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Message no. 1
From: "Mark A. Imbriaco" <mark@******.net>
Subject: Cast Listing. [2/5]
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 1996 16:44:10 -0400 (EDT)
ShadowTk Cast Listing -- [2/5]

Death (?) -- Chris Yang <cyang@*****>
A human of average height and build, his specialty is assassination and heis
a master class thief. As an initiated physical adept, he crosses
cyberwearwith magic to create a deadly combination. He rates highly at
stealthand melee combat. As a freelancer, his skills are highly desired for
usein Corporate Espionage.

Delta (?) -- Vee <>
Ork rigger, good ol'boy from the Antioch area of Davidsford (a veryredneck
zone). Drives a big overchromed pickup when he's in town,has a
with all sorts of modifications including armor,a turbocharged engine and
active suspension for road trips.Regularly runs across the border between the
Confederacy and theCherokee lands; has been seen at least once in Seattle
recently.Enjoys his work quite thoroughly; will happily take a
long-distancerun just to get out on the open road.

Demolition Man (?) -- Keith Ammann <Prospero@***>
If you know the Police song by the same name (album: "Ghost in the
Machine"), you've got the right idea for this guy. Violently destructive,
cybered to the gills (literally - he has them), willing to sacrifice anyone
and anything to survive. Actually gets his name not from the song but from
what he does: He is an expert bomber. A paranoid, isolated and unpredictable
loner with no self- consciousness or sense of proportion. One to avoid.
(Note: Has nothing to do with the movie of the same name that I just found
out about. *smile*)

Dendayar (?) -- Werner Meier <meier@**********.tu>
Being born as a Spikebaby at Salem (Oregon) in 2007 Dendayar grew up at
Lavertys mansion. He studied Thaumaturgy at the UTT and graduated as a 2nd
grade initiate in 2047. He now runs the shadows for the interests of Sean
Laverty and sometimes for his own. He's almost ever dressed in black and
wearing some Indian accessoires. As though he often runs for Laverty,he is
not a Paladin of his, but after all Laverty is some kind of father to him. He
only takes a run for the right purpose and not for the money.

Denim (?) -- James Tyler <pherble@*****.com>
A Seattle fixer, Denim is not one of the "movers and shakers" but he
doeshave connections and is able to provide the runners who deal with him
withproductive jobs. Denim appears as a short, skinny man whose clothing
isall of one sort of denim or another, jeans, vest, even canvas sneakers.He
is scrupulously honest, and reliable, which may be the reason he isn'tone of
the most powerful of the fixers in Seattle.

Devir, Alton (?) -- Dave Linch <DML@***>
Better known as Guido. An impossing 1.98 meters and 135 kilos- you canalmost
hear him clank when he walks ("I no longer bleed, I leak.") A verysharp
dressed & charasmatic gentleman, a bit on the quiet side. ("Better tohave
people think your stupid then open your mouth and prove it.") Thisgives the
impression the he is a bit "slow" mentally. (Chummer- You bank onthat and
it's your funeral!) Black hair pulled back in a ponytail to accentis grey
eyes and human features and in a 3 piece suit, he gives theimpression of a
cosmopolitan samurai- deadly, but cosmopolitan.

Diamondback (?) -- Nolan S. Tomlinson <ntomlin@*****>
New young decker, tries to be friendly and is dangerously naive about
thedangers waiting in the shadows. Tends to trust easily and never betrays
afriend. Feels confident in his ability to run the Matrix but has almost
noreal experience at it. "Greetings chummers, shall we run the world
ofshadows together?"

Diana (?) -- Brian Angliss <angliss@****>
Diana is a Houngan(voodoo preistess) of limited ability. She was born in
NewOrleans and grew up in the shadow of the Fulton County Stadium in Atlanta
whereshe learned magic and the ways of the streets. She has no formal
education.She has flat black featureless cybereyes as she was born blind.
She is thedaughter of Alex(Action) Jackson and hate all undead(except dad, of

Diana Eithne (?) -- James Tyler <pherble@*****.com>
Diana is an Elven Princess, however her age is unknown. It is known thatshe
has no magic ability but is always surrounded by other powerful elvenmages.
It is known that she is involved in a power struggle with theElven Prince
Dorian. It is thought she has some sort of stronghold or Tirsomewhere in
Africa. Diana is a beautiful lady with blazing red hair andgreen eyes.

Diana, Mistress of the Night (?) -- Brian Angliss <angliss@****>
Diana is an initiate houngon of moderate power. She was born blind in a
shack in the Mississippi bayou after her father, AJ, deserted her mother.
She is often dark and nearly evil to those she doesn't know, but loves to
party. She defies the standard division between Raga and Petro, but
constantly to keep the darker side of her personality from gaining complete
control over her actions. She always wears mirrorshades because her black
cybereyes usually freak out people not used to them.

Digital Priest (?) -- Dennis Stalnaker <solomon@*****.com>
Digital Priest is an odd fellow. After a few to many dead brain cells, as
result of being crashed from the net, Digital Priest had what he calls 'a
religious experience'. Digital believes he has seen the face of God within
Cyberspace and is now working to ready the world for his coming. Physically,
Digital is rarely seen, but can be recognized in cyberspace by his icon, a
brown robed monk with a Halo of binary numbers.

