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Message no. 1
From: "Mark Imbriaco" <mark@******.net>
Subject: ShadowTk Cast Listing -- [2/4]
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995 12:46:20 -0500
ShadowTk Cast Listing -- [2/4]
This file includes entries from Drode Melan to Lorien.

Drode Melan -- John B. Niemi <tails@*****>
A young elven decker from Astoria. He is 25 years old, and specializes
in Mapping systems for others users. Now lives in Renton. Single. Born
to Shod and Sheana Melan in '31. Both parents deciesed. Always carries
a Fuchi CYber-6 with a 2 hitcher trodes and a Vidscreen. Favorite
weapon: Ares Predator. He doesn't like blood ("I can't stand the
stuff!") so he usualy arms it with gel. If he doesn't use a Predator, he
uses a Taser. Doesn't trust magic.

Dumbhead -- Martin Jennings <thomerc@******>
You have all heard about the smart Troll who played dumb so that people
would not see just how intelligent he was, well this is NOT him. He
actually _likes_ the name "Dumbhead" and its meaning is lost to him,
as is his real name, but he is a loner who lives in the sewers. He is
fast, faster than he should be, seems unaffected by minor wounds and
his hands are deadly weapons, though all he can do with guns is crush them.
Favorite Weapon: 2m length of train track.
Favorite Saying: DUH!

Dunross, Michael -- Michel Enos <x62674e3@******>
Michael Ian Dunross, aka Vampire, his old call sign, from his days in
the RAF, is a deputy director in the Security and Intel Service of
Struans International Inc. SCI is one of the oldest and best established
trading firms in the Pacific rim. While the basis of the Struan empire
remains shipping and the import / export business, the firm has steadily
moved in on the high tech market. The SIS is well eqipped and trained,
and ocassionally does contract work. However, the SIS exists to benefit
Struans, and Struans alone.The SIS also has strong connections to various
tongs, the Yakuza, and Enfield arms.

Echo -- Richard Davis (Ip85409@********)
Echo is a young decker. He is always fidgeting and seems very nervous.
He is about 5'9" and average looking. He runs just for the thrill of it all.
Need a decker for which any sane individual would say no, give him a call.

Edge, The (aka Edge) -- Scott Peterson <scpeters@****.edu>
This callsign has only recently started to appear on the local net (was
originaly reported to be from Dee-Cee). Seems to be associated with or at
least intrinsicly attracted to: 1) the appropriation, manufacture, transport,
storage, and redisbursment of weapons, ammunition, ordinance,and explosives
(he/she is not a fixer per say). Also can arrange access to equipment for
retooling, recalibrating and custom work on itemsany of the areas mentioned
above. Has access to just about any item that one would want, it's only
a mater of time. He's reputed to be a member of the "Toys 'R Us" group.

Elders, The -- Scott Peterson<scpeters@****.edu>
Relatively unknown and enigmatic group. First appeared after the North
Star One project got started. Originally hired the Toys 'R Us team for
security/escort duties.

Electron -- Colin Smith <csmith@*****>
18-year-old whiz kid human decker. Wandered the continent before being
attracted to Seattle for "the action". Orphaned at an early age, and
transferred through orphanages frequently before running away. Has a
little street rep in other parts of the UCAS. Doesn't like to meet
people face-to-face; hides an embarrassing secret.

Exorcist -- Bartlet E. Brooks <beb2@**.CWRU.Edu>
Exorcist is as much his calling as his name. Five years ago Exorcist's
wife was killed by a free spirit. Since then he has dedicated his life to
banishing evil free spirits, particularly his wife's killer. Exorcist is
an elf mage with grey eyes and brown hair. His presence is striking and
awe-inspiring. He is one of the more powerful conjurers of the Sixth World
however as a Sorcerer he leaves something to be desired. He frequents the
club _The Chia Room_, a magician's haunt of which he is part owner.
Exorcist is attended by his friend and familiar Petra, embodied as a lynx.

Fat Cat -- Keith Ammann <Prospero@***>
Decker. Appears in Matrix as fat orange cartoon cat with dark sunglasses
and enormous perpetual grin. Matrix construct does not speak. Likes to
poke around and follow or eavesdrop on other deckers. In real life, Fat
Cat (a.k.a. Louie Gallacelli) is a big man, strong but decidedly
overweight, completely bald but has a mustache. Wears expensive
sunglasses and suits. An experienced sophisticate with big appetites,
he's basically lazy, preferring comfort to excite-ment and generally
hiding from a fight. Likable but decidedly acquisitive.

