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Message no. 1
From: "Steven A. Tinner" <bluewizard@*****.COM>
Subject: PANA Update-2057
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 01:33:46 -0800
>>>>>[ Welcome one and all to Doc Madness' 2057 Update to the Pananormal =
Animals of North America.

This is a new, regular feature you'll be seeing from time to time on
this BBS, wherin I, your fearless native guide will enlighten you about
all those nasty little critters waiting in the shadows to devour you.

Please, feel free to correct anything I get wrong here. Those of you
waging your own secret shadow wars against the various corps and
critters are sure to have more info than a street scientist like myself.
Your info could help save a life! (Geeez that even sounds corny to me.)

Let's start off with something simple . . . I know, how about the . . .

Bombina Interfactus

The so called Death Toad is at first inspection nothing more than a
common toad
exhibiting traits of giantism.
It’s body length averages 4 meters, and can weigh up to 400 kilos.
The toad can appear in a variety of colors, but mainly exhibits markings
of a dull
gray or green. This, combined with the mottled texture of the Death
Toad’s skin
lend to its often being mistaken for a large rock.


The Death Toad live primarily on a carnivorous diet consisting of small
fish, and birds.
Active during the spring through early autumn, depending on the local

The Death Toad is a fascinating example of giantism among awakened
Some researchers wish to place the Death Toad in the dinosaur family due
to its
immense size, but genotyping does not confirm this theory.

Concealment, Binding, Engulf (Some individuals in the species may

Reduced Senses (Sight - movement based vision)]<<<<<
. . . . . . . . -- Doc Madness <01:27:33/11-12-57>

>>>>>[How big did he say they get? Holy frag! Hook me up with some hot sa=
mama! We’re having frog legs tonight!]<<<<<
. . . . . . . . -- Munch-Kin <05:52:22/11-12-57>

>>>>>[These things are a real danger in the swamps of southern Florida. T=
hey grow
large enough there that the Engulf thing works exactly the way you think
it does.
Burp! Froggy snacks! I dig ‘um!]<<<<<
. . . . . . . . -- Kellogg <11:07:42/11-12-57>

>>>>>[What’s this binding thing the guide mentions? How about the
based vision?]<<<<<
. . . . . . . . -- Seeker <13:13:13/11-12-57>

>>>>>[It’s got a sticky tongue. If it nails you with it, it’s
very ha=
rd to escape while
the warty fragger pulls you into it’s maw. As far as the vision, toads
are primarily
sit an wait hunters, only attacking something that happens by them. As
such, their
vision is designed to detect moving object. If you hold very still, it
might think that
you’re just part of the scenery.]<<<<<
. . . . . . . . -- Doc Madness <15:22:21/11-12-57>
Message no. 2
From: Chastity <dvixen@********.COM>
Subject: Re: PANA Update-2057
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 17:59:31 -0800
>>>>>[Didn't your mama ever teach you not to smoke and deck? I think I
met one of those at a party once. He was a very friendly fella, not at
all carnivorous. And the things that tongue could do.]<<<<<
. . . . . . . . -- Chastity <23:45:38/11-16-57>

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