Dimitri (Prince Kulyn Steelwood) -- Daniel Waisley <Djwa@******>
Elf Male, Age 19, 1.96m tall, 78kg, Long black hair, small stylish black
beard, steel blue eyes and pale white skin. Tall, strong, affable and very
handsome are how many people would describe Dimitri. Born Trevor O'Malley on
May 1 2035, the day of Tir's independence. When his parents where killed a
year later, he was fostered by Prince Maria Cinebal, a new Council Prince.
Trevor grew up around the dynamic Oakforest Family and is known to be a
friend to all three children. He is known to be a rather close to the middle
daughter Tealla who is his senior by a year and a half. Birthday - May 1,
2035 - Tir's Independence.

Doc Falcon (?) -- B. Ford Fitch <bfitch@****.Edu>
Doc Falcon in a 6'2" Elf with long red hair tied back, blue green eyes, and a
general build. Doc is often mistaken as being a human. Upon getting his
Doc Falcon served 3 tours of duty in Desert Wars as a combat field surgeon
attached to an Aries MASH unit. After leaving Aries, he started running the
shadows, lending out his services as an armed EMT. Doc Falcon's strangest
attribute is his inherent magical abilities. Nobody, not even himself has
been able to explain them. He usually wears a black cap, and an armored

Doc X (?) -- Dylan Northrup <norhtup@*****>
Doc X is samauri. He is 1.6 metres tall with dark hair (approx. 70 cm
longand pulled into a ponytail) and appears to be Amerasian. He displays
novisible cyberware. He also has a habit of speaking like a walkingthesaurus.
He has access to rare equipment and is apparently very wealthy.He has no
history before 2049. He currently protects a 10 square blockarea in the
Barrens centered around the restaurant Babba O Louies.

Doctor Doom (?) -- Doctor Doom <jch8169@****>
Cyberknight and Technomancer. Veteran of the Red-12. Prussian noble and
acavalry officer in the Imperial German Army, he possesses numerous contacts
throughout Europe. Matrix Icon is a man in a gray Prussian cavalry
officer'suniform; his netrunning is often accompanied by martial music (esp.
Ride of the Valkyries!). Possessing a predilection for sesquipedalian
speech, he is quite fond of quoting literature and great leaders of ages past
[esp. past German leaders and Shakespeare]. Holds rank of Master of the
Sword, he is alsoan adherent to the Code of Chivalry. Married, he is
semi-retired from running.

Donavin Blackthorne (?) -- Gregory Umfleet <gumfleet@***.edu>
Donavin was born to a middle-class family in the Renku part of Seattle were
he recieved the best education his family could give him. He soon began
decking to raise his credstick account but was caught by a strike team sent
by Renku. Barely escaping alive he went into hiding to plot his revenge on
Renku. He makes a living by contracting runs and operating as a fixer.

Doomsday (?) -- Mike Goldberg <M_Goldberg@******>
Doomsday is a veteran mercenary who has seen action in several ports of call.
These include: Europe, Africia, Asia, North and South Americas. He is proud
of being a mercenary for over 8 years, but realizes that sometimes doing
Shadowruns is a great way, to get the feel for new tatics. He DOESN'T,
however, like talking about his past jobs. He is very loyal to his chummers,
and HATES racism. The best way to get to know him, is by taking him
drinking. If you do so, be warned: you are in for an interesting time to say
the least.

Dorian (?) -- James Tyler <pherble@*****.com>
Dorian makes no secret that he is an Elder Elven Prince from before thelast
cycle. He is a hermetic mage of great power, at least a grade 6Initiate.
believes that things should be the old way, where elves werea ruling class.
He has numerous adversaries, including the rulers of TirTairngire. His
relationship with Tir Na Nog is unknown. It is believedhe rules a small Tir
somewhere in the Far East, perhaps in the former Laosor Cambodia. He has his
own corps of paladins called Corsairs. Heappears as a tall dark haired
with almond color eyes.

Dottore (?) -- Gian <>
Dottore is a recluse of sorts. He was a military officer, and lost one
his legs in a counterespionage operation in Milan (he is of Italian descent),
which was replaced with an experimental-grade cyberlimb. He is very quiet,
and has developed a wealth of decking skills. He always appears as an
insubstantial figure, dressed in the antiquated Doctor of Philosophy's
graduation robes, in the Matrix. He rarely meets people in reality, but is
an extremely competent decker, and uses those skills very well. He does not
trust easily, having lived within the military for so long. Human, 6'3"
tall, slight limp, 28 years.

Draig Un (?) -- Erik Jameson <Gkoth2258@***.com>
Welsh for "Dragon One." Nothing is known about this entity, except
aconnection with other mystery names. Draid Dau (Dragon Two), Draig
Tri(Dragon Three), and Draig Llwybr (Dragon Path) are all names associated
withDraig Un. Unfortunately, nothing else is known at this time.

Drake (?) -- Michael Chartrand <jinx@*******.ca>
(Dragon) Presindent of a newly formed company called Wet Works Inc. based out
of Seattle with ties to a bigger company from Japan called Triad. Thought to
be responsible for massive destruction of property on Fuchi's research
facility in Denver just last month. Little else in known about Drake except
that he follows a shanamic path.

