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Message no. 1
From: Sascha Pabst <Sascha.Pabst@**********.UNI-OLDENBURG.DE>
Subject: Safehouse 2
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1996 14:48:54 +0000
***** PRIVATE: Running Horse
>>>>>[ Here's the second part of the data.

+++++ Begin Download:
A large room. Johnny 99, Inferno, Canis and
Celt are sitting in a rough circle in the
middle of the room, apparently asleep. Next to
Johnny 99 stands a male in flashy clothes,
scanning the area, while a large wolf and Orion
are kneeing behind Canis. Orion has his katana
drawn and scans the area also.

The rest of the team stands, crouches or sits
along the walls, sipping soycaf. Once in a
while bruises or cuts appear from nowhere on
the bodies of the projecting magicians, and
the watchers wince out of pity, but can't help
them. Only Minx casts some health spells on the
wounded questers, but can't cast it fast enough
to keep them unharmed.

Suddenly the eyes of the "sleepers" snap open,
and Canis yells "Yeah!". Celt sits up and
gingerly inspects the bruising along her arm
and ribs. "Chan eil bruiste. Ach! Tha cradh."
She says quietly. Everyone starts talking
excitedly and asking the tired-looking
magicians questions who try to answer all the
questions at once. Caber kneels besides Celt,
talking in the same language as her as he
produces a medkit from his backpack.

The arrival of an exited small ork boy and a
worried looking Marie passes nearly unnoticed,
until Billy asks in a high and loud voice:
"Daddy, why did Stands leave wiz Reba? Whyz
Reba scaared?"

Everyone suddenly is silent, all looking at
Bull and each other. Someone mutters "Oh,

Bull's eyes close momentarily, then he is
almost a blur of motion as he leaps up and
crashes through the small door that leads to
the back room where the children had been

After a second of shock, everyone but the two
spirits - who dematerialize - charges to either
the exit or the window that is taken out by a
shot from Canis' Roomsweeper.

Bull comes back and grabs his pike and heads
into the kitchen on the other side of the small
house, completely ignoring Marie and Johnny who
start asking questions.

One of the Mercenaries that accompanied Avenger
is the first one to jump out of the window,
assault rifle at the ready. He isn't fully
through it when you hear him yelling "SHIT!
Contact!" and some automatic weapon fire.

Celt grabs her jacket and backpack, hurriedly
throwing them on. She chants in a flowing
language as she rushes to join Caber. A
shimmering appears briefly in the air next to
her. "Feumaidh fios a bhith agam de na
duilgheadasan a tha romhainn!" She shouts, and
the shimmer vanishes. Caber draws his Ares and
makes his way to a firing position.

Minx runs to the door as Hamish bolts for the
window. As they run, he throws her a gun and
she waves, and they both click on their
commlink radios.

Through the window, the Mercenary can be seen
lying prone and firing controlled bursts from
his rifle at several people closing in,
although blood is pooling around him. Hamish
follows the mercenary out the window, rolling
into a controlled until hit by something. He
crashes to the ground, but manages to ready his
combat shotgun. His mouth moves as he gives a
running commentary over the radio.

On the driveway three military vehicles can be
seen, two APCs and a tank. "They got a fragging
TANK!" someone is yelling to the right, where
the main door is located.

"Confirmed. Striker tank. Jack, gedouddad
Ballista!" the leader of the Mercenaries
screams into her combat radio, "Tom, report!

"Strikers are only _pretend_ tanks." mutters
Stephanie, firing a long burst through the
window, then swears in Lakota. "Stop shooting!
They've got a big Bullet Barrier active."

"Contact! Contact at rear entrance, approx 10
enemies!" reports another merc via radio as
Okami manifests and tells Canis in a calm voice
"Insect spirits approaching, quite a lot,
Master." She vanishes again.

