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Message no. 1
From: Sascha Pabst <Sascha.Pabst@**********.UNI-OLDENBURG.DE>
Subject: ODIN - We are... [2]
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 1997 18:09:53 +0000
***** PRIVATE: Invasion Force Internal Email

+++++ Message-From: Orion
+++++ Subject: We still are...

I forgot to ask... who of you is still out there? Bull, if you are
still alive - this might interest you...

+++++ Begin Download
You see an universe without stars. Apart from about two dozen spots of
light, everything is pitch black. Then, text scrolls through the

+++++ Initializing Camera.exe
+++++ Starting Camera.exe

Suddenly, the POV changes, moving rapidly backwards. A red cockroach
about the size of a human can be seen, its back to the camera-program.
It looks over its shoulder (if you can call it that), and in its faceted
eyes you can see a hovering eye. Suddenly the insect charges forward,
through the emptiness, following an invisible path with some strange
bends. Suddenly it comes to a stop, when it arrives at a daemonic
creature with four arms. Suddenly the creature raises an arm, and
hundreds of small mouthes swarm around it, probably an attack program.

"Stop!" yells the cockroach, "it's me, Orion!" The daemon hesitates,
then asks "YOU are Orion?" "Yeah, Bull sent me. You are Buddy, I

The mouthes vanish, and the daemon's face vanishes, now displaying a
very detailed face of a ghoul. "Yeah, I am. Do you really think that
icon is appropriate?" The cockroach - Orion - shrugs its antenna. "I
used it before the invae raised their ugly heads, and no fucking spirit
will decide how I look like in the real world..."

The ghoul-daemon laughs. "Yeah, makes sense, in a way. Thanks for the
news from Bull. Good to hear from the tusker, although he's in trouble
again... Now, how can I help you?" "Bull's the reason we are here. Some
insects followed him out of the Zone, and..." - "WHAT?" Buddy
interrupts, "how did they..." "We don't know. But they are out there.
And we have no way to trace them down. Now the spellslingers said we had
to go in here, as there must be insects of that ... hive still be in
here. And we went. But they're wrong - we've been searching several days
now, but can't find a trace of them. Some others, sure, but not of 'our'

The daemon waves his clawed hand, and Orion shuts up. "What kind of
hives are you looking for? Wasps in conjunction with cockroaches?"
Suddenly the red cockroach waves his antennae around hectically, "How do
you..." "We have to meet physically. As soon as possible! There are some
things you have to know, I think," Buddy interrupts again. "Show up at
the corner of Clark and Division street as soon as you can make it.
Watch it not to cross the border, or you'll get in problems. I will show
up soon after you do. And do warn your people not to show disgust, or I
can't guarantee for the consequences!" With these words, the daemon
dissolves, first into pixels, then into nothingness, and Orion remains
alone in the void. "But..." he just manages to say, then breaks off.
Again, text scrolls through the picture:

+++++ Ending camera.exe

+++++ End Download

+++++ Include:
Mr Turner proofed extremely helpful, we have several addresses now which
we'll check. ]<<<<<
-- IF Mailer Daemon <18:34:52/08-01-58>

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