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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

Message no. 1
From: Enos Michel CDT <x62674e3@******.USMA.EDU>
Subject: ''
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 1994 23:23:23 EST
>>>>>[Tracker, I just got back to my place and found a message from, get
Kyle. Something big must've hit the fan for him to try and contact me
personally. His note didn't offer much in the way of explaination either, just
a single word. I KNOW his handwriting. The word? AURORA. ]<<<<<
-- Sybre < 23:05:18 / 03-30-55 >

>>>>>[What the drek is going on here man? Kyle is still with the team,
he? Give me a while to work on AURORA. I'll see if I can dig up anything on
the teams current location as well. Back in 02:02.]<<<<<
-- Tracker < 23:07:39 / 03-30-55 >

>>>>>[Here's what I've got so far- according to SOCOM's TELCOM files, the
teams last know position was the Island of Diego Garcia. That was five days
ago. After that the IC just got way too thick. Somethings got SOCOM all stirred
up though. They're in the process of resetting ALL their crypto schemes, not an
easy thing to do with a setup the size of theirs. AURORA drew a complete blank.
There should be a KH-31 pass over Seattle in another 6 hours, hopefully I'll be
able to tap in by then and scan for him. Kyles really in over his head this
time isn't he? ] <<<<<
-- Tracker < 23:09:41 / 03-30-55 >

back to you tomorrow. Take it easy, and for God'd sake stay out of the
SOCOM net unless you absolutely have to. ]<<<<<
-- Sybre < 23:12:05 / 03-30-55 >


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