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Message no. 1
From: Mike Goldberg <m_goldberg@**.COLORADO.EDU>
Subject: Light's Edge (part 2)
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 1995 13:57:58 MST
+++++ Continuing Drone.dump
You see the young man pry off the manhole cover. Hearing gunfire, he jumps
into the whole. Nightmare follows pretty quickly after firing a few useless

Nightmare (in German): You got increased strength in that arm?
Young man: I'm surprised you don't know.
Nightmare shrugs.
Young man: I'll lead since you're injured. Try and keep up.

Nightmare follows as best he can. You think your hear the young man softly
humming something. You not quite sure what it is but it doesn't sound to
happy. Soon he stops humming.

Suddenly the young man hits a deep spot and is up to mid-chest in some sort of
liquid-semi liquid stuff. As he slowly pulls himself off, you can hear a soft
chant begin. The young man's eyes go wide as he pushes himself back into the
slop. Something's arm (you hope it is an arm) swing. It would have connected
with the young man's head if he hadn't moved. Suddenly your vision is blinded
by a sharp flash that was barely proceeded by a loud clap of thunder you think.
You hear this roar of pain. Nightmare leaps fowards and slashes with his
sword. He is greeted with another roar of pain as he too falls into the slop.

Slowly the young man pulls Nightmare back as the "unidentifiable" thing moves
forward. Nightmare is making some motions but nothing much seems to be happen.
Then there is a bright light and the "thing" is gone.

Nightmare: That was too close. Thanks for pulling me back, brother.
Brother: If I hadn't -- I don't think I would have gotten out alive.

Nightmare merely nods and says, "My leg is going to be a fragging pain to
Brother: That will depend if we get out of here or not, eh? Let's move.

*Mother* Turn on your fragging tracers!
*Brother* We must be jammed. They are already on.
*A deep voice* In position. Come on Blitz. Surface already!
*Another deep voice* We are in position too.
*Nightmare* We're nowhere close to being in position. Our chasers are
gaining. We're going surface. Plan Demo-f.
*A femine voice* You always this ballsy when you are in trouble?
*Brother* SHUT UP!
*Mother* Keep cool.
*Femine voice* Blitzkrieg don't fall apart on us now.
*Blitzkrieg (otherwise known as young man and brother)* Shut up, your making
too much noise.

Blitzkrieg swears as he trips again. He quickly climbs a ladder. You see him
strain for a while against what must be a manhole covering. Nightmare is still
in the slime with his pistol out. He is watching mostly behind him. Finally
Blitzkrieg gets the cover off and climbs out. Nightmare follows closely

They have emerged on what you guess is the other side. Unlike before there are
almost no lights. Where the streets were crowded with humans before now all
you see are orks, dwarfs and trolls. Everybody seems to be watching them
carefully. But nobody is moving toward them. Quickly, Blitzkrieg puts the
manhole cover back in place.

Nightmare stands up, but it is obvious that he is in pain. An ork spits out
(in japenese), "You lucky you ain't local man. If you were you would be dead."
Blitzkrieg nods briefly.

A troll speaks out, "Who is chasing you?"
Nightmare says, "I think a bunch of gangers who wanted our clothes and money."
Troll snorts, "I wouldn't want the clothes right now, but the money might be
nice considering we are going to have to deal with them real soon."

Nightmare reaches into his various pockets and sets down some money.
Blitzkrieg soon follows him. By the looks of things they have dumped
Nightmare says, "Enjoy the money! I'm getting out of here."

As he starts limping away, the manhole cover flies off. Blitzkrieg bolts in
motion as he grabs Nightmare and starts running. The only reason Nightmare
keeps up is by the fact that Blitzkrieg is half dragging him.

*Blitzkrieg* We are going in a building.
*Mother* Just found your signal. Team A go to >>encrypted<<. You have pull
out. Team B go to >>encrypted<< as backup.

Blitzkrieg runs into a building and goes up the stairs. Nightmare's leg is
giving him lots of trouble. At the second story landing, Blitzkrieg stops and
pulls out a gun. Nightmare pulls out his. As quickly as they can safely go
they go up the stairs. Outside you can hear some gunfire which quickly dies
down. By the time they are at the third story landing, you hear some people
entering the building. You note with some surprise that they are conducting a
door-to-door search of the building. Blitzkrieg silently curses.

By the time they have reached the fifth floor of this run-down building
Blitzkrieg is in a running gunfight. Nightmare is obviously running out of
steam in it looks like he is losing a lot of blood from the leg wound. He
enters the hallway. Blitzkrieg merely follows.
*Another man's voice* We have found them. Judging by the uproar in area and
gunfire in building, we are going to pull extraction. Team B head to
*Feminine voice* Roger, and be careful Bruce.
*Bruce* That's why Doomsday's with me.
*Doomsday* Let's go!
Nightmare (in German): I can't go further. Go on without me. I'll buy you
Blitzkrieg (in German): Sorry Nightmare. I'm not done with you yet. You made
my life miserable, the least I can do is the same for you.

