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Message no. 1
From: Mike Goldberg <m_goldberg@**.COLORADO.EDU>
Subject: A tarnished ring (part 2)
Date: Sat, 27 May 1995 15:48:53 MST
>>>>>[ And so we continue . . .

+++++ continue transmission

Nightmare quickly gathers up his friends. He speaks softly, "I'm going to
maintain a spell over you to cover as we run to the target. You will not be
able to see each other save through astral space. Sorry Doomsday, there is no
other way. Blitzkrieg, if you want us to stop you had better do it through the

Everyone nods. The rain starts to worsen. Blitzkrieg quietly says, "What
weather we have?"

Doomsday says in a loud whisper, "It is fittin'."

Nightmare casts his spell. Blitzkrieg quickly blinks and without hestitating
says, "Move!" as he runs out into the open. Quickly he travels the street,
headless of the drones that are flying about.

*Ratspeak* I see you have some drones tailing. I'll see what the little girl
can do about it.

Nightmare says quietly, "Tell her to be careful about it. If it doesn't
succeed don't worry. Doomsday and I have gotten out of tighter situations than
*Red Ronin* They have watchdogs that have spotted you.

Death Jestor snarls silently. He points up in the air. The other two look up
and see the drones. Oukami looks pale with fear.

Death Jestor says in a barely audible voice, "We need drone back up. We are
being followed by drones. Only matter of time before we get some people are

*Rolling Thunder* This is more like it. Helps on the way!
You don't know how much time has passed. You watch in a sick kind of dread as
Blitzkrieg sneaks up on someone and kills him from behind. The person never
even knew what hit him. Another point, you see the group calmly crawl accross
an alley way as a firefight rages above their heads. If they have any fear it
doesn't show.

*Ratspeak* You are close to the primary, Lure. Scourge is in trouble. You
are without overwatch. BE CAREFUL!

Nightmare says, "Help him out. Go to next alley Lure. There I will drop the
invisibility spell."

Blitzkrieg nods and runs accross the street. He is followed very closely by
Nightmare. As soon as Nightmare is most of the way accross Fenris starts out,
followed by Doomsday bringing up the rear as Fenris gets into the alley way.

Blitzkrieg watching out on the street says, "Glad you have elementals along

Nightmare smiles coldly as he drops the spell on everyone but Doomsday. Fenris
curses and says, "TROUBLE! Van bearing down on you!"

Nightmare says, "Shoot the damn tires!"

Blitzkrieg and Fenris open fire on the van. Doomsday shakes off the affects of
being stunned just a little to late, and is hit squarely by the van. When he
realized that he was going to get hit though he jumped up and punched the
windshield with both arms, letting his machine gun swing behind him.
Desperately he grabs onto the dashboard as the van starts to swerve out of
control from loosing a tire due to gunfire.

Meanwhile Doomsday is slowly pulling himself into the van. You can see two
people are tryin to loosen his hold on the dashboard. After a little bit the
one stops and starts pistol whipping him. Doomsday is in obvious pain but he
lets go of the dashboard with one hand and grabs the guy hitting him with the
pistol-butt. He shoves the guy into the driver. The driver surprised flinches
and the van swerves. Using the momentum gained by the swerving Doomsday
somehow manages to swing himself into the van and starts immediatly punches out
the driver. As the van, now completely out of control, starts heading to a
building at a rapid pace. Doomsday manages to fight off the two people.
Right before the van hits the building Doomsday looks out the window and says,
Fenris watches in stunned silence as the van swerves and crashes into the
building. Nightmare has shock on his face and Blitzkrieg looks stunned to.
Fenris runs quickly to the crashed van. Nightmare shakes his head and tugs
Blitzkrieg along. Quickly they move.
On the other of what must be the building you see the Count's team moving out.
Kor is leading the way with Jack Hack. The Count and Countess are bringing up
the rear of the team. You can barely hear the sound of a van crashing in the
distance but mostly what you can hear is gunfire. Scarface stops and sees
something. Without telling the others he breaks off.

Kor and the Count both look stunned. The Countess sighs. The Count quickly
re-evaulates the situation. As he sees Kor starting to head he says, "Kor, we
need you here. According to Hangtime there are no enemies currently over

Kor grumbles angerily, but enters the building, where all hell breaks loose.
You see HAMMER watching Kor enter the building. He says, "They have arrived.

The elf standing next to him goes, "Nightmare and Doomsday are missing. Along
with others. Plan?"

HAMMER smiles, "Let them get through the whole building with the mercs. Before
the Yakuza show up let see if we can find Nightmare and find out what he is up
to no?"
*Ratspeak* Drek! Where are all these fragging deckers coming from?
*Scourge* Arrrgh.
*Red Ronin* On way through tunnel!
*Hangtime* Will be there in a few. Need to advise first.
"Where is Scarface going?"

The irish elf responds, "To Nightmare perhaps."

"Let's find out. Move out as soon as Count's team is in the building!"

The irish elf says, "The Yakuza are here."

HAMMER curses. "Damn lets get our target before the Yaks kill everything.
You watch in silence, since you cannot match the ferocity or loudness of the
fighting going on in the building. Kor through his magic, and Jack Hack
through his skill in guns are slowly making progress, but you can see alarm in
the Count's eyes.

He shouts over the fight, "The whole merc squad must be here! Death Jestor,
get your team to primary! We need back-up!"
Death Jestor listens to the radio blankly. Quickly he gathers up his team and
says, "Change in plan. We are going in for the target and to back up the
Count's team. Apparently except for Hangtime we have no matrix watch right
now. Yakuza have arrived as well. Let's go!"

Oukami trembles in either fear or excitement but tries to calm himself after
looking at Strikes-Like-Lightning. Quickly they move out.
Kor says, "2 floors down, 3 to go."

Count says, "Slow down the pace. Make it look like we are tiring. It will
give Death Jestor time to catch up."

Kor gives the Count a blank look.
Blitzkrieg and Nightmare are walking around in a warehouse. Blitzkrieg says in
a whisper, "Do you think that HAMMER will find us here?"

Nightmare says, "I would prefer it was his drones that found us and not some
bounty hunters. I have no way of knowing though. Be prepared for the worst."

You see Scarface enter silently and quickly move away from the door way. Soon
after HAMMER enters and then has to hit the deck as a machinegun nearly fills
him with holes. You can barely make out the roar, "DIS IS DA END HAMMER!"

Blitzkrieg and Nightmare look at each other and smile. You hear Nightmare
whisper, "Godspeed and happy hunting brother." The smile that Blitzkrieg gives
him in return sends shivers down your spine.
"Damn it." You watch as HAMMER points to an Ork, an elf and a human. He says,
"Go deal with it." The human looks alarmed, but doesn't say anything. Looking
at the irish elf, a very muscle-bound japanese man, and another european elf,
he smiles thinly and points in. They enter.

+++++ pause transmission ]<<<<<
-- Ratspeak <15:00:03/5-27-56>

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