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Message no. 1
From: Chad Hanley <HANLEYC@*****.INDSTATE.EDU>
Subject: Ork Info Part 2
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 1994 23:27:58 GMT-5
***** Private: Jasmine, Shields, Basilisk, Aardvark, Tiny, Dancing
>>>>>[Okay mates, here's what I've been able to get on the Whidbey
Island ork community. It's not a lot but my contacts are still
digging. A total of 50 orks lived on the island and had
been there for no more than two years. It also looks like they,
meaning the survivors, left about a month ago and went south to either
Fort Flagler or Fort Worden. My contact isn't positive on which,
yet. I have 13 names but no idea who's alive or dead, at least yet.
And I'm pretty sure the girl ork named Katherine is dead. That's not
verified though, at least yet. There's a lot of yets, isn't there?

That's basically all I've got so far. Yeah, I know it's not great,
but the data is flowing like soymolasses. When I get more, I'll fill
you all in.]<<<<<
-- Backlash <23:27:25/11-29-55>

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