Fenris -- Dean Esam <twist@*****>
An ork wolf shaman fenris tries at all times to disprove the stereotype of
his race, he is, within reason, polite, punctual, correct in bearing etc.
In fact his demeanor is so polished that he would not be out of place at a
rich norm dinner party. Generally he refrains from using street slang,
although occasionally it does slip out, espescially when under pressure.
As a shaman Fenris is rather powerfull being a second rank initiate, his
magical speciality however is conjuring, and he is capable of summoning
very powerfull spirits to do his bidding.

Fire Bird -- Dave Graff graff85@********
Race: Elf Origin: Seattle Eyes: Blue Hair: Red (varies w/dies), waist length
Build: Athletic Real Name: Gariana, Michelle 'Shelly'
Born in Seattle, went through "goblinization". Shelly has a harsh streak a
click wide but is a total pussy cat otherwise. Her hair changes weekly. She
is a samurai and a tight friend of Max.

Flare -- J. Keister <jek5313@****>
2.5m Sasquatch. Ex-woodsman, ex-street samurai. Currently head and founder of

the Troll Insecticide Corps (T.I.C.S.), Wolf shaman initiate. Most likely to
be seen with: combat axe (rating: 4), Ranger X Compound bow, and Banana
Republic bush vest. Most likely to be seen as: small child, with beanie and
lollypop. Quotes: "Wanna lick?" "FORE!!!!"

Flashfire -- Kenneth W.B. Cater <caterk@******>
Born iGlasgow, Scotland, he started as an Oak Druid (Grade 3) as was the
family custom. After awhile he determined that the "woodie" elf life
was not for him (he loves nature and is still a druid) so he got a
datajack and became a sort of decker. He worked for a major corp in
London, until he and 2 of his friends heard something they were not
suppose to hear. It cost his friends thier life, now his is trying to
live and find out more about what happened.

Flatliner -- Scott Peterson <scpeters@****.edu>
This callsign has just recently started showing the Seatle LTG. Very
little else is known. Has been noted to have run net support for the
"Toys 'R Us Team."

Flittermouse -- Shawn P. Williams <sw2z+@******>
An japanese/american street samurai with a reputation for finesse (all the
finesse that you can get from a couple of million nuyen in bioware) and a
fondness for (monofilament) whips. She has recently gone AWOL from the
Yakuza's Seattle assassin's pen and is probably hiding out somewhere in the
Barrens. Her credstick is just about flatlined and she's desperate for work.

Forge -- Egil Brautaset <egilbra@***>
Dwarf mage specializing in enchanting artifacts, especially weapon foci.
Has just recently come to Seattle where he is now setting up his business
in an underground dwarf enclave. His abilities in other magical arts than
enchanting is limited, but due to his great number of magical artifacts
he is still powerful in some areas.

Foxey Roxey -- Brian Angliss<angliss@****>
Foxey Roxey is a Fire Adept with an attitude. She is oversensetive about her
family and sexual namecalling/jokes. She is 23 and currently attached to THE
Nexus. She dislikes the Ancients and suspects that she has been used in a
power struggle between Tir Tairngire Royals involving her unknown parents. She
has an ally, MaxiMillion, who likes hard liquor and Salish food.

FraterNay -- Kendall Davis <Kendall@***>
FraterNay is a Street Mage, even though she would not readily describe
herself as such. She considers the time of the awakening to be "the Second
Coming of Nature Herself" and contributes its occurence to the effects of
Chaos. Thus, the Goddess Chaos is her guiding diety. Her spell list is
acceptable, though by no means impressive. She would rather spend her time
studying ancients myths and magical lore. She has an extensive library.
She is Human. She is extremly trusting, sometimes to a fault, since she
considers her ability to assense people's intentions to be greater than it
actually is.

