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Message no. 1
Subject: C^2 and Sperethiel.
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 93 03:54:17 CET
>>>>>[Circuit Breaker and Highlander, I guess we'll get along fine. I,
designed and had placed in me skull a C^2 deck. I believe that the three of
us, will end up closeting ourselves away with some GRAND scotch that
Highlander is bringing and some that me granddad brought wi' 'im from
-Buzz- ('Till we meet at th' party)

>>>>>[Nightfox, 'twill be good speakin' t' ya' , lad! N' ya', as well
Brandywine! Long 'as it been tha' I've had th' pleasure of
conversin' in somethin' less...barbaric...than th' language of
these sorry seps! Of COURSE Cerise may sit' language is
intricate n' difficult t' master, in any sort time...but, she
jus' might be able t' pick up enough t' give her a real passion
fer more---maybe I shouldna' put it quite THAT way...SORRY!

As fer YOU...BUZZ! Th' emphasis a' this 'ere bash is t' be... ka? TOUGH! N', considerin' tha' Highlander is
ta' be th' "guest a' honor"...I don't think he should be closeted
away w' anythin' less than a bottle a'' someone
soft of his choosin'! SAFE?!?

 Sheena, dear...anythin' goes, love! I'll be in th' most shredded
n' socially -unacceptable pair a' jeans I ken manage t' corner...
Buzz ken vouch- I'm a SLOB! So, wear whatever th' frag ya' want!
Oh...n' don't mind th' snakes.....]<<<<<
-THE Nexus (FULLY prepared t' enforce "relaxation
regulations", chummers!)

>>>>>[Great Guys, just chase everyone away!]<<<<<
-Shadow- (22:00:56 EST/ 03:23:54)

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