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Message no. 1
From: Andrew May <amay@****.UIUC.EDU>
Subject: Humanis 2, Guardians 1
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 1994 11:50:05 -0500
*****Barred: the Whistler
>>>>>[Wake up and enjoy your hangovers,

I'll tell a great story about last night. It starts off with Aerich and I
under Rush Street. We were headed for that HUmanis bar at >>encrypted<<.
Each of us were carrying frame packs loaded with C-12 and wires. I stopped
when we reached the man-hole that led into the basement of the bar.

Aerich looked over at me, "Kovak why didn't we just drop a Malitov in the

I opened up the man-hole and climbed into the basement, "That's for
Tuesday. Tonight we blow up the kitchen. Hand me my pack would you?" Aerich
handed up me both packs and then climbed up into the basement. "Watch the
door this should take twenty minutes," ,I told Aerich as I started wiring
the C-12. Aerich pulled out his H&K-227S, which by the way has a damm good
laser sight, and started wacthing the door.

Twenty minutes passed and then I was done, "Aerich lets go, omae." Just as
Aerich got to the man-hole the door opened and two Humanis members in
synthleathers came into the room with their Ares Predators. "Hey," ,the
first one yelled as he fires his Ares at me. His first shot ripped through
my left shoulder and out the backside. Aerich spun around and fired a burst
that cutdown the first Human. Aerich then went down the hole with me right
behind him. We started running as I pulled out the detonator, "Hold on to
your but, this is gonna hurt." I hit the detonator and a moment later the
whole tunnel shook. When we got up to the tunnel entrance, Aerich began a
healing spell for my shoulder.

"Aerich," , I said, " I'll meet you at your place tommorow night, then
we'll go up to the church."

Aerich looked up,"No problem, you bring the pizza."

Great story point is Humanis and that fraghead Whistler know who we are and
what we're gonna do to him. We talk about the church later monday.]<<<<<
-- Kovak (11:48:13/10-15-55)

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