on HAMMER. But
anyway, I thought about some bizarre things that he said which at
the time I chose to not focus on. Slowly with the unknowing help
of DragonEyes and Scourge I was able to piece enough of what
actually happened to register that I should really ask HAMMER a
few more questions. As it turned out, on my first surveillance
night watching him, I found him carrying and using this."

Nightmare elegantly swings the large bundle off his back and puts
it on a table. Cerise quickly unwraps it and gasps. Nightmare
says, "If I had just taken the time, I could have probably
brought it to you a lot sooner. Unfortunately, I was a little
narrow in my field of inquiries during the interrogation."

Cerise just looks stunned at Nightmare. She finally manages to
say, "Why?"

Nightmare sighs and pauses for a good moment. He then softly
says, "Mark, my poor half-brother, was going to kill a friend of
his over where the sword was. I figured if I got it back to you,
and tried to prove WHAT's innocence to you it might spare WHAT
some more pain. Actually to be completely honest, WHAT's plight
meant little to me. I wanted to ease some burdens that Mark is
carrying and I want to try and start working a positive
relationship out between me and him."

Cerise says softly, "After what happened in Germany last year, I
am amazed that you are even bothering."

Nightmare nods sadly and says, "I wish I could undo my past. So
much pain would have been avoided and so many deaths. Indirectly
I suppose that even -- even Powerhouse's death can be blamed on
me. Yes it was IBA's helping out DragonEyes in dealing with the
Universal Brotherhood that caused the attack, but HAMMER planted
enough evidence that caused them to actively hunt DragonEyes in
the first place."

Nightmare says softly, "There is more. HAMMER struck at the
sword because he knew that somewhere deep down I still cared for
Blitzkrieg. He knew full well how unstable Blitzkrieg was
because of PH's death. It was an easy prediction of how hard it
would hit Mark and in turn me. HAMMER is a very vindictive
person. I suppose that matter little right now seeing as he is
getting new legs and such."

Nightmare paces a little bit and then says, "So basically, I got
the sword back because I want Blitzkrieg to at least stop hating
WHAT. It may not ease my cause any in trying to find a way to
build a bridge over our family's bloody past, but I thought it
was worth a try. One small thing, don't take this as I did it
merely for Blitzkrieg's sake. While my relationship with him is
weighing on me greatly, I do sympathize with the pain that
HAMMER's stealing of the sword caused you. But -- But I barely
know you, and despite my getting this back to you, I doubt that
we will ever truly be friends." He pauses for a second and pulls
something out of his pocket.

He backs to the door, opens it and says, "Here is what little is
left from the last true job I did that I was hired to do. Donate
to a worthy cause in Powerhouse's name. I'm sorry that I didn't
do anything sooner to help you out in the search for this. Good

Quickly he puts a credstick on the table. Immediately, he walks
out of the room - studiously looking down the whole way. It is
doubtful that he heard the tearful whisper that was uttered by
the stunned Cerise. That whisper was "Thank you." ]<<<<<
-- Scourge <13:20:15/2-7-56>

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