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Message no. 1
From: Legion is my name-oh! <legion@**************.ARMY.MIL>
Subject: Foci and other essentials (only $29.95!)
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1993 12:34:04 MDT
>>>>>[ Kendra? Kendra... WAKE UP!! Ha, ha... Gods, I crack myself up

We'll be back in the plex in about 8 hours. Our first stop will be
my garage to stash the wheels and grab some food, then we'll meet up
at your location unless you want to meet somewhere else.

The trip out of frisco was pretty easy. It can be that way when the
border guards think they're lookin' at an Aztechnology rig carryin'
Gods know what. Thanks fer that one, Nitro. I think Millhaus really
baffled the frag outta that poor guy, too. Probably _still_ scratchin'
his head! ]<<<<<
-- Chains <12:33:06/07-12-54>

>>>>>[ Chains, shut the frag up and get us home. ]<<<<<
-- Legion <12:34:24/07-12-54>

>>>>>[ What'd I say?? ]<<<<<
-- Chains <12:35:06/07-12-54>

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