Drake, Commander Paul (?) -- Brian Angliss <angliss@****>
Commander Drake is the head of InterPol's elite anti-terrorist/anti-
shadowrunner task force. His name, while not refering to his being a dragon
in human form, does describe his physical appearance very well. He has had
his body modified to appear much like a dragon without wings, including
claws, fangs, heavy scales, and a tail tipped with spikes. He still believes
in "The Cause" of the protection of society from crime and is generally
pretty good at tracking and arresting the wannabe runners, although he has
occasionally affected bigger fish, like AJ and Raven.

Drode Melan (?) -- John B. Niemi <tails@*****>
A young elven decker from Astoria. He is 25 years old, and specializes in
Mapping systems for others users. Now lives in Renton. Single. Born to
Shod and Sheana Melan in '31. Both parents deciesed. Always carries a Fuchi
CYber-6 with a 2 hitcher trodes and a Vidscreen. Favorite weapon: Ares
Predator. He doesn't like blood ("I can't stand the stuff!") so he usualy
arms it with gel. If he doesn't use a Predator, he uses a Taser. Doesn't
trust magic.

Dumbhead (?) -- Martin Jennings <thomerc@******>
You have all heard about the smart Troll who played dumb so that peoplewould
not see just how intelligent he was, well this is NOT him. He actually
_likes_ the name "Dumbhead" and its meaning is lost to him,as is his real
name, but he is a loner who lives in the sewers. He is fast, faster than he
should be, seems unaffected by minor wounds andhis hands are deadly weapons,
though all he can do with guns is crush them.Favorite Weapon: 2m length of
train track.Favorite Saying: DUH!

Dunross, Michael (?) -- Michel Enos <x62674e3@******>
Michael Ian Dunross, aka Vampire, his old call sign, from his days in the
RAF, is a deputy director in the Security and Intel Service of Struans
International Inc. SCI is one of the oldest and best established trading
firms in the Pacific rim. While the basis of the Struan empire remains
shipping and the import / export business, the firm has steadily moved in on
the high tech market. The SIS is well eqipped and trained, and ocassionally
does contract work. However, the SIS exists to benefit Struans, and Struans
alone.The SIS also has strong connections to various tongs, the Yakuza, and
Enfield arms.

Echo (?) -- Richard Davis <Ip85409@********>
Echo is a young decker. He is always fidgeting and seems very nervous. He is
about 5'9" and average looking. He runs just for the thrill of it all.Need a
decker for which any sane individual would say no, give him a call.

Edge, The (aka Edge) (?) -- Scott Peterson <scpeters@****.edu>
This callsign has only recently started to appear on the local net (was
originaly reported to be from Dee-Cee). Seems to be associated with or
atleast intrinsicly attracted to: 1) the appropriation, manufacture,
transport,storage, and redisbursment of weapons, ammunition, ordinance,and
explosives(he/she is not a fixer per say). Also can arrange access to
equipment forretooling, recalibrating and custom work on itemsany of the
areas mentionedabove. Has access to just about any item that one would want,
it's onlya mater of time. He's reputed to be a member of the "Toys 'R Us"

Elders, The (?) -- Scott Peterson <scpeters@****.edu>
Relatively unknown and enigmatic group. First appeared after the NorthStar
One project got started. Originally hired the Toys 'R Us team
forsecurity/escort duties.

Electron (?) -- Colin Smith <csmith@*****>
18-year-old whiz kid human decker. Wandered the continent before
beingattracted to Seattle for "the action". Orphaned at an early age,
andtransferred through orphanages frequently before running away. Has
alittle street rep in other parts of the UCAS. Doesn't like to
face-to-face; hides an embarrassing secret.

Etsy (?) -- Brian Angliss <angliss@****>
Etsy is a Tir Taingire elf of Royal rank, although very little else is known
about him. He always disguises his aura and physical appearance to others so
that his true identity is still unknown. He keeps a low profile, prefering
to operate and manipulate his enemies through other people and his paladins.
There are rumors that he has connections to Nicole Velli from the days when
she was with the TT Peace Force, but they are currently unconfirmed. He is a

Exorcist (?) -- Bartlet E. Brooks <beb2@**.CWRU.Edu>
Exorcist is as much his calling as his name. Five years ago Exorcist'swife
was killed by a free spirit. Since then he has dedicated his life
tobanishing evil free spirits, particularly his wife's killer. Exorcist
elf mage with grey eyes and brown hair. His presence is striking
andawe-inspiring. He is one of the more powerful conjurers of the Sixth
Worldhowever as a Sorcerer he leaves something to be desired. He frequents
theclub _The Chia Room_, a magician's haunt of which he is part
owner.Exorcist is attended by his friend and familiar Petra, embodied as a

Fat Cat (?) -- Keith Ammann <Prospero@***>
Decker. Appears in Matrix as fat orange cartoon cat with dark sunglasses
and enormous perpetual grin. Matrix construct does not speak. Likes to
around and follow or eavesdrop on other deckers. In real life, Fat Cat
(a.k.a. Louie Gallacelli) is a big man, strong but decidedly overweight,
completely bald but has a mustache. Wears expensive sunglasses and suits.
An experienced sophisticate with big appetites, he's basically lazy,
preferring comfort to excite-ment and generally hiding from a fight. Likable
but decidedly acquisitive.

