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Message no. 1
From: "Brian E. Angliss" <ANGLISS@***.PSU.EDU>
Subject: Camera Downloads, Safehouse, Part 2
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 1994 16:07:31 -0500
>>>>>[Sorry about that, but I let it go longer than I had intended. Well,
is where we were at for you who don't know. AJ was in hand to hand with...well
I'll let the rest of the footage show you...

*****Begin Camera Upload*****

All the first floor cameras are not operating at this point, but the basement
cameras show an unpleasant scene. WHAT is wounded severly and can barely hold
his Narcoject, Midnight is pretty much ok except she can't walk, Slash is fine
so far, AJ is still in combat with an enemy, Gutterrat is only now regaining
some semblance of consciousness, Druber is stunned badly, Roxey still seems
unconscious...wait, that's blood dripping out her ear! She may not be alive
after all... Diana is staggering from Astral combat that still wages, filling
the room with colors not meant for (meta)human minds to see with thier eyes,
DocGrizzle is attempting to keep people alive with magic, as is DragonEyes, and
Max, Roxey's ally hasn't re-appeared yet from saving her from the earth

The camera is recording the closure of a security door(old video, StarTrek
style), and a minigun is firing up, aimed up the stairs to keep the mercs on
the first floor if possible. That's when another wonderful thing happens: a
burst of energy grounds out through Doc Grizzle's focus and fills the room with
raw power, engulfing most of the people. But to no effect as Grizzle smiles,
chants something, and the spell is dispelled without any damage. Slash, the
only uninjured person besides the shamans(and they are exhausted), begins to
move people toward a very thick set of doors in the back corner, presumabley
behind which is the security room and the armory. And no-one has even had time
to get to help AJ.

AJ is doing rather well, amazingly. You suspect he's been training harder
ever since his being beaten by Deathstroke in the attack on Solitaire. His
current opponent, though excellent, is nowhere near as dangerous. Except that
he just drove one of his stakes into AJ's thigh. Something happens, something
that you don't really like. AJ screams in pain, throws his head back, and you
see the very marks of his identity and curse: the fangs. Ripping out the
stake, he barely avoids a thrust with the other stake aimed for heart, taking
it in his stomach. Not much better, really, but not instantly fatal either.
On another camera you notice Slash, with a very hard, cold look on his face,
calmly unloading his standard rounds from his Predator 2(stun rounds) and
loading what you can identify, even from here, as API ammo. As the physical
adept over AJ is pulling off his shotgun and swining it around to pump what is
probably steel jacketed wooden slugs into AJ, Slash calmly beads in on the
merc and fires two shots. Both hit and penetrate. You see the exit wounds
flash as the incendiary aspect of the armor sends small amounts of burning
phosphorus into the target's body. He falls back, injured severly but not

Another camera view and you see the trap door into the basement has been
compromised, unfortunately for the attackers. It seems the door was wired to
a directed grenade and the explosion rips whoever was on the other side. The
painful scream begins to gurgle in a manner that indicates a punctured lung and
a destroyed thorax. People downstairs are moving and getting themselves into
the security room, with AJ still able to walk somehow(after removing the second
stake). As the door to the rest of the place closes, you hear(and see on
another camera) the minigun begin to fire as the security door explodes outward
into peices. Big, reinforced composite and steel peiced, but still peices.
But the mercs are pros and the minigun literally runs out of ammo before any
of them stick thier heads out. By this point, Max is back and healing up
Roxey, as are the rest of the magicians. They are safe for now, behind what youthink is
about a meter of reinforced concrete and three separately sealing
Roxey, as are the rest of the magicians. They are safe for now, behind what youthink is
about a meter of reinforced concrete and three separately sealing
armoed doors. Slash is distributing the weapons in the armory to those who
need them, and the specialized armor AJ has is being but on. Non-standard
without any doubt at all, it appears to be a ruthenium polymer in addition to
at least two other types of systems. Then you notice a very big armored panel
off to one side labled "Scuttling charges". It shows "armed" under
the status

BOOOOMMM. The room is shook violently by an explosion on security door number
one. Only two more to go, and they weren't designed to withstand explosives.
The vault door you just noticed on the outter wall is beginning to open now as
well, out into what you assume to be an escape tunnel. Until you see muzzle
flashes coming into the security room from the sewers. Guess the tunnel has
been compromised. And by a group with 4 people and another Doberman drone.
Gawk, who was carressing the barrel of his cannon, spins and returns fire at
the drone, causing a whining warning of impending shutdown and the four mercs
to scatter down the sewers. And Gawk's second shot hits the internal magazine
, blowing the twin medium machine guns totally off and starting a rather large
gas fire as its fuel fills the sewer.

Various people, with Slash at the lead, struggle out into the tunnel, with
Slash stopping at a second arming panel. Gawk and AJ together shove the vault
door closed again and you lose all but a single camera feed: the one from the
panel Slash is at. People begin to move cautiously behind him as he activates
the scuttling charges and sets them for a 10 second count-down. The next thing
you know even this feed is cut off.

*****End Camera Download*****

That's all we recovered from the house. They were all alive then, with the
possible exception of Roxey, and moving out into the sewers. We don't know
what happened after that. Sorry, but I hope to get news from them soon. We
know they didn't all die as when we checked the sewer route that AJ and Slash
would have used we didn't find any bodies except for a few more mercs. And I
sent Lister to the exit point where they would have exited from the E-route.
I don't even have news from them. Drubar, if you can still hear me, we have
your RV and it's getting repaired. You'll owe us nuyen though.

And Hammer, I hope you like this: You just hit 16%. You'd better quit while
you're still ahead.]<<<<<
-- Moriarity(16:09:10/02-06-55)
Message no. 2
From: Mike Goldberg <m_goldberg@**.COLORADO.EDU>
Subject: Re: Camera Downloads, Safehouse, Part 2
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 1994 20:42:27 MST
>>>>>[ Parting is such sweet sorrow. At least it was for Doc Grizzle. Some
Moriarity, I think my percentage is going to get a lot worse before I'm dead.
In matter of fact, it might even happen soon.

And oh, one last thing (besides the fact that the trace just failed) I don't
intend to quit. ]<<<<<
-- Hammer <04:43:40/2-7-55>

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