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Message no. 1
From: What ? <MCM@***.BRIGHTON.AC.UK>
Subject: La-lite Part2
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 1994 17:13:00 BST
>>>>>[Back again, well, cleaned up the drone's video pictures. Here goes
nothing, chummers.

+++++ Video Download

WHAT's face appears, staring into the camera.
WHAT(to the drone):Is this workin' Spinner ?
The drone unsteadly lurches into the air, forcing WHAT to leap back two steps
to avoid being decapidated by the rotors. The drone drifts skyward, leaving a
swearing WHAT below. The picture stabilises, and clears up somewhat. On the
ground is the team, next to the euro-van, only WHAT and the troll, Facesmasher
are easily identifible, the rest are part of the alley's shadows.

The screen splits as the pale, almost luminescent, yellow eyes, of Silence,
careful scan her handy work before her.

Silence: It is done.

The drone is carful placed on the ground and makes a couple of slow circuits of
the van, then stops next to WHAT. Everyone, but Facesmasher, is now wear the
odd harness.

WHAT(to the team): Ok Facesmasher, hop in the van, when you get to the site,
just hit the autopilot. It'll send it to a safe place. Remember Terms, we are
to meet back at the Warehouse. Should anything go wrong and the warehouse is
compromised, leave a message at Polish's. I'll get in contact through him. I..

Aardvark steps swiftly back into the shadows, and hisses :Company, chummers
far end of the alleyway !

The ground drone picks out eight figures at the alleyway entrance, jandering
towards the van. The airborne drone silently floats behind the approaching
group. The team meld into the surrounding darkness. You can clearly pick out
the gang insignia of the Blood Arrows, (three red arrows) an unpleasant thrill
gang, with limited humour or intelligence, but plenty of aggression.
Sakamura literally materialises in a pool of yellow street light. The gangers,
shocked, fumble frantically for weapons. Sakamura remains calm and unmoving
as the gangers produce an assortment of pistols and blades.

Ganger: Give us yer fraggin' 'Yen, and van keys or we'll ..

Sakamura (cutting him short): I advise you to leave now. I am busy. Go.

The gangers are thrown by the lack of any form of fear from the lone man ahead.
Normally, the victim would be begging for their worthless lives now. However,
thinking isn't one of their strong points and they start forward in their best
menacing manner. To Sakamura's left a pair of soft yellow eyes blink in to
existance, followed by a quick, feral snarl. To his right, the massive shape of
Facesmasher, deceptively steathly, steps up, casually testing his katana's
blade with his thumb.

Facesmasher(nonchalantly):Bad night to be out, chummers. Dangerous places,
alleyways. I'd stick to the well lit streets, don't you think ?

The gangers have only time enought for a "oh Drek" expression, when Aardvark
taps on of the gangers on the shoulder.

Aardvark(grinning): I think this belongs to you ? (handing her an empty
pistol clip and several rounds) Do you work here ? Where's the fruit section ?

The ganger stares first at Aardvark, who's manicially grinning at her, then at
the clip, which was seconds ago,was in her pistol. Sakamura takes one meassured
pace forward, face still impassive and uncaring.

Sakamura : Leave now. I shall not ask again.

Some rare self-preservation instinct, surfaces in the gangers. They slowly back
out of the alleyway and run. Jasmine retrieves Aardvark, who started following
the gangers, she carefully removes the smoke bomb from his hands. Slash
nods his approvement of the team's action to WHAT, who is again smoking.
The team moves out. Facesmasher clambers into the van and it rolls off.

The airborne drone's vision covers a good eight blocks, more if the Seattle
weather wasn't as poor. The Euro-van heads north while the first truck of the
six truck convey, being escourted by Lone Star, enters the picture at the
bottem of a long, winding hill. The heavy Ares Roadmasters, crawl uphill. Must
be a heck of a weight to slow these road monsters down. Back to the ground
drone and the six team members. Slash is in conversation with WHAT, Jasmine and
Sakamura have a firm grip on Aardvark, while Silence stands alone, draped

WHAT(with a slightly chargrinned look on his face): ..I know it's a bit, er,
trideo, but the amount of Devil rats in that area are dead unpredictable and
I get a bit nervous about sewers after the Denver affair, at AJ place....

Slash: Nevermind chummer, don't worry if anything thing goes wrong, well, I've
got my bag of tricks.

Silence: The trucks approach.

The runner pair off, Slash and Jasmine, WHAT and Silence, Aardvark and Sakamura.
The Lone Star cruiser rolls past followed by the labouring trucks. Sakamura
makes it look easy as he slips under the second truck, followed by a slightly
hesitant Aardvark. Slash and Jasmine board truck three, WHAT and Silence
on truck four. WHAT is carrying the small drone.

WHAT(grinning at Silence):fancy meeting a nice girl like you, in a place like

Silence meets WHAT eyes with an unblinking stare. The expression on WHAT's
face leads you to believe he wants to be somewhere else quickly.
The harnesses do they jobs well, a bumpy and smelly ride, but a safe one.
The airborne drone now has the convey at the gate. Security makes a brief
check on the trucks, checking the cabs and cargos. They roll on through and
drive into the main factory. The trucks park up and the drivers disembark.
Several minutes later the runners gather around WHAT's truck.

WHAT(chewing something): Ready ? Good luck Terms and see you back at base. Oh,
(grinning) don't get shot.

+++++ End VIdeo Download

Well last bit once I've sort to chip from what's left of the drone.]<<<<<
- Spinner (17:09:55/09-02-5)

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