Fat Chance (?) -- Brian Angliss <angliss@****>
Fat Chance is a goblinized troll mercenary with nearly nonstop combat
experience streching back to the EuroWars. Since then, she has worked for
various corporations, private individuals, and organizations as a mercenary
around the world, including SE Asia, the ex-Russian republics, Africa, the
Middle East, the Yucatan(both sides of the civil war), and almost everywhere
else there is conflict. She is the quinticential mercenary, complete with a
Code of Honor and a near total lack of respect for shadowrunners, whom she
sees as unprofessional opportunists.

Father Brian Grant (?) -- Jason Root <jlr6@****>
A rarity in the church, the Father is a powerful hermetic mage. Despite
numerous offers of increased rank, he stays in New Orleansrunning his church
and watching out for the locals.

Fenris (?) -- Dean Esam <twist@*****>
An ork wolf shaman fenris tries at all times to disprove the stereotype ofhis
race, he is, within reason, polite, punctual, correct in bearing etc.In fact
his demeanor is so polished that he would not be out of place at arich norm
dinner party. Generally he refrains from using street slang,although
occasionally it does slip out, espescially when under pressure.As a shaman
Fenris is rather powerfull being a second rank initiate, hismagical
speciality however is conjuring, and he is capable of summoningvery powerfull
spirits to do his bidding.

Fire Bird (?) -- Dave Graff graff85@******** <>
Race: Elf Origin: Seattle Eyes: Blue Hair: Red (varies w/dies), waist
lengthBuild: Athletic Real Name: Gariana, Michelle 'Shelly'Born in Seattle,
went through "goblinization". Shelly has a harsh streak aclick wide but is a
total pussy cat otherwise. Her hair changes weekly. Sheis a samurai and a
tight friend of Max.

Flare (?) -- J. Keister <jek5313@****>
2.5m Sasquatch. Ex-woodsman, ex-street samurai. Currently head and founder
ofthe Troll Insecticide Corps (T.I.C.S.), Wolf shaman initiate. Most likely
to be seen with: combat axe (rating: 4), Ranger X Compound bow, and Banana
Republic bush vest. Most likely to be seen as: small child, with beanie and
lollypop. Quotes: "Wanna lick?" "FORE!!!!"

Flashfire (?) -- Kenneth W.B. Cater <caterk@******>
Born iGlasgow, Scotland, he started as an Oak Druid (Grade 3) as was
thefamily custom. After awhile he determined that the "woodie" elf lifewas
not for him (he loves nature and is still a druid) so he got adatajack and
became a sort of decker. He worked for a major corp inLondon, until he and 2
of his friends heard something they were notsuppose to hear. It cost his
friends thier life, now his is trying tolive and find out more about what

Flatliner (?) -- Scott Peterson <scpeters@****.edu>
This callsign has just recently started showing the Seatle LTG. Verylittle
else is known. Has been noted to have run net support for the "Toys 'R Us

Flittermouse (?) -- Shawn P. Williams <sw2z+@******>
An japanese/american street samurai with a reputation for finesse (all
thefinesse that you can get from a couple of million nuyen in bioware) and
afondness for (monofilament) whips. She has recently gone AWOL from
theYakuza's Seattle assassin's pen and is probably hiding out somewhere in
theBarrens. Her credstick is just about flatlined and she's desperate for

Forge (?) -- Egil Brautaset <egilbra@***>
Dwarf mage specializing in enchanting artifacts, especially weapon foci. Has
just recently come to Seattle where he is now setting up his business in an
underground dwarf enclave. His abilities in other magical arts than
enchanting is limited, but due to his great number of magical artifacts he is
still powerful in some areas.

Foxey Roxey (?) -- Brian Anglis <angliss@****>
Roxey is a tall elven woman with flame red hair and a body that just won't
quit. She has a past with the Ancients, who claimed her and turned her into
a joygirl when she was about 12. She discovered her magical abilities at
about the age of 17, and killed the Ancient who was responsible for her with
a deathtouch spell that lasted 6 hours. She has run the shadows of Seattle
ever since. Her legendary temper has been cooled recently with the birth of
her daughter, Arial, but she is still very skilled and very dangerous when
she gets angry.

FraterNay (?) -- Kendall Davis <Kendall@***.ohio>
FraterNay is a Street Mage, even though she would not readily describeherself
as such. She considers the time of the awakening to be "the SecondComing of
Nature Herself" and contributes its occurence to the effects ofChaos. Thus,
the Goddess Chaos is her guiding diety. Her spell list isacceptable, though
by no means impressive. She would rather spend her timestudying ancients
myths and magical lore. She has an extensive library.She is Human. She is
extremly trusting, sometimes to a fault, since sheconsiders her ability to
assense people's intentions to be greater than itactually is.