Frostbite -- Oscar Pizarro <dsbarbar@****>
Born in the Awakened Siberian tundra, Frostbite is a stern woman of great
beauty:steel blue eyes and hard but finely chiseled features.Her family was
murdered by a wolf shapeshifter. Took her 3 years and 10,000+ km through
eastern Siberia and Alaska to hunt down and kill her prey. Exhausted,
Frostbite reached Vancouver where little understanding of city life and
western language got her in trouble with the law. Moved on to Seattle and
stayed, attracted by the challenges of the sprawl. Being resourceful, a
survival/tracking expert and SINless, Frostbite took to the shadows easily.

Frypp, Freddy -- James Cueno <cuenojf@*********.edu>
Frypp is the CEO, President and major share-holder of Frypp Securities,
and a pretty good elven Fixer. Frypp Securities is an extremely low-key
private security operation operating out of CalFree. Frypp uses his
organization as a front for his shadow buddies. Whenever they are down
on their luck , Freddy can usually scrounge up an interesting little
run. Intimately connected in the arms business. No job too small, no
fee too large.

GOLDWYRM -- "SoCo" Baker aka SCOOTCH <bakersco@*******>
Who knows?? Last seen in a slum district of Seattle, this boy is slightly
insane and totally dangerous. At 6'6" and 250 lbs, he presents an imposing
figure to any who try to jack him. Strictly a freelancer, he cares little for
other riggers or even the megacorporations and is always on the move and alert
for oppurtunities, although Seattle forms his home base. Tries to keep a low
profile, but hey, don't we all? Alas, his penchant for beautiful women just
may be his undoing in the future.....

Gabriel -- Mike Tatroe <m_tatroe@*****>
A punk kid that ran away from home in the elvish realms and found
himself on the streets of Seattle. Now he's got some hardware and does
what he can to survive. He likes it loud and violent, so he is oft
times confused for an Ork because of his style. Wired reflexes and a
Remington Roomsweeper are his answers to most problems. Although he's
violent and nervous he's been to known to suffer from a white knight
syndrome and definitely has a severe beef with anything corporate.
Right now he's trying to replace the Harley streetbike that he lost on
his last job. Tends to wear all black, smokes, and talks real quiet.

Gad, Aaron -- Ben Niemi <tails@*********.com>
President of Gad Security, a small security company dealing with Matrix
security and shipping security. 24 years old. Sister (Shawn Gad) ODed on
Chloral Hydrate when she was 14 and he was 12, so he has a hidden agenda to
stop drug traffacing to children.

Gambit -- John Todd<johndt@******.com>
Gambit is a native of New Orleans, La., and has relocated because of too
many run ins with the New Orleans P.D. He stands 6'1", has black hair
with a blue tint, to give it the steel blue look. He prefers a black
trenchcoat over an old S.A.S. sweater and baggy urban camoflage pants,
neatly tucked into his highly shined black leather combat boots. He wears
small round mirrorshades that exude that "mad Scientist" look. A rigger
and a decker, Gambit will never back away from a challenge, and is not
afraid of a little heat from an Uzi IV, either.

Gangrene -- Oscar Pizarro <dsbarbar@****>
Death by him has never been pleasant. Because of some kind of mental
imbalance, Gangrene has specialized in dealing single wounds that will
slowly, painfully and irrevocably kill his opponents. Studies in Chemistry
and Biology allow him to use nasty toxins and diseases in blade coatings.
Has been known to use fragmenting bullets made out of highly radioactive
material. Most of the time he behaves normally (though death is a recurrent
theme in his conversations) and gets along quite well with his buddy,
DawnHawk. Strong feelings towards Frostbite.

Gargoyle -- Shawn P. Williams <sw2z+@******>
An elf and decker in the Pittsburgh Metroplex. He has officially'retired'
from the shadow-scene as his pseudo-legitimate business interests consume
most of his time (he is a black-market coffee broker on an international
scale), but let's face it, he's an incurable net-junkie. His interest in a
group of young (and in his opinion, bungling) Pittsburgh runners gives him an
excuse to engage in 'fact finding'missions in the Matrix.

Gawk -- Eric Brunsell <ericb@***>
Gawk is an 18 yr. old Ork. He gained his nickname from his habit of staring
at attractive human women. He runs for the prestige (he thinkshe's a stud)
and the money. He is not too bright, but has much raw talent. He currently
lives in the barrens and drives a vintage 1998 Ford Mustang (stolen, of
course). He is welldressed, and "hip".

