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Message no. 1
From: NIGHTFOX <djwa@******.UCC.NAU.EDU>
Subject: NSA
Date: Wed, 07 Aug 1996 13:01:04 -0700 (MST)
*****Private: Plough Breakers
>>>>>[ Well, here's what happened in the NSA. Sorry it took us so long,
but recovering from the dump took about a day and compiling the data to
make heads and tails of it took another.

Oh - Yours trully is Red Wraith. Its one of those alternate persona's for
when I don't want to be connected with what happened.

+++Begin NSA run matrix-log

>From blackness the constructs and lights of the Seattle Matrix resolve into
view. Two figures stand before the Seattle RTG San. The first icon is that
of a bee crossed with a human, beautifully rendered in high quality
graphics. The second icon morphs even as the view changes to include it.
The brief glimpse of the original icon showed a stunning human female
lacking in any of the normal computerized look. The new icon is that of a
red chrome wraith with black pits for eyes, and a partly transparent body
which distorts the sites behind into disturbing characitures.

Buzz (The Bee): Cute costume.

Red Wraith: Its just in case we meet the NSA dekcers, I don't want them
identifing me, after all. I am an upstanding citzen and all that.

RW: So, do you have the NSA address?

B: Yes, its recent and I have a backdoor.

RW: Good, the more help we have the better.

The view fades out as they enter the Seattle SAN and fades in once more
before an unassuming, but very large, matrix construct. Buzz produces a key
and a door appears on an otherwise blank wall. The Wraith glances around
at the area.

Wraith takes out something and tosses it through the door, and then steps

Buzz: Nice work. No ICE or deckers <Looking down at the two frozen
images>, well atleast fuctioning ones. Cute frame, how long until the
system finds them.

RW: It will be a while, as far as the IC is concerned everything is fine
and they are doing their job normally. Good back door, we would already be
frying neurons if we went in my normal way. I'll have to remember this

Buzz: I gather that I don't need to ask you not to abuse it, I would like
to keep it for a bit.

The scene changes drastically once they pass the door. The system is
highly sculpted into a motif of electric webs and neon fractals. Buzz has
retained his normal form but the Wraith now appears to be made up of
disjointed fractals.

Buzz: Its a pretty impressive system, and rather optimized for data
correlation. Just watch out for the Spiders and the Fractal ICE. Hope
your ready because here comes the interogation squad.

An eyeball comes floating by. Buzz produces two badges and gives one to
the wraith. The eye glances at them but continue on.

Once it leaves, Buzz reaches out and plays a series of notes on a nearby
web. At once, a path lights up on the web and leads into the distance
towards what appears to be the center of the factal.

RW: This is much to easy, somethings not totally right.

Buzz: I would have to agree on that. It does seem a bit different since
the last time I was here.

RW: Well, it looks as if we are in a virtual machine. I think the actual
good data areas maybe one or two realities up.

Buzz nods and reaches out to two seperate web strands and ties them
together. The reality around them unravels and reforms into a standard
looking system. A large mass of clouds and Lightening is headed for them.

Buzz: I think this one is fake as well. We may want to leave before that
black proceeds to thrash us.

The wraith produces a glowing red sword and slices away at the fabric of
reality until it creates a hole out of this virtual machine as well. The
change as the virtual machine disolves is staggering. Buzz and the wraith
reform into two human figures. Buzz is now a slightly bee like human in a
black and yellow suit, one that needs a lot of work. The wraith changes
into a human female in a red business suit. The world around them seams to
be a that of a rather dark and grimmy alleyway where the shadows move.

RW: Duck!!!!

Without hesistantion Buzz ducks under the sweeping claw of a huge spider
which continues down its line to drop on the alley floor.

Buzz: Well I see that they kept one thing from the Web layer. I hate bloody
fraggin UV systems.