French (?) -- Brian Angliss <angliss@****>
French is the last of the three known agents for Etsy, the others being Smith
and Klien, and she's also the only elf of the group. An initiated combat
mage with more scars and battle wounds than most, she is powerful and usually
doesn't bother to hide her disdain for anyone either not of her team or
mundane or another race. She trusts only the rest of the team and enjoys
magically torturing people with overstimulation spells, etc. There are
rumors that she has danced almost toxic, but no proof as of yet.

Frostbite (?) -- Oscar Pizarro <dsbarbar@****>
Born in the Awakened Siberian tundra, Frostbite is a stern woman of great
beauty:steel blue eyes and hard but finely chiseled features.Her family was
murdered by a wolf shapeshifter. Took her 3 years and 10,000+ km through
eastern Siberia and Alaska to hunt down and kill her prey. Exhausted,
Frostbite reached Vancouver where little understanding of city life and
western language got her in trouble with the law. Moved on to Seattle and
stayed, attracted by the challenges of the sprawl. Being resourceful, a
survival/tracking expert and SINless, Frostbite took to the shadows easily.

Frypp, Freddy (?) -- James Cueno <cuenojf@*********.edu>
Frypp is the CEO, President and major share-holder of Frypp Securities, and a
pretty good elven Fixer. Frypp Securities is an extremely low-key private
security operation operating out of CalFree. Frypp uses his organization as
a front for his shadow buddies. Whenever they are down on their luck ,
Freddy can usually scrounge up an interesting little run. Intimately
connected in the arms business. No job too small, no fee too large.

GOLDWYRM (?) -- "SoCo" Baker aka SCOOTCH <bakersco@*******>
Who knows?? Last seen in a slum district of Seattle, this boy is
slightlyinsane and totally dangerous. At 6'6" and 250 lbs, he presents an
imposingfigure to any who try to jack him. Strictly a freelancer, he cares
little forother riggers or even the megacorporations and is always on the
move and alertfor oppurtunities, although Seattle forms his home base. Tries
to keep a lowprofile, but hey, don't we all? Alas, his penchant for
beautiful women justmay be his undoing in the future.....

Gabriel (?) -- Mike Tatroe <m_tatroe@*****>
A punk kid that ran away from home in the elvish realms and found himself on
the streets of Seattle. Now he's got some hardware and does what he can to
survive. He likes it loud and violent, so he is oft times confused for an
Ork because of his style. Wired reflexes and a Remington Roomsweeper are his
answers to most problems. Although he's violent and nervous he's been to
known to suffer from a white knight syndrome and definitely has a severe beef
with anything corporate. Right now he's trying to replace the Harley
streetbike that he lost on his last job. Tends to wear all black, smokes,
and talks real quiet.

Gad, Aaron (?) -- Ben Niemi <tails@*********.com>
President of Gad Security, a small security company dealing with
Matrixsecurity and shipping security. 24 years old. Sister (Shawn Gad) ODed
onChloral Hydrate when she was 14 and he was 12, so he has a hidden agenda
tostop drug traffacing to children.

Gambit (?) -- John Todd <johndt@******.com>
Gambit is a native of New Orleans, La., and has relocated because of too many
run ins with the New Orleans P.D. He stands 6'1", has black hair with a blue
tint, to give it the steel blue look. He prefers a black trenchcoat over an
old S.A.S. sweater and baggy urban camoflage pants, neatly tucked into his
highly shined black leather combat boots. He wears small round mirrorshades
that exude that "mad Scientist" look. A rigger and a decker, Gambit will
never back away from a challenge, and is not afraid of a little heat from an
Uzi IV, either.

Gangrene (?) -- Oscar Pizarro <dsbarbar@****>
Death by him has never been pleasant. Because of some kind of mental
imbalance, Gangrene has specialized in dealing single wounds that will
slowly, painfully and irrevocably kill his opponents. Studies in Chemistry
and Biology allow him to use nasty toxins and diseases in blade coatings.
Has been known to use fragmenting bullets made out of highly radioactive
material. Most of the time he behaves normally (though death is a recurrent
theme in his conversations) and gets along quite well with his buddy,
DawnHawk. Strong feelings towards Frostbite.

Gargoyle (?) -- Shawn P. Williams <sw2z+@******>
An elf and decker in the Pittsburgh Metroplex. He has
from the shadow-scene as his pseudo-legitimate business interests consume
most of his time (he is a black-market coffee broker on an international
scale), but let's face it, he's an incurable net-junkie. His interest in a
group of young (and in his opinion, bungling) Pittsburgh runners gives him an
excuse to engage in 'fact finding'missions in the Matrix.

Gawk (?) -- Eric Brunsell <ericb@***>
Gawk is an 18 yr. old Ork. He gained his nickname from his habit of
staringat attractive human women. He runs for the prestige (he thinkshe's a
stud)and the money. He is not too bright, but has much raw talent. He
currentlylives in the barrens and drives a vintage 1998 Ford Mustang (stolen,
ofcourse). He is welldressed, and "hip".

Gemini (?) -- Terry Amburgey <xanth@****>
Street samurai with biotech and medical skills as well. He has no chrome but
gets his edge from bioware. He eats enough for two people and can usually be
seen munching on a ration bar.