Blitzkrieg walks over to a small set of doors. "Just our luck - a dumbwaiter
shute." He pries it open. Nightmare sighs and limps over to it. Blitzkrieg
helps him in to it. And soon follows. Whatever Nightmare said got lost in the
gunfire though.
You see a man wearing a trenchcoat. He is dressed all in black but his face
has a distinctive scar-like grid over it. Behind him is a troll who is lifting
him up into a window. With a running leap, the troll, most likely Doomsday,
pulls himself into the window. He enters just in time for the door to be
broken down by some japanese guy with a gun. Doomsday merely raises an assault
rifle and fires a relatively silenced burst into the guy.

Doomsday: I didn' like his 'tude.
Scarface: I'm going astral to find them. Watch my body.

Doomsday walks to the doorway and shuts the door and waits a minute or so.
Scarface groans and gets up.

Scarface: They are in the basement and in hot water.
Doomsday: Ya lead!
Scarface: I wonder if we are all getting too old for this drek.

Doomsday opens the door and checks the hallway. He nods and Scarface bolts out
the door with Doomsday following close. As Doomsday runs along, someone
shouts (in Japanese), "I hear some running upstairs. You two check it out."

Scarface pulls out a pistol and says, "Trouble coming our way. Lead until
basement. Probably two punks."

Doomsday nods and pulls out an assault rifle. He quickly loads it and speeds
down the stairs. Sure enough, two guys come racing up the stairs. The first
one probably never knew what hit him. Of course anyone colliding full force
with Doomsday when he is running probably will never know what hits him. The
second one was able to get out of the way of both the flying punk and Doomsday
only to catch a shoulder in the face from Bruce. Needless to say, that made a
lot of noise. Must be something about one person crashing headlessly down the
stairs at full speed followed by a troll running down the stairs, which is in
turn followed by another person falling down the stairs. Lastly, Scarface
managed to somehow control his decent (by riding the banister down the

Doomsday quickly peeks through the door at the landing and pops off a
mini-grenade. You hear an explosions and some screams. Scarface continues to
run down the stairs. Doomsday follows.
Doomsday: Dey are slowly catchin' up.
Scarface: We are almost there. Go left when we enter the hallway. I'll radio
you when I'm in position. Hallway is . . . (he casts something) clear. Tell
me when you get to the third door on right.

Doomsday nods and runs into the hallway. Scarface runs down a different

*Doomsday* READY!
*Scarface* GO!
*Mother* What?

You watch as Doomsday slams his forearms into the door and push the door in the
wrong direction. The doors bend a little bit then gives completely by
shattering into thousands of tiny polymer fragments of some sort. He then
raises his assault rifle and screams, "FREEZE! DIS A BUST! MOVE 'N DIE!!"
You see Nightmare on the ground. He has blood running down from a gash on the
side of his face. Blitzkrieg is standing over him with a heavy pistol in each
hand. Blitzkrieg looks frighteningly calm. Slowly the doors opposite Doomsday
open. Scarface walks in quietly. You are amazed that none of the Japanese in
the room notice him as he enters. The female that was edging to the door
stops as he jams a pistol into her ribs.

In formal japenese he says, "One more move lady, and you'll be dead. I am
known as Scarface. I earned this title for having the distinct privelege of
dying four times. I am prepared to die again, are any of you? While that
troll is dangerous, he nowhere comes close to the danger that I represent. Oh.
I forgot to mention that I have some more friends coming. I figured it
wouldn't be good killing if I didn't feast on your bodies with the rest of my
ghoul pack. So who should I eat first?"

The japanese gangers look really uneasy. Blitzkrieg snarls, "Drop your
weapons or I can guarantee you won't survive this." In the background you can
hear people running. The japanese start dropping their weapons. Nightmare
starts to stand up again. The japanese finish dropping their weapons.
Surprisingly Nightmare quickly moves and pushes all the weapons to the center.

Nightmare and Blitzkrieg move behind Doomsday and out the door. Scarface backs
out of his door. Doomsday just grins and fires a mini-grenade at the weapons
and leaps back from the explosion.

*Scarface* Move to NW quad and Whale. Bus should be there.

You watch as Doomsday picks up Nightmare and starts running. Blitzkrieg grabs
his assault rifle and manages to fire another mini-grenade at the people coming
out of the stairway. They round a corner almost steamrollering Scarface.
Quickly they run up the stairs.

Scarface: How bad the cover blown?
Blitzkrieg: Completely. Everyone notices when you ask any questions that
might be remotely connected to Shadowfox.
Scarface: Just fragging great.
Nightmare: When did you join a ghoul pack?
Scarface: Two minutes ago.

Scarface opens a fire door. They all run out of it. You hear a loud shout in
japanese, "There they go. After them." ]<<<<<
-- Scarface <13:00:15/3-7-56>

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