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Message no. 1
From: "E.S. Brunsell" <ericb@***.WISC.EDU>
Subject: Sens(2)
Date: Thu, 5 May 1994 20:23:40 CDT
>>>>>[Silicon Sabotuer and I where runnin' the matrix at this point and
borrowed the use of the Cathedral's system. As the group began heading
downstairs, we came under attack by a hostile decker. I would have to
say that this was Srew seeing as how his persona was a jet black weasel
type thing. Before we dumped her, she managed to trace us and we got
footage from what happened then too.

{DOWNLOAD: File12.2.xv......

The camera shows the group kneeling next to the bodies of four gaurds.
Gawk points at one of the gaurds whose neck is bent at a wierd angle. He
then points at Orion and shakes his head. Talon points at Gawk, Orion and
Megan and then points towards a door on the left of the Altar. As they leave,
Talon, Father Brian Grant, and Brick head off towards another door.

The cameras continue followin Talon and his group as they head down a dark
corridor. Suddenly, they dive for cover as a stream of lead pours down on
them. Brick lobs a grenade towards the source and covers his head. With a
large boom and flash, the gunfire stops. The group advances once again.
They reach the end of the hall and turn left into a large room....

The scene switces to Orion, Gawk and Megan. They are creeping down an
identical hallway. Orion raises a fist and they drop to a knee. He slowly
advances by himself until a gaurd comes into view. Megan is right behind
him. She raises her arm and then releases a knife, catching the gaurd right
between his black helmet and his now blood soaked body aromor. The group
continues and turns right, into a large room....

The scene changes again. This time into the large room. A gunfight has
already erupted between the two groups and the gaurds stationed here. The
gaurds seem to have the upper hand because of the better defensive position,
but then Father Brian Grant looses a ball of energy that knock the enemy
squad down. Gawk and Brick rush forward frm opposite sides of the room and
pin the remaining gaurd behind a metal shield. The rest of the group begins
decending the stairs. Brick follows with Gawk backpeddling towards the stairs.
"Gawk!" cries a female voice
He pauses as Brick leaps down the stairs.
"Crystal?" Gawk mutters.
"Gawk, it is you," the voice replies as one of the gaurds stands and
removes her helmet.
"Why Crystal, Why!"
"I'm sorry Gawk, you were a great....lover" The pretty faced girl
Gawk begins t lower his rifle "Why did you....Frag" Gawk dives to the side as
two bullet holes appear in his side. "You whore!" Gawk screams as he begins
firing his rifle before he hits the ground.

A pathe of blood and gore stitch Crystal from her stomach up to her chin. She
is flung backwards like a rag-doll. Brick appears sprinting from the stairs
and grabs Gawk "Come-on, Let's go!"}

This is where we were attacked. I guess we were traced to my van, because we
were attacked there. I caught part of it on my cybercam.

{DOWNLOAD: File12.3.....
A grainy camera shot whirls around as Couch spins towards the door. Three
soldiers in French Intelligence Armor are firing at the door. Eric, a tall,
well-buildt, man is firing back with his submachine gun. He falls backwards
as a spray of blood exits his shoulder. A soldier rips open the side door as
Silicon Sabotuer tries to shoot at him. His first shot hits the panel above
the intruder's head. The second glances the soldiers thigh. Finally, on the
third shot, he hits him dead-center in the chest. Silicon Sabotuer looks
around and mouthes the words 'all clear' Couch's eye's record him standing up
from behind the rear seat before they shut off}

After this, we did what we could to help the rest of the group as they continued
I'll post that in a sec.]<<<<<
-- Couch <..:..:.. / ..-..-..>d

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