Genocide (?) -- Kjell Sawyer <sawyer@***.no>
Genocide arrived in Seattle almost a year back, desperate and paranoid, seton
making a new life for himself in the outcast elven society of Tarislar.Slowly
but surly his presence has been noted in the shadow community, as hisjobs
have revealed competent skills performed with military precision. Heguards
his past closly, yet from his arrival, attitude and training it canbe deduced
that he is, or rather was, running from some military outfit. Latly his
paranoia has lessened though, and he has been seen working with Razor (see
seperate file). Another intresting fact about Genocide is that he seems to
have very good contacts within Tir Tairngire. What this meansis anybody's

Ghast (?) -- Charles Schneeflock <ecschnee@*******>
Ghast is an ork street samurai who grew up in a rather nasty section of the
Seattle barrens. He and his family suffered repeatedly at the hands of
Humanis and other racists. Consequently, he is ill-disposed towards most
normals ("muther-fraggin' breeders") and absolutely merciless toward Humanis.
Ghast is an albino with a mild sunlight allergy (although dyes and minor
cosmetic surgery give him green eyes and black hair). He is short for an ork
(1.7 meters) but thickly built and still quite strong.

Ghost Faced Killa (?) -- Erik Jameson <GKoth2258@***.com>
What? You've never heard of the slightly psycho black man who paintshis face
all white? That's the way he likes it. Known to have operated withthe Dark
Stranger and with Rage.

Glaive -- Bill Wonch <00095857@******>
Glaive is about 20 years old. He is street muscle. Lots of bioware, little
cyberware. He's new to running.
He is originally from Austin, though has
spent some time in Aztlan and CFS.

Goku (?) -- John Spain <>
Goku is a 29-year old human decker of mixed Japanese/European descent. He
hasbeen an active Shadowrunner in the asian theatre for the past 10 years,
buthis rep. in North America is zero (Just the way he want's it).His icon is
a small cartoon-like kid with spiky hair, wearing a red kimonoand using a
quarterstaff as a weapon. He flies on a small orange cloud.(A complex
smartframe program) Goku is quite capable of changing his T/Dstamp but will
not do so unless he feels it's necessary.He tries to maintain a 'tough'
exterior, but is really quite friendly.

Grant, Father Brian (?) -- Jason Root <jlr@******>
A native of New Orleans, Father Brian Grant is a rarity. A Catholicpriest
and a liscensed mage. He is at least a Grade 2 Initiate, maybe higher.
Nearly all of his spells are healing in nature, though he is very good at
fighting spirits. Father Grant runs a shelter for the poor and the sick in
New Orleans. Despite pressure from the church hiearchy, he dosn't try to
convert followers of voodoo.

Great Spirit's Brave (?) -- Jeremy Roberson <RJR96326@****>
Brave is a Cherokee physical adept (Grade 3 Initiate). He has recently
beendischarged from Cherokee Army Sniper forces for "spiritual
reasons",having beencalled by the Great Spirit to maintain justice and avenge
theinnocent. Brave now wanders across North America, following the
GreatSpirit on a number of magical quests.

Griffyn (?) -- Mark Imbriaco <mark@***>
Griffyn is a were-tiger/hermetic mage, based out of Seattle. He was
formerlyemployed by Frypp Security in San Francisco, but left with Jason
Stormwind toform Serenity Security. Recently, Stormwind has taken an
extended leave ofabsence, leaving Griffyn as CEO of the Corporation. His
were-tiger heritageis not widely known, and he fights against his true nature
in a sub-conciousdesire to be a normal human.

Grimjack (?) -- Root, Jason <jlr@******>
Grimjack is a friendly, if annoying, free air elemental. He is not
verypowerful, but likes to "help" out. He is a practical joker, using
powers to tie laces together, give people hot feet and other minor "jokes".
Grimjack resembles a small child, about 70cm tall, and glows with a faint
blue light. He has the free spirit power of astral gateway.

Gringo (?) -- Daniel McManus <mcmanus4772@********.bitnet>
Born in Mexico City to white parents who worked for Aztechnology Special
Security Agents. Parents were Eliminated, Gringo escaped and arrived in
Seattle. Very Intelligent but prone to small Schizophrenic episodes. He is
slightly wired and has recently discovered his magical potential (Dog
Shaman). Usually travels with his dog, Wolf.

Gryphon k'Shay (?) -- Michael W. Daniels <daniels_michael_w@*****.com>
Elven shaman. Recently acquired abilities. He used to be a corporate chemist,
but found the suit life too confining. He then became a street talismonger,
andhas recently discovered his potential for magic. Special totem - macaw.
(Playsimilar to Eagle, but with South/CentralAmerican twist.) No romantic
life tospeak of. He's too caught up with his animal friends to have time for
a"human" commitment.

GunBunny (?) -- Scott Peterson <scpeters@****.edu>
Male, Ork, Street-Sam known to have specialised in (CQB) close quartersbattle
and now is a member of the "Toys 'R Us Team." Not much else is known. See
also "Toys 'R Us Team."

Gyrfalcon (?) -- James Tyler <pherble@*****.com>
Human male, 6'2", 195# with brown hair and blue eyes. Recently arrived
inSeattle from back east. Some of his equipment indicates a corp securityor
military team. No obvious cyberware, but Gyrry (nickname) moves
reactions of some sort. Friendly, and seemingly too young (26)to have seen
much action, he still shows a professionalism during runswhere he usually
acts as a scout or stealth specialist. He only knowsJourney
unknown) and the fixer Denim.