Gemini -- Terry Amburgey <xanth@****>
Street samurai with biotech and medical skills as well. He has no chrome
but gets his edge from bioware. He eats enough for two people and can
usually be seen munching on a ration bar.

Genocide -- Kjell Sawyer <sawyer@***.no>
Genocide arrived in Seattle almost a year back, desperate and paranoid, set
on making a new life for himself in the outcast elven society of Tarislar.
Slowly but surly his presence has been noted in the shadow community, as his
jobs have revealed competent skills performed with military precision. He
guards his past closly, yet from his arrival, attitude and training it can
be deduced that he is, or rather was, running from some military outfit.
Latly his paranoia has lessened though, and he has been seen working with
Razor (see seperate file). Another intresting fact about Genocide is that
he seems to have very good contacts within Tir Tairngire. What this means
is anybody's guess.

Ghast -- Charles Schneeflock (ecschnee@*******
Ghast is an ork street samurai who grew up in a rather nasty section of
the Seattle barrens. He and his family suffered repeatedly at the hands
of Humanis and other racists. Consequently, he is ill-disposed towards
most normals ("muther-fraggin' breeders") and absolutely merciless toward
Humanis. Ghast is an albino with a mild sunlight allergy (although dyes
and minor cosmetic surgery give him green eyes and black hair). He is
short for an ork (1.7 meters) but thickly built and still quite strong.

Goku -- John Spain
Goku is a 29-year old human decker of mixed Japanese/European descent. He has
been an active Shadowrunner in the asian theatre for the past 10 years, but
his rep. in North America is zero (Just the way he want's it).
His icon is a small cartoon-like kid with spiky hair, wearing a red kimono
and using a quarterstaff as a weapon. He flies on a small orange cloud.
(A complex smartframe program) Goku is quite capable of changing his T/D
stamp but will not do so unless he feels it's necessary.
He tries to maintain a 'tough' exterior, but is really quite friendly.

Grant, Father Brian -- Jason Root <jlr@******>
A native of New Orleans, Father Brian Grant is a rarity. A Catholic
priest and a liscensed mage. He is at least a Grade 2 Initiate, maybe
higher. Nearly all of his spells are healing in nature, though he is
very good at fighting spirits. Father Grant runs a shelter for the poor
and the sick in New Orleans. Despite pressure from the church hiearchy,
he dosn't try to convert followers of voodoo.

Griffyn -- Mark Imbriaco (mark@***
Griffyn is a hermetic mage, based in San Francisco. He had been running
the shadows for several years when he ran across Freddy Frypp and Frypp
Security in San Fran. Since then he has been an employee of Frypp Security.
Very little is known about his past, and he's not talking.

Grimjack -- Root, Jason<jlr@******>
Grimjack is a friendly, if annoying, free air elemental. He is not very
powerful, but likes to "help" out. He is a practical joker, using his
powers to tie laces together, give people hot feet and other minor
"jokes". Grimjack resembles a small child, about 70cm tall, and glows
with a faint blue light. He has the free spirit power of astral gateway.

Gringo -- Daniel McManus <mcmanus4772@********.bitnet>
Born in Mexico City to white parents who worked for Aztechnology Special
Security Agents. Parents were Eliminated, Gringo escaped and arrived in
Seattle. Very Intelligent but prone to small Schizophrenic episodes. He
is slightly wired and has recently discovered his magical potential (Dog
Shaman). Usually travels with his dog, Wolf.

Gryphon k'Shay -- Michael W. Daniels <daniels_michael_w@*****.com>
Elven shaman. Recently acquired abilities. He used to be a corporate chemist,
but found the suit life too confining. He then became a street talismonger, and
has recently discovered his potential for magic. Special totem - macaw. (Play
similar to Eagle, but with South/CentralAmerican twist.) No romantic life to
speak of. He's too caught up with his animal friends to have time for a
"human" commitment.

GunBunny -- Scott Peterson <scpeters@****.edu>
Male, Ork, Street-Sam known to have specialised in (CQB) close quarters
battle and now is a member of the "Toys 'R Us Team." Not much else is
known. See also "Toys 'R Us Team."

