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Message no. 1
From: Doctor Doom <jch8169@*******.TAMU.EDU>
Subject: OS^2 and night flights to the Empire of the Rising Sun
Date: Sun, 9 Apr 1995 03:43:48 -0500
>>>>>[ HI, folks! Hangtime here, your fave messenger to the Rich &
(Just the fax, ma'am).

We're gonna be here just to catch up and check some mail ... we've got a
early morning flight, if you get my meaning. ]<<<<<
-- Hangtime <3:38:00/04-08-56>

>>>>>[ Yeah, with SONIC AIRLINES ... "Come fly the unfriendly
heh heh heh. ]<<<<<
-- Sonic Boom <3:38:07/04-08-56>

>>>>>[ Yo ... what's with this OS^2? ]<<<<<
-- Hangtime <3:45:13/04-08-56>

>>>>>[ You mean the guy that talks like a post-modern fortune cookie?
-- Sonic Boom <3:45:17/04-08-56>

>>>>>[ Yeah ... he must be smokin' some weird drek there, I think.
-- Hangtime <3:45:21/04-08-56>

>>>>>[ Either that or attempting to confuse someone or mask his messages
while keeping them in plain sight. ]<<<<<
-- Jack Hack <3:45:28/04-08-56>

>>>>>[ Well, I suppose there is that ...

Well, chummers & chummettes, to the point of this our little brief
re-appearance, we've got another job, in Japan no less ... yeah, I know
we've not been very active (no time!) recently in ShadowLand, and it
doesn't look like we're gonna have a break anytime soon. ]<<<<<
-- Hangtime <3:46:03/04-08-56>

>>>>>[ Hangtime! You forgot the most important element of that! Our
employer is none other than Doom! (insert appropriate ominous sounds
of thunder'n'lightning here).

Looks like the good Doctor might be back in the ol' saddle again ... but
I'll be damned if I know what's up with this trip to Japan. ]<<<<<
-- Jack Hack <3:46:16/04-08-56>

>>>>>[ Cryptic message, though ... ]<<<<
-- Hangtime <3:46:19/04-08-56>

>>>>>[ When has Doom ever NOT been cryptic about assignments?!
-- Sonic Boom <3:46:21/04-08-56>

>>>>>[ Ya got a point there, Sonic. We'll drop everyone a line when we
get situated, if it's convenient, ya know. Bye now. ]<<<<<
-- Hangtime <3:46:25/04-08-56>

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