Hamilton, William (?) -- Chris Power <jcpower@********>
Better known as just "Hamilton" he is a rigger for higher, comes from London
England, yet has never visited there, and knows little about the country,
since his parents moved when he was very young. He has royal heritage, that
he knows nothing of.(check london source book for details) Hamilton is
unique because he drives a semi for transportation, the truck is well known
by most because of it's uniqueness (i.e. the ying-yang symbol tatooed on the
side, with the words "There can be only one above it!) He is considered
be well known in his profession, which is a curse, but has the weapons,
armor, and skill to do it. (rig deck-3) Also known in person to be a heavy

Hammer (Justice Wallacher) -- Chris Gorrilla
Hammer is a big guy, not tolerant of anything
that he feels is wrong. His
strict moral code
does not involve not killing, which he will do
with little hesitation if he feels it is right.
He used to be a family court judge, but grew
disgusted with what he perceived as the decay
of society and set out to make a difference in
the only way he felt worked. Highly principled,
Hammer is a good man to have on your side, if
you can live up to his standards, if not, he'd
rather you not be near him. For him, there is no
redemption, but he sees himself as having damned
himself for the greater good.

Hangtime (?) -- Doctor Doom <jch8169@****>
Novice Technomancer. More skill than experience, Hangtime often spends his
time around more experienced netrunners (e.g. Doctor Doom), usually pestering
them with questions. Always enthusiastic about life, and perhaps a bit
naive,he makes an interesting contrast with Jack Hack's inherent cynicism and
Doom's rather grim personage. His inherent curiousity often overrides his
common sense, which can get him into situations from which he has a hard time
extricating himself. His Matrix Icon is the 7UP Spot from their advertisment

Harker, Jonathan (?) -- Gian <>
Harker is a ranking member of Ares Macrotechnology's Internal Security
Division. If he ever finds out/sees Durandal, he's going to throw a fit,
perhaps even turn him in. He is basically loyal to Ares, but very much a
free spirit. He sees nothing wrong with trashing anyone who tries to get on
his case or affect him somehow. He appears as a thin man, dressed in a black
cloak, with a high-compression crossbow loaded with a wooden stake.

Harlequin (Mykull Silverleaf) -- Michael W. Knabusch
Harlequin is an elf that was born on Tir lands. His family moved into
Seattlein hopes of finding a better job. His father split and his mother
took sickand died not long after. They left him only a tatoo as a legacy.
He grew upon the streets and nearly became an Ancient. He, unfortunatly,
decided towaylay a Renraku limo. The sararaiman inside impressed him into
service fordamage done to the limo. He escaped five years later, after the
sararai diedin a plane accident. Since then he has built the rep. of a
formidable decker.Last year he met his half-sister Sabre and fell in love
with T.C. (a shaman).

HellSpawn (Arthur Hellespont) -- James Mann <cohort@******>
Street Sam, physical adept. His aura is one of flame, red thru yellow, like
a flaming sheath. He is a touch sadistic, and has a definite bloodlust
toward his enemies. He is softspoken, with a touch of a British accent.

Herald (?) -- Victor Brueggemann <victorb@**.com>
24 hours a day, Herald is there when it happens. Herald is not a
shadowrunner, but an independent newscaster putting out "the word". Herald's
got the up to date sports, weather, and international news, and occasionally
picks up a story on events in the shadows. The true identity of Herald is a
closely kept secret, anonymity being considered to be a key factor in living
from story to story. Speculation on stories is within Herald's moral bounds,
but only so long as it is made known as such.

Hermit (?) -- Brian Angliss <angliss@****>
Hermit is a male elf, although very little besides his current status is
known. He is a member of a humanistic organization known as the Shroud,
whose members all wear an unusual grey set of robes that totally covers their
skin except for a small strip around the eyes. He is a powerful martial
artist and likely a physical adept as well, although this has not been
verified. He tends to come and go as he sees fit, even into supposedly
secure areas, and his actions seem to indicate he is on a one man struggle
against the corporations of the world.

Highlander (?) -- Ed Matuskey <Matuskey@***.edu>
Scottish decker, formerly of Fuchi, UK, where he worked as an assistant tohis
friend, the head of the cranial cyberdeck R&D department. The two wereframed
for embezzlement, and Highlander's friend was killed. Highlanderescaped to
Seattle with the prototype C^2 deck, and a price on his head. Loves 20th
century video entertainment, especially sci-fi. Both icon &actual appearance
similar to Tom Baker's Doctor Who (hat, scarf, trenchcoat, etc). His Matrix
programs are blatant rip-offs of old sci-fi props. Friendly, likes his scotch
and fun company. Enough cyberware to hold hisown in a fight.