Gyrfalcon -- James Tyler <pherble@*****.com>
Human male, 6'2", 195# with brown hair and blue eyes. Recently arrived in
Seattle from back east. Some of his equipment indicates a corp security
or military team. No obvious cyberware, but Gyrry (nickname) moves with
enhanced reactions of some sort. Friendly, and seemingly too young (26)
to have seen much action, he still shows a professionalism during runs
where he usually acts as a scout or stealth specialist. He only knows
Journey (relationship unknown) and the fixer Denim.

Hamilton, William -- Chris Power (jcpower@********
Better known as just "Hamilton" he is a rigger for higher, comes from
London England, yet has never visited there, and knows little about the
country, since his parents moved when he was very young. He has royal
heritage, that he knows nothing of.(check london source book for
details) Hamilton is unique because he drives a semi for transportation,
the truck is well known by most because of it's uniqueness (i.e. the
ying-yang symbol tatooed on the side, with the words "There can be only
one above it!) He is considered to be well known in his profession,
which is a curse, but has the weapons, armor, and skill to do it. (rig
deck-3) Also known in person to be a heavy smoker.

Hangtime -- Doctor Doom <jch8169@****>
Novice Technomancer. More skill than experience, Hangtime often spends his
time around more experienced netrunners (e.g. Doctor Doom), usually pestering
them with questions. Always enthusiastic about life, and perhaps a bit naive,
he makes an interesting contrast with Jack Hack's inherent cynicism and Doom's
rather grim personage. His inherent curiousity often overrides his common
sense, which can get him into situations from which he has a hard time
extricating himself. His Matrix Icon is the 7UP Spot from their advertisment

Harker, Jonathan -- Gian-Paolo Musumeci <musumeci@***>
Harker is a ranking member of Ares Macrotechnology's Internal Security
Division. If he ever finds out/sees Durandal, he's going to throw a fit,
perhaps even turn him in. He is basically loyal to Ares, but very much a
free spirit. He sees nothing wrong with trashing anyone who tries to get
on his case or affect him somehow. He appears as a thin man, dressed in
a black cloak, with a high-compression crossbow loaded with a wooden stake.

Harlequin, Mykull Silverleaf -- Michael W. Knabusch <MKNABUSCH@******.BITNET>
Harlequin is an elf that was born on Tir lands. His family moved into Seattle
in hopes of finding a better job. His father split and his mother took sick
and died not long after. They left him only a tatoo as a legacy. He grew up
on the streets and nearly became an Ancient. He, unfortunatly, decided to
waylay a Renraku limo. The sararaiman inside impressed him into service for
damage done to the limo. He escaped five years later, after the sararai died
in a plane accident. Since then he has built the rep. of a formidable decker.
Last year he met his half-sister Sabre and fell in love with T.C. (a shaman).

Head Case -- Dave Graff graff85@********
Race: Elf Origin: Tir Tairngire Eyes: Azure Hair: Brown, shoulder length
Build: Athletic Real Name: Castorian, Maxwell
Max was born in the Tir and that is about all that is known about his real
origins. Max has somehow managed access around ALL of the Tir's strict
entrance laws and seems to be in good faith with the government. He has a VERY
strange sense of humor and likes to stay out of the light as much as possible.

HellSpawn, Arthur Hellespont -- James Mann <cohort@******>
Street Sam, physical adept. His aura is one of flame, red thru yellow, like
a flaming sheath. He is a touch sadistic, and has a definite bloodlust toward
his enemies. He is softspoken, with a touch of a British accent.

Herald -- Victor Brueggemann <victorb@**.com>
24 hours a day, Herald is there when it happens. Herald is not a
shadowrunner, but an independent newscaster putting out "the word". Herald's
got the up to date sports, weather, and international news, and occasionally
picks up a story on events in the shadows. The true identity of Herald is a
closely kept secret, anonymity being considered to be a key factor in living
from story to story. Speculation on stories is within Herald's moral bounds,
but only so long as it is made known as such.

Highlander -- Ed Matuskey <Matuskey@***.edu>
Scottish decker, formerly of Fuchi, UK, where he worked as an assistant to
his friend, the head of the cranial cyberdeck R&D department. The two were
framed for embezzlement, and Highlander's friend was killed. Highlander
escaped to Seattle with the prototype C^2 deck, and a price on his head.
Loves 20th century video entertainment, especially sci-fi. Both icon &
actual appearance similar to Tom Baker's Doctor Who (hat, scarf, trench
coat, etc). His Matrix programs are blatant rip-offs of old sci-fi props.
Friendly, likes his scotch and fun company. Enough cyberware to hold his
own in a fight.

