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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

Message no. 1
From: "Sergej R. Bailleul" <S.R.Bailleul@*********.SALFORD.AC.UK>
Subject: Location 2
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 18:41:22 +0000
>>>>>[I have arrived in Newark in search of my former colleague
Mad Dog. My contact Parker has been shot in the head at close
range in the meantime. I would like to know who did it.
5000Y for the person who identifies his killer.

+++++ Display Video:
(crystal-clear picture, although obviously cybereye-download,
multiple "target aquisition confirm" messages flash through the
field of vision, at all times overlaying the bodies of the people
closest to the camera, a map is displayed in the top left corner of
the picture, no sound) A busy crowd scene. The Fuchi Mall, a decent
part of town, suits everywhere, the camera constantly focuses on the
various secguards who come into view, then the camera pans towards
a door. A man dressed in a yellow maintenance suit with a Fuchi Logo
and "You drop it, I mop it" on the back, carrying bucket and mop
comes out of the door, closes it behind him, then turns and looks
around. The picture freezes when he turns in the direction of the
camera, then zooms in on the face, turns gritty when the resolution fails,
then zooms out until the picture is clear again. It shows a human of
about 30 years, wearing a baseball cap of the Cleveland Indians, short
black hair on the sides, slightly pale complexion with very light blue eyes.
An overlay at the side of the picture reads:

Age: ca. 30
Height: 1.93m-1.95m
Build: Athletic, Ratio "Legs:Torso" higher than usual
Distinguishing features: light eyes, strange walk, cybered or adept

The camera flicks back to normal picture. The focus stays on the
door, while the maintenance man disappears to the right, his strides
making his head bob out from the crowd at regular intervals. When the
camera reaches the door, it turns around for a quick check of the
crowd. The picture freezes again when the man comes into view. The
tacticomp has locked on to the guy and displays angular and relative
velocity of target, the latter outlined bold red: 9.3m/s. Running speed,
although the man appears to be walking. The picture unfreezes, sweeps
on, then back towards the door. A hand reaches into the picture and
taps a code into the maglock. The door opens into a corridor. The
camera moves into the corridor, when it suddenly looks down onto a
display screen on the lower left arm. A complex molecule formula is
displayed as a 3D structure with the comment "Propellant residue"
flashing in a corner. Immidiately a Walther PB-120 appears in the field
of vision and the camera slowly moves on while a tiny indicator in the
bottom left corner switches from Low to Max. Target aquisitions now
overlay any irregularities on the walls and doors. The camera checks front
and back, then moves towards an open door to the left. A foot can
be seen in the doorway, followed by the corpse of the person attached
to it. The picture freezes again and zooms in on the bullethole in
the forehead. It is small caliber and has black marks and burns around the
entrypoint. The corpses face has a surprised look on it, then a picture of
the man laughing at something off camera is superimposed on the right
side of the picture with the caption:

Julian Parker, 35, human
Head of Optical Archive Department
Antares Storage Services Ltd.
+++++End Video

When I realised the man in the maintenance suit can not have
overlooked the corpse in the doorway I tried to catch up with him,
but by the time I got out into the crowd again, he was long gone and
several security guards talking on the radio closed in on my position.
I decided avoiding trouble was more important, so I left quietly. I
assume the killer is local talent, so anyone who wants to earn some
serious money, leave a message at >>encrypted<<]<<<<<
-- Vyper <20:10:32/11-20-57>

>>>>>[ Don`t know who he is, but ya can forget `bout him bein` a
local physad. We`re tight around here, know what a mean?
So a`d know him if he was. ]<<<<<
-- Chan <22:03:13/11-20-57>

>>>>>[ Do you want me to run a background check on him? Standard
rate, to be delivered 12:00:00/11-21-57?]<<<<<
-- LoopDiWoop <--:--:--/--:--:-->

>>>>>[ Hey, man! I can do it! Just give me a chance and I can do it.
I just need a thou up front and tomorrow night you get the guy on a
friggin` silver tray!]<<<<<
-- Glowball Override <23:12:00/11-21-57>

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