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Message no. 1
From: Mike Goldberg <m_goldberg@********.CC.COLORADO.EDU>
Subject: Part 2. . .
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1993 13:19:39 -0700
>>>>>[Well back from getting the pop-corn. Just one of those things I
Oh for those who care, by the time you saw the first part we have all left
Rome. Much safer that way. Especially with people like Ganz out there! Here

**** Continue the transmission ****
Shadowfox: Well before we get all comfy, why don't we track up stairs, and
visit dear Blitzkrieg, and this lovely Firewraith, who I have yet to meet.

Gawk and What nod, more or less, in unison. Wonderful camera shot of all four
of them trekking up to the fourth floor.

While the foursome are trekking it up, in enter two men. Both are dressed
informally. Both are appearently unarmed, but you would guess that they have
some form of weapons on beneath their trench coats. One man, (screen blinks
"Karl Winters") a blond hair man, about 6 feet tall, shrugs and heads towards
the stairs. The other man, about 6'1" who looks like he hasn't seen a razor in
about 5 days, with sandy brown hair, and a very good tan, takes a good look
around (Screen pauses for a minute and flashes "Bruce" for a few moments).
After a little while he sighs.

Bruce: Well I guess we head up. Let's wait a few minutes to make sure that
we lost those damn tails again.
Karl nods in agreement.

Fade back to Shadowfox, Gawk, WHAT, and Phoenix. They have just reached the
4rth floor where they were thoroughly searched and had all weapons removed.
Shadowfox was sporting a wonderful assortment of knives and hidden guns, the
biggest of which being an Ares Predator. Phoenix was sporting, the collection
of a monofilment whip, and a pair of throwing knives. WHAT, still staring at
Shadowfox's arsenal, unhappily hands over his modified narcojet pistol, a
hold-out pistol of some sort (the camera was at a wrong angle to get a better
look at it) and a huge two-handed sword.

Phoenix: Don't worry well have them look at the sword later.

WHAT nods solemnly. Gawk, very reluctantly hands over his two scultped
gripped - Ares Predators to the guards with the promise of: "If you do
anything to them chummer, I'll take it out on your hide." The first guard
replies: "Don't do anything stupid, and you'll get them back." Gawk just
snorts derisively at him.
The guards (of which there are five), have a field day doing this, politely
informs (blantant Italien accent) them, "Remember this is a peaceful meeting
as requested by Blitzkrieg. Please respect his wishes, or we WILL be forced to
remove you"

Shadowfox: By the way, who hired you? (Directed to the 5 guards)
Guard #2: By a, as you American and British types put it, I believe, Mr.
Phoenix: Right. Since you have now finished playing with our toys, can we
see him?
Guard #5: But of course. Follow me please.
Gawk: Snotty Sons of . . . {lunges towards the guard, but Phoenix holds him
Phoenix: Easy Gawk. We are here in peace. Blitzkrieg's request. I WILL NOT
Gawk grumbles angerly.
Shadowfox: And I will assist Phoenix in this matter. Even though I totally
feel he is quite capable in his own right.
Gawk: Fine. Let's go.

The foursome follow off to the room.
Fade to Blitzkrieg's room:

Inside the cozy room is 7 chairs. At the time only one of them is filled.
In that chair, is a beautiful sight of a red-head human (that would definately
count as a knock-out by most guys) (The screen flashes "FIREWRAITH" a few
times). The only window in the room has a great view of the backside of the
next building over. In a corner, next to the bed, propped up against a wall is
a Zweihander (a Germanic two-handed sword most likly the one that Blitzkrieg in
definitly borrowed without permission from the museum). In the other corner,
next to the bed, an eletric guitar, that looks like it went through a combo of
a trash compactor and a flame-thrower, and yet somehow managed to survive it
all in one (relatively) whole piece. In the bed . . . is well Blitzkrieg (as
you probably have guessed).

Blitzkrieg seems like he has mostly healed from what ever hit him. He is
under the covers of the bed and sitting up against the wall of the bed. He is
playing an acoustic guitar. The guitar actually looks newer and in better
condition than he is in. He hasn't shaved in over probably 2 weeks, and he is
2 weeks past needing a new crew-cut. His eyes seem very blood-shot. He is
also playing bare-chested. As such the his left arm (the new cybernetic one)
sticks out like a sore-thumb, and for that matter so do the scars that are
there from the arm being violently removed in the first place, and the
additional scars from getting the limb.

**** Transmission interupted. . . ****

FRAG!!!! This piece of junk. . . Huh? (don't worry honey, I won't slag the
fraggin' machine, even though it deserves it!) I'll continue once I figure
out how to get this thing running again.]<<<<<
-- Firewraith <15:05:30/10-11-54>
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