Buzz's diatribe is cut short slightly be an earing shatterring shot. The
spider screams in pain an turns around towards the huge smoking gun in
Wraith's hands. Another shot rings out throwing wraith backwards a foot or
so and annihilating 10 of the spiders 20 or so eyes, as well as part of the
head. Its screams are cut abruptly short though as Buzz leaps on its back
and drives a knife into its neck. Buzz is thrown into a wall during its
death throws while Wraith is struck a glancing blow to the side by one of
its flailing limbs.

RW: You ok Buzz?

Buzz: Huh?.... Uh yeah... I think so mommy, but can you make the world
stop spinning.

RW: Buzz... <shakes him a bit>

Buzz: What? OH!!! ow. Okay Okay, I'm alright. So what now? Where to
from here.

RW: We exit this alley and find someone on the street to pay for
directions. UV is very subjective reallity, it works better for skills that
you really have, and if your confident enough, things just tend to go your
way. Its a bit more akin to how the Otaku deck, though not totally.

The city outside the city seems to be a darker, more monolithic
respresentation of Washington D.C.

Buzz: Frag.... Can we say Big Brother.

RW: <stopping a passer bye> Can you direct us to the Processing Department
<Blink Blink>

Guy: What? umm... 3 streets that way

RW: Thank You

The streets along their path bustle with activity, with people moving here
and there. Sarimen mix with Corp Suits and delivery people (though none of
them with any pizza) seem to be everywhere. The crowd tends to thin a bit
near their destination.

Wraith flashs a card when they reach the doors to the building and the
guards let them through.

Buzz: Where did you get the card.

RW: The corp in the ugly light blue suit. He didn't seem to be to
concerned about it. Ah... Just what we needed. Now we hack this computer
here, create two ID's, look up the Command Center. Then we go in and look
up Mr Ploughshare and Farmer while were at it.

A few minutes go by and then two ID's pop out of a slot next to the
machine. They leave the biulding and after a few blocks reach the largest
building. The guard halts them at the door.

Guard: You don't seem familiar, what is your reason for being here?

Buzz: <Showing his ID> We are here to investigate some anomolous
occurances that have appeared in the computers.

They insert their ID's into the card slots and enter the biulding.

RW: We don't have much time. The ID's I created will last only long
enough for us to find the data we need. Maybe not even that.

Buzz: I've located the area we need. Floor 302 room 57. This place is
huge, its pretty easy to get lost amongst the clutter.

Security: <As they step into the elevator> I have a few ques....

RW: Not much time at all. <They exit the Elevator> There's the room, find
something to barricade the door with.

A minute or two tick by, as wraith accesses the computer, fingers flying
across the key board.

RW: Got it!!! Damn, there's more. Give me about one more minute.

Buzz: Company, you have thirty seconds.

RW: We'll jack out as soon as we have it all. Here, throw this down the
hall. Its a stink bomb.

Buzz: <Tosses the grenade> Didn't work, they seem to be wearing masks.

RW: Almost there

Buzz: Frag!!! DUCK!!!

Gun shots ring through the air smashing through the wall and into the chair
and computer monitor, striking her through the side Wraith as she dives to
the floor.

Rw: I'm hit, I'll live. JACK OUT!!!

Wraith reaches up and presses the enter key on the computer while stabbing
at a red button that suddenly appears in the air infront her right hand.
Wraith fades from view as Buzz reaches for a red button which disappears
before he can touch it.

Buzz: I can't!!! I'm being blocked.

He dives behind a another desk, as an explosion fills the room throwing him
and the desk against the wall, there's an audible crack as something
besides the desk brake. The guards raise their guns to fire.

Buzz: Fragg!!! <The guards fire> W...

Buzz, disappears before the bullets hit.

+++ End log.

It may not have looked that hard at parts, but most of this is because we
didn't tarry and Buzz had a LOT of codes (I did some snipping and editing
to save time and keep a few secrets).

Here's the info we got, I think we should all meet again to go over it.
There's quite a few new things to consider.]<<<<<
-- Spirit <Of the Matrix>

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