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Message no. 1
From: Sascha Pabst <Sascha.Pabst@**********.UNI-OLDENBURG.DE>
Subject: Bubba 2
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 18:41:04 +0000
***** PRIVATE: Invasion Force Internal Email

+++++ Message-From: Canis
+++++ Subject: Bubba pickup...

People, we ARE COMING HOME! Hope you haven't moved - again. We
are running, to be more precise. We were trapped, but as far as
I can tell right now have taken no casualities.

Here comes what Harkion and I have managed to cut together in a
few mins to show you what happend. Sorry if there are no flashy
transitions between takes, no time.

+++++ Begin Download:
The picture displays an elf at a bar table, and is shot from
above and outside through a window. The elf is Orion, and as the
camera swerves, Hamish and Minx can be seen at a nearby table.
The camera returns to Orion, and Canis' voice can be heared on
radio, saying "Hamish, I hope this is coffee I see you drinking,
and not some /cultural ethnic stuff/" - Canis manges to speak in
italics actually - "like Guinness or such..." He is interrupted
by Harkions voice that is much less distorted by the radio as he
says "These two might be the ones we are waiting for."

"Tank, how're ya doin'?" Canis asks.

"I am fine," a formerly unknow voice cuts in.

Two figures approach Orion's table. "Hiya," a slightly distorted
voice says while the words "Laser Mike" flash at the bottom of
the screen, "I am Bubba, 'n ya..." "Welcome, Bubba. I am Orion,
and that is IronMan I suppos..." A zoom to the figure in a long
trench with a hat on makes obvious what made Orion stop so
surprised, as it reveals metal where flesh should have been.
Either this is one of the most cybered person's you've ever
seen, or... "A fraggin' robot! Another fraggin' ROBOT!" Hamish
confirms your thought over radio.

"Please sit down," Orion invites the newcomers. Suddenly the
picture freezes. Harkion's voice informs you "Look to the three
details I will enlarge for you..." Three frams show people
getting up at the bar and two tables, one obviously raching for
a weapon. "We didn't see this right then, unfortunately." Canis
adds, "And since these didn't know who Minx was, her spell to
find enemies didn't ring any bells, too, we suppose. Too bad."

The picture changes aprubtly to inside the cafe. Orion, Bubba
amd 'IronMan' can be seen from behind, and half of both Nodoze
and Hamish can be seen on the slightly unfocused edge of the
picture, while Minx is not in view. The words "Cybercam
Recording" are blinking at the lower edge. Suddenly, as both
Bubba and IronMan are about to sit down, several people dart
toward them, Pistols and SMGs at the ready, and yell "Stop, you
are under arrest!"

"Wha... bu..." Canis' statement comes similar to the crash when
Hamish vanishes from Harkion's sight as he drops behind a now
turned table. From the edge of vishion the camera sees Minx
diving under another table. At Orion's table, everyone seems
surprised, but Orion grabs a longish bundle and tears at the
holdings while dropping over with his chair backward. IronMan
pulls out a large pistol from under his trench.

"I said Stop!" screams one of the attackers, and fires his Predator
at where Orion would have been hadn't he moved. Another one
turned to Hamish-behind-the-table and fires a burst from his SMG
at the sturdy plasic. What the others do can't be seen, since
Harkion makes a big jump behind the bar.

When the picture again shows anything but the cafe's floor, it
is again from the outside. Crosshairs aim at an attacker with a
SMG, while Orion can be seen charging at another, a large blade
risen high for attack. The panicked bursts of his opponent just
manage to hit the window, which shows a nice pattern afterwards.
Just as Canis fires at his target, a black van stops in front of
the Cafe, and both IronMan's "meat-voice" and Turbo's voice yell
through the radio "Contact!" - "Incoming!".

As the glass goes down, it becomes obvious Canis missed his
target, which now leaps for cover with an enourmous jump. A
quick movement shows Bubba who's charging the enemy with arms
spread in nearly-perfect football manner. His opponent obviously
though him to either give up or draw a weapon, and fires too
high before he is tackled to the ground with a crash. The
metallic IronMan uses the opportunity to fire a burst from his
strange pistol at someone who can't be seen by the camera right

From inside the bar screams and small arms fire can be heared
that indicate a real chaos.

