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Message no. 1
From: Michael Baker <mike@******.BFSUN1.EGLIN.AF.MIL>
Subject: Dragon's Finale (part 1 of 2)
Date: Tue, 18 May 1993 08:37:17 CDT
>>>>>[Whoa, you get busy for a few days and the net is dead. Well I just
back from an experience like none I ever had. After recovering from our big
fight with the greater draconian spirits, we started to explore again. The
temple seemed quiet, too quiet. A heavy layer of death and decay fell over
the place and an undefinable something had changed. We had gone down three
levels when we found a series of murals detailing the Great Fight and the
Return of Tiamut. All the magically actives, (Nagami, Jester, Moon Dancer),
tried to assense the mural, but when they went astral they just collapsed
back into their bodies. Jester recovered first and wouldn't speak of what he
saw, very uncharacteristic. Nagami laster said the 'background count' was very
high, so much so that it was painful. While they were out I examine the murals
closely and I got lucky and found a hidden door. It was tough, but I was able
to open it and when the dust cleared I saw a collection of scrolls, tablets,
and books. I carefully opened and tried to read some, but everyone I checked
was written in a language I had never seen. Later when Nagami was recovered he
took a look at the writtings. He read voraciously through the volumes
searching for something. After several hours he stopped and with conviction
told us to follow him. Down three more levels we entered a large open room we
stopped here and Nagami beckoned the shamans over to him and they started
a vigorous discourse. Not being much for such talk I wandered, a little
distance away I stumbled onto a chapel, I guess, and at the front was an altar,
a blood stained cracked alter. Blood runs led over to a bowl at one end and on
the wall was a dagger set into the wall. I took the daggers and placed them in
my pack. Nagami beckoned me back to the open room where I saw a huge elemenatal.
A rift in space was open, Nagami and the others were already inside beckoning
me. We travelled through a strange space filled with things both wonderous and
horrendous and then we came upon the Watcher. First it regaled us with tales
about ourselves, no one should have known. Then I found myself alone with only
the knives as weapons, the scene solidified and I was back in my old house in
Chiba before the massacre of my family. I found myself repeating that horrible
night much the same as the first time. However, I seemed to regain control when
I made it to the room where I saw my parents murdered. I sprang across the room
and attacked the ninja who were about to destroy my childhood, the battle
was long and hard, I feared for my life then I took one of the knives and
thrust it into the chest of the nearest ninja and then there was one. The knife
seemed very potent against these monstrosities and so went the second ninja.
I was then back with the rest each looking groggy, but no worse for the wear.
Jester told me that was a test and now we can continue our journey to Tiamut's
metaplane. I'm going to take a breather, Jester will finish the
-- Feral <08:36:45/05-18-54>

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