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Message no. 1
From: Daniel Waisley <DJWA@******.UCC.NAU.EDU>
Subject: Rescue? part 2
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1993 22:38:20 -0700
>>>>>[ ***** Vidoe Feed - Lister 1

At a large junction the light from a lone street light can be seen filtering
down from high up above, only to be halted momentarily by person running over
the grate. To one of the sides a newly constructed roughly hewn corridor
connects the water system to the old subway tunnel. Three new forms join the
six already there. The group continues on down the old rain water tunnels
leaving the illumination of the street lamp behind.

Soon, decomposing bones of the tunnels old inhabitants give evidence to ANT's
need to feed; neither rat nor Ork is safe from the hunger of the insect. The
ants keep on their mysterious course, every so often changing onto one of the
many side tunnels that occur. The course continues for at least another half
hour. The one of replacement drones silently catches up with its predecessor.
*****Switching Feeds. Current Location 26.34-H.12; Heading -> East.

Two more shapes soon join the larger group, increasing its size to eleven ANTs
moving along dank sewers of Puyallup.

*****Sending RED Alert to Hunt team - possible Spirit location soon.

*****Sending RED Alert to Hunt team - possible Spirit location soon.

*****End Video Feed Lister 1 ]<<<<<
--Lister <22:35:02/09-27-54>
Message no. 2
From: "Paul J. Adam" <shadowtk@********.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Rescue part 2
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 00:39:01 +0000
*****PRIVATE: Dogpatch Archive
+++++relay via tacstation "Wolf Den"
>>>>>[This is the withdrawal. Less interesting, but harder to pull off

+++++begin video
Lynch watches the smoke rise from the guard quarters, hearing gunfire
and screams as Canis's team do their work. It winds down, and Lynch
gives Lilith a hand signal: the four from that hut move out, skirmishing
rapidly towards the parade ground and the two MAZ trucks there. Several
guards are stumbling towards them, unarmed, terrified, and when Lynch
aims the MP-5PDW they cry out in terror, falling prone.

Lilith throws herself into the cab of one truck, Blade the other, as
Lynch and Quinn crab sideways, covering the smoking guard barracks as
Canis's mercenaries fall back from it in excellent order. Behind them,
the prisoners are running, staggering or being helped towards the
trucks. Quinn runs a hasty triage - who walks, who rides - as one MAZ,
then the other, coughs and grinds into life, and Canis and Fohdytoo
manhandle the gates open. Stephanie, Irish and Midnight bring up the

"Excellent. Steph, on me, we're point."

Lynch and his daughter take the road at a run: well seperated, the pair
of them sweeping the terrain for threats, maintaining a killing pace
without apparent effort - Stephanie seeming unhindered by the weight of
the FN MAG-5 she's carrying. The trucks are keeping pace with the
prisoners, Team ODIN acting as rearguard, being easily outdistanced.

+++++sequence deleted for brevity

"Lynch, this is Imp, your rides are arriving. Flaring in to land."

"Roger that." Lynch sounds out of breath, as he keeps his pace up along
the side of the badly-metalled road. "Field secure?"

"Almost two easy. One platoon of guards, only six awake. Four Kilo, six
Whiskey, eighteen Papa."

"Roger that. V-12 shows a mech company coming in from Kuffiyeh, thirty
minutes out. He's pulling your drones off to engage and delay." Lynch
flicks sweat from his forehead. "He's called Spooky, Leopard Lady and
Arashi in on them. Should buy us the time we need."

"No problem. First Herk is unloading the trucks. You want to risk
running them out?" Imp and Lynch evidently passed the same "Calm Radio
Voice 101" module.

"Yeah, route's clear so far. Caught them pants down. Got your presents?"
Lynch asks.

"Rigging them now, then we're outta here."

Mere minutes later, three trucks - absolute base-model GMCs, still in
primer grey - rumble past, each driven by one Rebel with a second riding
shotgun, waving at Lynch and Stephanie as they pass. As Lynch stops,
breathing hard, by a road junction, another three follow them.

"Spooky, we're at the junction. Sitrep?"

"One mech company in BTRs leading, taking heavy losses. V-12's crew are
eating them alive. Two more following, with four tanks. We're inbound on
the heavies." The pilot's voice is casual. "One SAM vehicle in there.
We'll be careful."

"Okay." Lynch finds a fold in the ground, settling into it and
unscrewing the suppressor from his submachinegun. Twenty yards away,
Stephanie does the same, bracing the FN MAG-5 on its bipod and pulling
it tightly into her shoulder, as they wait either to withdraw or for
Akbar's troops to reach them.

"Psycho, this is Spooky. We nailed the tanks and five BTRs, but the SAM
vehicle put one into our right wing and we are pulling back. One engine
out, no fire. V-12 is still holding, we'll withdraw and orbit so he can
keep link."

Lynch checks the BattleTac displays. "Okay. We've got at least an eight-
minute window. Should be out of here in four. You sure you can handle

"Wouldn't be here otherwise, Psycho."

Behind Lynch and Stephanie, the trucks are passing, the last one
screeching to a halt: the pair run to it, and Lynch boosts his daughter
over the tailgate before following. Inside, most of ODIN and half-a-
dozen prisoners - all Rebels with "liberated" AK-97s - help them aboard,
as the truck accelerates away again.

"Psycho, this is Spooky. Gomers are retreating, V-12 is circling the
wagons and placing remaining drones in defensive mode. We are RTB."

"Roger that." Seen from the back of the truck, two pairs of soldiers in
hardshell armour are retreating, following it as it swings around and

Outside, a C-130 sits, engines spinning, rescued PoWs being helped
aboard. The other trucks sit abandoned, and Lynch and Stephanie lead
their rescued comrades towards the aircraft: Canis, it is obvious, is
not easily persuaded to give up the mission of last-man-out.

Imp's four rearguards thunder up the tail ramp, followed by the last of
ODIN: a small counter in Lynch's vision clicks down to zero, and he
signals the loadmaster: the Hercules begins its takeoff roll, as the
rear ramp closes with a hydraulic whine.

"I don't believe it." Lynch says, as the aircraft rotates and the ground
falls away from beneath them.

"Don't believe what?" asks Lilith.

"Didn't fire a round." He offers the MP-5PDW for her inspection. "Whole
thing, start to finish, never fired a shot. First time in my life."
+++++end video]<<<<<
-- Lynch <00:38:31/12-23-58>

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