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Message no. 1
From: Kris Maxwell <kmaxwell@***>
Subject: Boom2.....
Date: Fri, 10 May 1996 16:32:07 -0400 (EDT)
>>>>>[I clipped this from an ealrier Trid broadcast.. Anyone that ain't
heard of it yet oughta check it out.

+++++Begin Footage

The screen blanks out and begins to focus on a wrecked area. Anyone
with knowledge of the Metahumans Year convention recognises this as the
remains of the building it was being held at.

A reporter, average stock blonde, comes foreward and the camera
focuses on her. She begins to speak.

"Today, a sad incident has occured. The Metahumans Year convention
was totally destroyed today, despite heavy security. It is believed to
be the work of the same person who earlier took down Mistuhama
Corporations new office building. The MO seems the same. Lone Star has
yet to comment on this, but an inside source, who would only speak after
we promised he would not be named, said that a Trolls cybereye camera had
been salvaged, and that Lone Star was investigating. Anyone with
knowlege of this incident is encouraged to contact this station, or Lone
Star, with further information. This is Sally Humbanks, reporting."

The camera goes back to the building. It is nowhere near as
thouroughly destroyed as the Mitsuhama Corp's building. It instead looks
as if one explosion, of a very large size, took out the middle floor of
the complex. The upper floors look to have collapsed on the lower
floors, with devastating effect. Bodies of Elves and Orks and Dwarves
and even a few Trolls are laying around like so much rubble, with Doc
Wagon and more conventional medical services going from body to body
looking for survivers. The camera then fades out, after a final look at
the scene.

+++++End Trideo

Maybe she's on target. Looks like someone already mentioned a "Boom
Boom" here a while ago. Something in conection with the Mitsuhama Corp's
building being destroyed. Could be he's behind the two bombings. Anyone
got a clue?]<<<<<
-- No One <Decker/Shock Trooper>

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