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Message no. 1
From: Evan Hughes <ehughes@****>
Subject: Rebuttal. Mk2
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 95 15:28:43 EST
>>>>>[I've been away for a few days, and I can already sense that you guys
are slowly losing touch with the sunny daylight filled world you gave up.
So for that reason, here's the first of the files...

+++++Include File: SI.transcript.Warrior.Rebutt
+++++Read File? <y/n>y

"Warrior DataSystems has given us complete access to the accident site.
What we found was both regrettable and a warning to all blackmarket arms
dealers out there. The weapon responsible for the grizzly slayings was
actually a peice of blackmarket hardware sold to WDS only three weeks
before the accident. Although the weapon's casing was a copy of
the recently released Sheppard-Intrepid Vigilent, the hardware inside was
an out of date Marksman from Firestorm. According to our primary analysis,
the weapon suffered a hardware malfunction in one of the actuator splines
due to being kept in hard vacuum 24 hours a day.

For public saftey, Sheppard-Intrepid is in the process of calling all
_legitimate_ owners of Sheppard-Intepid Industries hardware. This covers
our _entire_ product line, from home/business security systems, to
cybernetics, to bioware implants. If you own any peice of hardware labeled
as SI, but do not receive a call from an authorized Sheppard-Intrepid
dealer within the next week, please inform us. Being a market leader, we
are often imitated, this is something of which we are both aware and
proud. But we don't want this to cost lives.

For that reason, we are offering an equipment exchange. Should you own
any piece of hardware, sold to you legally as a legitimate Sheppard
Intrepid, we offer to replace it, for a minimal charge, with the latest
version of our own line.

To all this considering switching away from Sheppard-Intrepid products,
remember this: No SI product has EVER malfunctioned when it was being used
under the proper conditions. We have one of the BEST safety records in the
protection industry. To all those considering switching to SI products: do
it. Just make sure what you buy is from a legitimate dealer."

That was from Monday. Sorry I took so long. More coming up
-- Cybil <15:27:16/11-29-56>
Message no. 2
From: Craigtw1@***.com
Subject: Re: Rebuttal. Mk2
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 1995 20:14:10 -0500
>>>>>[+++++Include Trideo feed
This is your action news reporter, Steven Stalker. Today, Craig Industries
and Halmir Manufacturing both announced they are in the process of replacing
security equipment purchased from Sheppard-Intrepid Industries with Vathor
Armaments and Security products. Theses two corporations cited the lack of
reliability of S-I I. products.

In related news Calanthus Vineyards announced it was replacing security
equipment purchased from Maxim Arms. They, too, have switched to Vathor
Armaments and Security, lack of reliability of both the equipment and
non-lethal ammunition were the cited reasons.

Vathor Technologies stock has jumped from 20 and three quarters to 50=Y= a
share, since the beginning of Vathor Armaments and Security's ad campaign.
+++++End Trideo]<<<<<
-- KTAN News Agency (17:15:30 PST/ 11:29:56)

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