Howl (?) -- Keith Ammann <Prospero@***>
An idiot-savant Coyote street shaman. Howl is the intellectual
of an 8-year-old and thinks of her totem as an invisible friend. Her command
of magic is purely instinctive and impulsive. In sharp contrast to her
brother, Burroughs, she is ecstatic and grateful for the simple gift of
existence. She has no demands or expectations of the world. Unfortunately
she is also incapable of taking care of herself, thus her dependence upon
her brother. Slightly built and extremely quick, with a wild and unkempt

Huey (?) -- James Spolar <SPOLARJ5003@*****.UNI.EDU>
Huey was born on the streets of
Seattle and was raised in a slum family. Born around the sewers, she quickly
developed a long list of contacts, eventually leading to her usage as an
experimental rat for the first level 3 beta VCR, which failed. Since
she has worked as a rigger/decker for a CAS "operations" team - performing
personal "operations" for the government. After uncovering some dirty
politics, she extorted enough money to install the level 3 beta VCR. She has
just returned to Seattle and lives in a huge underground security complex in
the sewers in seclusion. Good luck finding it and breaking through security,

Humpry, John (?) -- David Smith <dsmith@***>
John is called Craps by his freinds for reason that he loves to GAMBLE. He is
4'5" a male Dwarf who is accompanied by his personal bodyguard Nack.He is no
whimp if you call him one you'll deal with his modified PanterAssult Cannon
which does 12d3 damage. You often will see him at hisbusiness in downtown
Seattle where he run a bodyguard shop called TheBody-Guard. He loves a
challege and is waiting for hire so drop a line.

I.B.A. (?) -- Phillip Steele <P.C.Steele@*********.AC.UK>
(Decker / Sam)Fat, ugly and arrogant, even more so when drunk. Likes the
women, but theydon't seem to like him. Never backs away from a fight
in the matrixor in an alley armed with only his Ingram. Most people would
take him fora Sam but seeing him in action in the matrix shows where his true
talentslay. His calling card is a briefcase lined with C12, takes one most
placeswith him. Can be found hanging out in Pullyup where he most regulary
parkshis van, in which he lives. Wears whatever he can find.

IC Cube (?) -- James Meiers <polbdm@*******>
He is a very conservative decker who prefers to manipulate and trick systems
rather than trying a head-on run into a system. His attitude towards most
things in life is laid back, but when it comes to decking he is dead serious.
His matrix icon is similar to the X-Man character: Iceman, except that he is
almost completely transparent.

Icepick (Geoffery Vaerdon) -- Steve Hilberg <shilberg@********>
Icepick was born and raised in Seattle, and went to school at U-Dub. Hemet
Necromancer in the Matrix where Ded-boy was floundering in someheavy black
ice. Icepick shattered the ice and saved Necromancer fromwhat had probably
meant certain death to Necromancer. The two were fastfriends, and Icepick
eventually bought a bar in Seattle (the NeonSkyline in Tacoma) with the money
he has made from his runs in throughthe Matrix, which Necromancer visits

Ireserv (Sevnara Nora) -- David West <sevnara@******>
Sevnara is the mysterious head of Ireserv Enterprises (misspelled in a
numberof posts). It is believed that she is an elf, and has a hatred of both
theUniversal Brotherhood and the Humanis Policlub. Her control extends over
therenamed Awakened Broadcasting Company, as well as a number of other

Irish (Angus McLeir) -- Brion Wauters <bdw@*******>
Irish is a 35 years old dwarven merc. He spent 4 years in the UCASMarines,
interuppted by 4 months in a Azatlan millitary prison(His CO lead the platoon
into a trap, and the bugged out). Hewas given a "Medical" discharge after
breaking both of his CO'slegs and removing his genatalia. Irish then spent 3
years fightingin the bush wars of South America. Then there was a 4 year
stint as MCTsecurity, followed by 5 years as Ares security. He is currently
amember of ENIGMA along with Caine.

Irish Gleem (?) -- CJ Wendt <cwendt@***.edu>
A member of tir tan og's "high" society, but lives as an outcast in theTir
Tangire currently, on a secret undercover mission for the OTISchipware inc.
megacorp which is based in azetlan. Currently one of theleading users of a
new cyberdeck, that is in the beta model being tested. he is also the
president in charge of development for OTIS chipware.

Ito (Jaron Joichi) -- Sean McGinnis <seanmcg@******>
Plain and simple - a killer. Son of a shamed Yakuza banker, Jaron is on a
quest for personal honor. That, and money, are his only motivations. He has
no friends, family, loved-ones - only associates and business contacts.
Though he has been a hired gun for some time, he just recently started
running. Half asian, he has a long scar recieved during the night of rage,
defending his goblinized sister. He favors dark suits and an armored trench
coat. He is really cybered up (spurs, optics, dermal plating, smartlink).
Though he has cyber-spurs, he favors katana, and packs an Ares Predator 2 and
a Defiant T-250.

Jacamus (?) -- James Cueno <cuenojf@*********.edu>
Born in Atlanta, USA (now CAS) in 2028, Jacamus joined the CAS Recon Marines
in 2045. He was recruited by the Apocalypse Horsemen, a Dallas-based merc
group in 2048. In the early 2050's the Horsemen began dabbling in magic,
before coming under the power of a powerful shaman with an unknown totem. In
2054, Jacamus fled the organization with several million nuyen of beta-grade
cyber. He now resides in Seattle, working as a free-lance security
specialist. He has a nasty problem with giant bugs that keep trying to kill
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