At the house's main door, Inferno makes a
throwing gesture toward the approaching enemies
and a large fireball erupts between them. Sweat
appears on Inferno's forehead, and he curses
wholeheartedly as the spell doesn't show the
desired effect - "Someone is shielding 'em!"
The metalic figure of Marvin moves out of the
door, with Nodoze hiding behind, while Johnny
99 seems to do some shadowboxing, probably with
astral enemies, since his eyes show only white.
Marie has made Billy drop prone and has readied
her sidearm, waiting for a clear line of fire.
Harkion knees next to her, his pistol also

"Gil, clear back, arm bangs! Everyone ready to
leave! You riggers, get your cars active!" the
Mercenaries' leader orders. As Orion throws out
a grenade at the approaching enemies, Canis
drops to the floor, dead, unconscious, or -
projecting. So does Orion, as a bullet hits him
in the shoulder. "Barrier down!" Stephanie
yells. "Thanx," mutters Orion, "I noticed!" He
yelps and rolls aside as hot brass cascades
across him from Stephanie's return fire.
"Dion!" Celt shouts as she crumples to the
floor nearby. Two shimmers can be seen briefly
in the air above her.

At this order, Minx snarls but leaps through
the doorway. She stops by the door, dropping to
her knees and firing a couple of bursts from
her heavy pistol before squinting and
muttering. Three glowing golden darts
materialise from Minx's hands and speed to
their targets. The first ones seems to harm
their targets, but only makes Minx the target
for his gunfire, and the third fizzles to
nothing. Minx yells over the radio "Their
shielding isn't complete!" The return chews
concrete from the doorway, forcing her back in

"Gil, clear back, arm bangs! Everyone ready to
leave! You riggers, get your cars active!" the
Mercenaries' leader orders syncronously.

Without a sound, Jack, one of the Mercs, moves
in front of the window with blinding speed. He
wears a metallic backpack from which has a tube
attached to it that now swings horizontally as
Jack points something toward the tank that
looks like a pistol grip without the pistol.
There is a THUMBing sound, as something
launches from it.

The evening sky lights up with a terrible
explosion in the street. "Turret hit. Good
Shot!" reports the wounded Merc outside.

Inferno makes waving gestures, and two humanoid
transparent figures appear in front of him.
"Vesuvias, defend me on astral! You, Krakatoa,
attack the people over there!" He points at the
attackers. One of the figures vanishes, the
other moves toward the armored enemies,
manifesting on its way as a flaming human.

Bull rushes back into the hallway, his small
ork daughter cradled under one arm. He gently
settles her next to Billy, where the old Indian
Shaman Tailspin had been protecting them with
several magical barriers. He says something
quietly to them, then picks up his battered
assault cannon, and moves to the door, his face
angry and determined. Next to him, his wife,
Marie, stands firing her Ruger Warhawk. She
smiles up at him as she sees Reba safe, then
continues to fire. Inferno throws another
fireball, engulfing one of the APCs and some of
the attackers. Again, the armored attackers
seem to be relatively unaffected, but the
vehicle looks quite damaged after the smoke

The attackers fire at Nodoze, but he's covered
well by Marvin who rocks under the impacts of
the bullets. Sometimes Nodoze returns fire with
bursts from his pistol.

Lying on his back inside the main room below
the window Orion tosses another grenade out,
radioing "Smoke!". On Canis' body several
bleeding wounds have appeared, and sometimes a
slight flickering in the air above his body can
be seen.

"We cover in 2... 1... now..." the Merc's
leader responds, and both she and Jack join
Stephanie in the window, firing out, Jack with
his missile launcher and the leader with an
Ares LMG spraying through the smoke on full
auto. Stephanie dives for her bag, scrabbling
for another belt of ammunition.

Hamish leaps up and, pausing only to spray the
enemy with high-velocity lead, limbs to meet
Minx as they both approach the cars.

Turbo and IronMan charge towards their cars and
jump the drivers' seats under the suppression
fire of their teammates. Then Bull and Marie
charge to their car, each one has one of the
kids on their arm. Tailspins figure can be seen
shortly as a transparent shape when he seems to
stop some kind of crackeling energy racing
toward Bull and Reba.

While Nodoze keeps firing at the attackers from
behind Marvin who seems to be quite damaged by
now, Harkion jumps in a car, being hit by a
single misled bullet from somewhere.

Suddenly another explosion rocks the house.
"They fell for it. Back blocked," reports Gil
on radio.

Just as a turret pops up on IronMan's Ford-
Canada Bison, the enemies begin counter-fire
from their APCs' turrets toward the window and
the door. Jack goes down in a spray of blood
and dies wincing on the floor. Lucy, the leader
of the mercs, drops simultaneous with her LMG
and manages to get in cover in time to receive
just a grazing shot. "Welcome to the club,"
mutters Orion as he glances at her shoulder

Outside, the Bison fires at the APCs, and an
Eurocar adds its cadence of automatic fire.
"Let's get moving," Lucy says to Orion, as the
first rounds start piercing the walls, "and
remember the plan." Orion nods, and pulls the
limb body of Canis towards the exit, cursing
under his breath. Lucy starts to help him, as
the blood covered body starts moving again and
groans. "What..."