The picture freezes, as Canis informs you "We will now show you
what happened OUTSIDE. Thereafter will come Harkion's cybercam
take of what was INSIDE."

As the black van's door slides open, several people in security
armor jump out in military-like style. The first one fires
something at the door, which bursts open with a loud bang, then
jumps aside to let his fellows pass. These run into the Cafe,
while Turbo announces via radio "More enemies arriving!" from
the edge of vision, the camera sees a F-C Bison openening fire
from several small turrets at the black van and the troopers.
The one who shot the door open goes down besides the door, the
back of his armor all cracked and blood-stained. A Westwind
powers up and starts turning, nearly on the spot. On the black
van a turret appears suddenly.

"Marvin, EMERGENCY!" yells Harkion on the radio.

Canis fires a shot at the first of the amored people who's just
visible at the bar, and you see flesh, blood and bits of armor
spread from where the bullets leaves the corpse-to-be as he
falls down. Anything else inside is just a chaotic,
indistinguable blurr.

There is a short burst of static, then the recording changes to
someone just peering over a bar, a light pistol held out before
him. "More enemies arriving!" Tank reports, then there is some
explosion to the right. Harkion looks up just in time to see the
first of the armored troopers charge the bar and opening fire
with his Kalashnikov at a man and a woman who were running for
the exit and now are cut down immediately in a cloud of blood
and tissue.

The inside of the bar look chaotic. Hamish just looks over the
table he had turned and fires with two guns, downing at least
one of the "original" attackers Harkion can see, while Minx from
under the table makes a gesture toward an armored trooper, who
sways and slowly topples over, first by falling to his knees,
then completly.

Just as Bubba, still on his knees over the enemiy he tackled and
who now looks quite unconscious, grabs the Ingram, the an
attacker readies a weapon on him. There's a flash directly in
front of the camera, and you can just see through the flare
compensation how Harkion's gun rocks and the Bubba-Killer-
Wannabe spinning to the ground. Nodoze can be seen to the left,
firing at the newcomers from the edge of the bar with some
pistol with burst capacity.

As the trooper who has shot down the civilians is hit by
something that spreads some of his anatomy where it doesn't
belong, harkion slightly turns his head to avoid being the
splatter, and sees Orion decapitate his bleeding opponent with a
final slash. The metallic IronMan keeps firing, without any
expression on his... faceplate.

"Marvin, EMERGENCY!" Harkion yells, and a message scrolls
through his vision, stating "Marvin - Emergency Rescue Program
Activated. Use Personal Code To Deactivate," with each word on a
seperate row.

One of the armored troopers yells "Magician active!" and takes
cover, while the others try to spread out in the bar and fire at
anyone still up and some more. Two people fire at Orion, but one
of them was obviously the target of a spell fired by Minx that
occupies his attention enough to make him miss, and the other
finds it difficult to hit someone just somersaulting over a
nearby table, but some blood spraying indicates he's good enough
to make the hit somehow.

On the radio, Canis screams "Take it DOWN, Okami!", although
this is probably not meant to go out by radio.

Inside, one of the troopers who already has taken cover screams
"Green coming," and from behind his cover a grenade comes
flying, bouncing in the middle of the room. By coincidence, this
nearly the exact time where Orion, who's now crouching with
Harkion behind the table, yells "Nimm dies, Arschloch!" (a
blinking line at the bottom of the picture states: "Foreign
language: German: Take this, asshole") and throws a grenade
towards the attackers. Besides him, Hamish keeps firing double-
handed, as does Nodoze from the edge of the bar. Another
attacker goes down by their joined force.

Another burst of static. The road outside has turned into a
battlefield, too. The Bison keeps firing at the van, which by
now returns fire. The Westwind has managed to turn completly -
its tires are still smoking - and opened fire with a gun the
manufacturer doesn't deliver normally with this car, also at the
black van. So far neither side managed to damage each other

Right in front of the camera, a humanoid figure starts
manifesting. It looks like the things known as Golems in some
religions, but seem to be fighting a large wolf that also
manifests. "Take it DOWN, Okami!", a voice both on radio and the
recorder yells, barley recognizeable as Canis'.

