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Message no. 1
From: "Andrew W. May" <smuggler@**********.ORG>
Subject: Kovak's Last Stand pt2
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 1995 22:27:04 CST
>>>>>[We lost part of the drone film so all we got was the main fight
between Kovak and Martel. It was a doosy. Jesus, forgive me, but I tried
as hard as possible to save him. The wounds were just too bad. He had
gashes running from his shoulder all the way to his knee. Dammit we
tried but his body just couldn't take that kind of abuse...

+++++AUDIO & VISUAL (y/n): Y

"You see Kovak standing on one end of a catwalk over a warehouse floor.
ShadowPriest and Zactof are behind him. Opposite Kovak is a man with bone
white hair and a black trench coat. In his hand is a Katana and beside him
is a little Elven girl. The name Martel (John Zealand) appears beside him and
the name Flute appears beside the little girl. Kovak is also holding his
Katana out.

"Kovak looks at Martel, 'Let Flute go, Zealand. Then we can finish this
buissness.' Martel pushes Flute towards Kovak and now you cna see that her
face is bruised and her left eye is swollen shut. Kovak hugs Flute, 'Flute,
you need to go with Uncle Zac now, he's gonna take you to my friends house
for awhile.' There are tears in Kovak's eyes again.

"'What are you gonna do daddy,' Flute asks. Kovak hands her to Zac, 'I'm
gonna deal with the man who took your Grandma and Mom away. Always
remember I love you Flute.' Kovak pulls a bundle out of his duster and
throws it out onto the floor of the warehouse, 'The timer on that bomb is
set for ten minutes Zealand, and I useenough military grade explosive in
that to level this place. Zac you and Father James get out here.' Zactof
carries Flute as he starts running back down the catwalk. Father James stays
a moment to look up at Kovak, 'We'll wait for you until this place goes up,
so don't take to long.' ShadowPriest/Father James then runs to catch up
with Zactof.

"Kovak motions at Martel and they both step forward to meet each other. Kovak
takes one swing and then the battle is joined.

"Kovak and Martel spend the next five minutes testing each other and then
with a powerful downward chop, Martel cuts a gash on Kovak running from
his left shoulder to left hip. Martel steps back as Kovak stands motionless,
with a glazed look in his eyes.

"Martel prepares for the final stroke, 'Its been fun O'Gradie, but I really
must go. Besides there can be only one.' Martel swings a level stroke for
Kovak's neck and it appears that this fight is over. With an inch of distance
left between the blade and Kovak's neck, Kovak brings up his Katana with
unhuman speed and launches a complicated attack. Martel is pushed back on
the catwalk. All of the sudden Kovak charges Martel and tackles him, sending
them both off the catwalk and onto the floor twenty feet below.

"Both men look stunned for a moment, but they continue their duel. Then with
a manuever not possible in Kovak's condition, Kovak disarms Martel and sends
his blade back towards the door. Kovak drops his blade and charges Martel,
pinning him against a stack of crates, 'What does it feel like to know you're
about to die, John,'Kovak lands punch after punch against Martel's face.

"'You have to be dead Kovak. That fall plus the gash should've killed you.',
Martel's eyes are wild with fear. Kovak drives his knee up into Martel's
groin, 'I'll die but first you'll know what those kids felt as they died. You
will know the flames of a bomb, John.' Kovak lets Martel go. Martel then sinks
to the floor, obviously in too much pain to move. Kovak draws his Rueger
Thunderbolt and looks down at Martel, 'I'll remeber to ask Nex if he could've
done any worse to you,' Kovak then fires a burst into each of Martel's knees
and turns to pick up both Katanas. Then you see Martel, with what strentgh
he has left, fling a dagger at Kovak's back, 'You'll die with me O'Gradie.'

"The dagger lands in the lower part of Kovak's back, but he just turns back
to look at Martel, 'I won't be tempted to give you mercy Martel.' Kovak
then turns back and continues walking towards the double doors. He stops
to light and a cigrette and then looks at his watch. His eyes go wide
a bit. You look up to the timer in the corner of the screen which now shows
00:00:25 left on the bomb timer. Kovak takes off at a dead run for the doors
and the next room. He makes it through but continues running througth two
more sets and then out onto the street.

"On the other side of the street is a 2056 EuroCar Westwind 2000. Kovak dives
onto the hood just as the warehouse erupts into flame. The force of the blast,
which even you can see in heat waves, carries Kovak over the car. He lands
in a heap on the ground and you see ShadowPriest and Zactof running towards


Dammit, we tried so hard alnight last night to save Kovak. Every spell I could
use wouldn't do it. At least I got Krager disposed of, and Zac did likewise
for Addus.]<<<<<
-- ShadowPriest (10:20:45 / 1-23-56)

>>>>>[Dad come back]<<<<<
-- Flute (04:25:56 GMT / 1-26-56)
Message no. 2
From: Geoffrey Gerrietts <Siothrun@***.COM>
Subject: Re: Kovak's Last Stand pt2
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 1995 13:11:21 -0500
*****PRIVATE: ShadowPriest
>>>>>[Flute need only take advantage of this flight reservation,
>>encrypted f
light plan<< and we'll make certain someone is there to take care of her.
-- Shekhinah (18:01:59 / 26-Jan-56)
Message no. 3
From: "Andrew W. May" <smuggler@**********.ORG>
Subject: Re: Kovak's Last Stand pt2
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 1995 16:49:54 CST
*****PRIVATE: Shekhinah
>>>>>[Is this until THE Nexus returns?]<<<<<
-- ShadowPriest (16:48:45 / 1-26-56)

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