"Stay DOWN!" Lucy screams and presses Canis
down as he starts to raise. Stephanie drops the
MAG-5 onto its bipod and rakes a long, long
burst through the walls. You notice her eyes
are shut, before she fast-crawls to the door
and carries on laying down a heavy fire: when
that belt runs out too, she sprints for the
cars, holding her "George" tightly. As she
tries to get into the car, she is hindered by
her weapon and receives a burst from a daring
attacker that tears her left leg and hip open.

"You follow us, we go find Clint, he needs
help," Canis adresses Lucy. "No. We cover your
backs. Thats our job. You go on," Lucy answers
between her teeth. "I will not let anyOUCH!"
Canis is rudely intercepted when Orion mutters
"Sorry, Kumpel," and hits him on the head from
behind with the hilt of his katana. Orion sighs
as Canis drops again, this time unconscious.
"OK, good luck to you," he says to Lucy as he
robs out of the room, pulling Canis behind him
and leaving two trails of blood.

Nearly everyone is out of the building. Celt
stands in the center of the room, chanting
loudly while bullets zip around her. To her
feet, Lucy grabs the ballista from the corpse
of Jack. There is a brief, bright flash of
light, but whatever the spell was, it's effects
are not visible. Satisfied, she wipes the sweat
from her face. She coughs, her hand coming away
with blood. "Chan eil chothrom air." She says
before unsteadily sprinting for the door.

Outside they limp more than run toward their
cars, being covered by the static fire from the
cars and the remaining mercenaries. Orion
carries Canis on his unharmed shoulder and
yells "Sam! Samuel! Move! NOW!" An unknown
voice answers "Roger. ETA 15 seconds."

The flapping of a helicopter can be heared, and
Turbo reports on radio I'll distract him, you
MOVE!" "Nonsense," comments Lucy, and "Gil,
Mike, MOVE!" she orders. Half a second later,
both Lucy and Gil emerge from the building,
both adding their lead hoses to those of the
cars, and Mike, the merc who was not-quite-
voluntary holding the advance position, but
doesn't even get up before being hit by a
single bullet in the face. Parts of his skull
and brain splatter on the wall behind him,
showing he doesn't need any help anymore.

As the Bison begins to move, Stephanie shouts
"RPG TEAM!" over the radio as an alley mouth
explodes in flame, a wall of fire blocking it
off. An explosion billows out of it, but
nothing except burning fragments emerges.

As IronMan's Bison speeds toward the fence and
breaks it, followed by the other cars and MG
fire from the APCs, two Yellowjackets arrive,
their twin autocannons firing and tracing
towards the fleeing vehicles. "Oh, NO, you'll
not..." screams Lucy, firing a missile from the
Ballista. She is interrupted as she's hit by
the crossfire from several attackers that
nearly cuts her in half. In a shower of blood
and intestines she drops.

The flaming humanoid figure that fought the
attackers and downed at least one of them is
hit by a cockroach that is about two meters
large and suddenly appears. With an unearthy
scream, the figure vanishes.

The second Yellowjacket follows the fugitives
and fires on both the Bison and the Nomad.
Suddenly the turrets on the Bison swing around
and open fire on the helicopter. It rocks under
the impacts, lacking the heavy armor of the
ground vehicles, until Gil lands a direct hit
in the engine with his assault rifle. The Bison
suddenly rolls as one wheel is blasted away and
the emergency replacement damaged, too. The
'Jacket just manages an emergency landing on
the safehouse's frontyard, as several of the
attackers charge Gil who dissapears from view
as he's surrounded by the attackers. A piercing
scream is the last to be heared from him.

Finally, as the cars race down the street, the
sidedoor of the Nomad, that draws a line of
smoke behind it, slams shut. "Good luck anyone,
we split. See you, maybe next life..." Orion
let his last words trail off.
+++++ EOF
+++++ Begin Download:

I don't know where they did go, they have
covered their matrix traces now too well. When
they settle down, my small bug might work
again, but not on the run, not with the
satellites around here. Sorry. ]<<<<<
-- Pegasus <14:40:54/12-04-57>

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