The camera does a roll to the right. When the picture steadies
again, you see the back door of a Nomad camper fly open, and a
vaguely humanoid, metallic shape charge toward the Cafe's door.
Unfortunatly, the troopers outside had the same idea, and
suddenly four troopers and one robot are what can't be described
but as knot.

Inside, the cowering shape of Bubba can be seen who fires a SMG
at someone further inside. Suddenly there's a flash inside, and
smoke spreads out through the door and window. Screams can be
heared, both on radio and voice.

Canis yells "Orion, spirit incoming, about... NOW!" and there's
another burst of static just after the camera moves forward and
down in a smooth motion.

You see an armored trooper being shoved away viciously by an
metallic... arm of sorts, then the camera moves through a door.
There is no sound with this, making the scenery somewhat
ghostly. While the words "Recording Engaged. Activating
Thermographic Vision" scroll through the recording, you make out
several red humanoid shapes from which small white lances leap
occasionally. "Fire Detected. Activating Program: Lab Emergency.
Activating Routine: Fire." Reads the text now. Suddenly a large,
white, about humanoid shape becomes visible where just a moment
before was nothing. "Flame Center Detected. Extinguishing." You
informed by the scrolling text.

Another burst of static, then Harkion's camera shows you a
smoke-filled room. The words "LLE active. IRE active." are
blinking at the bottom of the picture. Sometimes there are
speckles of static in the vision.

You can see a firey human shape manifesting in the middle of the
room, then something that must have been thrown from somewhere
to your left hits it, making it cringe for a moment. After this
moment, you see Nodoze attack the shape with a sword, while from
the left a robot moves at high speed toward it, foaming it with
what seems to be a build-in fire extinguisher while spraying its
foam on all muzzle blasts on its way. The robot keeps yelling
"Fire Alert! Get out immediately!" in a high, pitching voice.
Then you can't make out anything, since fire and foam hide
whatever happens there from you.

To the right, a trooper looks above his cover, makes a gesture,
and throws something that hasn't been there a moment ago at
Nodoze. It looks like a really nasty spell, probably acid of
some kind. Suddenly the ball stops in mid-air, a behavior not
normally known of spells. The enemy magician gasps in surprise
as for a moment the figure of a woman is just barely,
transparent, visible, and raises slightly more over his cover.
An obvious mistake, since Minx takes him out with a well aimed
shot in the forehead that shatters his helmet. The magician, the
shape of the woman, and the dangerously looking ball all vanish.

Bubba fires continiously at the troopers and forces them to keep

Just as the shape of an enourmous creature that looks like a
two-meter-wasp starts manifesting, both Orion and Hamish charge
over their cover, attacking it. Orion screams "Yea... shit,"
then hits the wasp katana-first, while Hamish screams something
you don't understand (a line at the bottom informs you: "Foreign
Language: Unknown Language."), and does a good swing with his
traditional scotish sword, the claymore. As the fight continues,
Orion curses on radio "You should *cough* have TOLD me *heavy
breathing* a BUG spirit!"

A short burst of static, then "...BUG spirit" can be heared, and
now the picture is street level outside the cafe. As the picture
rocks shortly, the front windshield of the black van vaporizes.
From the right, the Westwind uses this chance to fire a leadhose
into the driver's cabin, which produces red sprinkles on the
passengers window. The van's MG in the turret stops firing. To
the left, the Bison disassembles the van's rear with its steady

"Let's move!" radios Turbo, and "Get out!" Canis while the
camera moves quickly and shakily toward the open back door of
the Nomad.
+++++ EOF
+++++ Done Downloading:

We made it all out.

Orion is wounded, but I think I will be able to heal him once
this is out. Minx got a few bruises, and I think IronMan's car
will need a bit more then new color, but don't know yet. The
rest of us is quite well, apart from some bruises and minor

We are coming home. Tell the boys at the entrance my car will be
first, then the Westwind, then the Bison. And we will NOT stop
for passwords!

Canis ]<<<<<
-- IF Mailer Daemon <18:26:45/11-14-57>

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