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Message no. 1
From: Dean Esam <twist@******.EDU.AU>
Subject: Organrun (part 2)
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1993 14:15:29 +1000
>>>>>[ Ok, I'm back, hey Sun, Tux if you guys are in the mood to party you
might as well join us at *****__Location__*****, anyway here we go

*** Start Visual upload

(Five Nightsky's screech away, just before the last turns out of site,
another missile streaks forward, and the limo becomes a moving fireball
before slamming into an opposite wharehouse, the unmarked truck also
speeds off, but then mysteriously turns and slams into a second pile of
crates. The only figure visible standing is one of the 'suits' he is now
surrounded by a glowing aura, he gestures and a ball of energy flies over
towards the rubble, where automatic gunfire is coming from, a short scream
is heard, and the suit turns grinning.)

" It appears that the remaining suit is a mage, and by all counts I
believe he has accounted for one of the assailants. Oh my god!!! "

(From near the truck, as several guards start to climb out of the
wreckage, a swirling mass of rubbish and rubble forms and heads towards
the 'suit', automatic fire rings out again, from somewhere above this
time, and the guards are knock down before they get to their feet, the
mage extends his arm toward the 'spirit' as the burned form of a dwarf
rises from behind the rubble aiming a shotgun at the 'mage'. The spirit
slows, but then twin shots erupt from the dwarf slamming into the mage,
the spirit leaps forward as another bolt of power streaks into the target.
The 'suit' caught between the three assualts is literally tossed about,
bleeding and staggering, then a final shot rips through the air and the
'suit' head is virtually blown off as his body drops to the ground.)

" The firefight is over now, geez, Jim focus on the guys body! "

(In front of the camera the 'suits' body shifts from that of a human, to
that of a wendigo, as an ork male, a human female and the dwarf drive the
remaining Nightsky off...)

" A wendigo, geez, hey Jim lets get a look in one of those crates "

(Camera shows Kelly emerge from her hiding place as she moves toward the
nearest crate, after several minutes she manages to lift the lid off to
reveal rather fresh body parts.)

*** End Visual upload

Latest word is that several of the downed 'corp' guards have been Id'ed as
Enhance Inc. people, and Enhance Inc, has been called before the corp
court to 'explain', me thinks they gonna disappear. Oh yeah there's
A.P.B.'s out on all the Wendigo's that got away too, we got three
confirmed kills, bounty is being cleared as I speak. Gods it's good to
be back ]<<<<<
-- NodeFaerie <00:17:46/09-20-54>

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