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Message no. 1
From: Geoffrey Gerrietts <Siothrun@***.COM>
Subject: Burst transmission 2
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 1995 03:03:25 -0500
*****PRIVATE: Humanis Hater's Club (the Anna Crew)
>>>>>[I won't be lettin' on why, but it's lookin' easier, now, chummers. I
spent some time doin' the physical look-see, and I think I'm ready to kick
hoopsters, whenever you all get yourselves movin' enough to get here.

That pokin' around I did tells me that the vamps ain't in town hall. That
place is spooky, sure, but I think it's spooky for the mayor. He seems to
like them bloodsuckers an awful lot, though. I went huntin' after him one
night, and he went over next door -- ya know the place, the one with the
living floor? -- and when he went in, he was all dim, like one a them
cyborgs. But he came out lookin' like some drek-hot initiate without the
hidey-aura. Fair glowed like a bonfire. Lookin' to me like dinner was vamp

He ain't easy to get to, though. He keeps guys with him around the clock,
includin' one betty got an aura like a wall. Don't want to be doin' that!

And that buildin' next door -- it's more than just the power & water plant.
That place must have grow lamps and hydro tanks, cuz they're turnin' out
soygrub by the ton, not to mention the skunk bud. Makes me wonder what else
they got goin' on, see?

Rumor -- don't ask where I'm hearin' rumors, but rumor has it that the main
militia spread is on the east side, with bunkers and caches on the west.
Leaves north and south, but south ain't got no gate, and the whole city is
surrounded by mines -- so watch yer hoops comin' in. Ain't nothin' pretty
'bout troll innards, even when they're walkin' around.

Good luck. And hurry. I'm gettin' tired o' hick food.]<<<<<
-- Jolly Roger (01:47:55 / 01-06-56)

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