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Message no. 1
From: "Lobotomies, UnLtd." <GungaDon@***.COM>
Subject: From w/i the Walls of Anna, pt 2
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 1995 06:07:48 -0500
+++++ Live video feed:

In a narrower, much _darker_ hallway, you see THE Nexus, once
again. He's sliding two intricately-worked katanas--on of which is
_very_ bloody--into the sheaths strapped to his back. Reaching up,
he pulls from his head the black beret, and the bandana, which had
concealed the delicate cant of his long, slender ears. Slowly, he
runs long fingers thru his mane, tousling it as he does so. A few
long, damp strands fall rakishly across his left eye. Bunching the
hat, and yellow and green bandana--the only display of his gang
colours--up, he stuffs them into the back pocket of his black fatigues.

As you follow him down the hall, he's met by two large, AmerIndian
men. They look very much alike. Stopping, they face one another
in silence a long moment. When the Elf speaks, his voice is low
and solemn.

"Abrams is _yers_, Carmen, Joseph. I owed 'm MUCH...but, ya've
owed 'm FIRST. I've exacted all the r'venge _I_ need, fer now."

He raises his arm, working the matte-black, cybernetic fingers into
a tight fist, staring at them a long moment. The Indians look down.

"And, I've made _'m_ scream, as I _n'er_ did!" he looks back at
them. "When the last drop o' his life's blud tis spilled, when he's
he's drawn his last breath on this earth, then, too, will Mia, and my
sister, be avenged. This, m' friends, I leave ta YOU..."

He moves, as if to go, then stops a moment.

"He sent his men after the 'Fly's team...and, I dun think they're
gonna stand a _chance_! Keep an eye out, fer the kid, neh? "

They bow, ever-so-slightly to him, in answer, and the Elf passes on,
clapping Silent Running on the shoulder, before being swallowed by
the darkness.

+++++ End live feed

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