Honeydew, Petra -- Jon W{tte <d88-jwa@****>
"Pet" for short, this Nordic European redhead looks like a corporate exec
wet dream, and earns her living by fulfilling them. As "assistant
secretary" for a day, she will draw your credstick for more than an
ordinary secretary for a month. When shadows fall, however, she draws on
alligator skin coveralls matching her green eyes, and heads for trouble on
her tidy Husquarna Retro bike.

Howl -- Keith Ammann <Prospero@***>
An idiot-savant Coyote street shaman. Howl is the intellectual
equivalent of an 8-year-old and thinks of her totem as an invisible
friend. Her command of magic is purely instinctive and impulsive. In
sharp contrast to her brother, Burroughs, she is ecstatic and grateful
for the simple gift of existence. She has no demands or expectations of
the world. Unfortunately she is also incapable of taking care of
herself, thus her dependence upon her brother. Slightly built and
extremely quick, with a wild and unkempt appearance.

Huey -- James Spolar <SPOLARJ5003@*****.UNI.EDU>
Huey was born on the streets of Seattle and was raised in a slum
family. Born around the sewers, she quickly developed a long list of
contacts, eventually leading to her usage as an experimental rat for the
first level 3 beta VCR, which failed. Since then, she has worked as a
rigger/decker for a CAS "operations" team - performing personal
"operations" for the government. After uncovering some dirty politics,
she extorted enough money to install the level 3 beta VCR. She has just
returned to Seattle and lives in a huge underground security complex in
the sewers in seclusion. Good luck finding it and breaking through
security, though...

Humpry, John -- David Smith <dsmith@***>
John is called Craps by his freinds for reason that he loves to GAMBLE.
He is 4'5" a male Dwarf who is accompanied by his personal bodyguard Nack.
He is no whimp if you call him one you'll deal with his modified Panter
Assult Cannon which does 12d3 damage. You often will see him at his
business in downtown Seattle where he run a bodyguard shop called The
Body-Guard. He loves a challege and is waiting for hire so drop a line.

I.B.A. -- Phillip Steele <P.C.Steele@*********.AC.UK>
(Decker / Sam)
Fat, ugly and arrogant, even more so when drunk. Likes the women, but they
don't seem to like him. Never backs away from a fight wether in the matrix
or in an alley armed with only his Ingram. Most people would take him for
a Sam but seeing him in action in the matrix shows where his true talents
lay. His calling card is a briefcase lined with C12, takes one most places
with him. Can be found hanging out in Pullyup where he most regulary parks
his van, in which he lives. Wears whatever he can find.

IC Cube -- James Meiers<polbdm@*******>
He is a very conservative decker who prefers to manipulate and trick
systems rather than trying a head-on run into a system. His attitude
towards most things in life is laid back, but when it comes to decking he
is dead serious. His matrix icon is similar to the X-Man character:
Iceman, except that he is almost completely transparent.

Icepick, Geoffery Vaerdon -- Steve Hilberg <shilberg@********>
Icepick was born and raised in Seattle, and went to school at U-Dub. He
met Necromancer in the Matrix where Ded-boy was floundering in some
heavy black ice. Icepick shattered the ice and saved Necromancer from
what had probably meant certain death to Necromancer. The two were fast
friends, and Icepick eventually bought a bar in Seattle (the Neon
Skyline in Tacoma) with the money he has made from his runs in through
the Matrix, which Necromancer visits often.

Ireserv, Sevnara Nora -- David West <sevnara@******>
Sevnara is the mysterious head of Ireserv Enterprises (misspelled in a number
of posts). It is believed that she is an elf, and has a hatred of both the
Universal Brotherhood and the Humanis Policlub. Her control extends over the
renamed Awakened Broadcasting Company, as well as a number of other businesses.

Irish Gleem -- CJ Wendt <cwendt@***.edu>
A member of tir tan og's "high" society, but lives as an outcast in the
Tir Tangire currently, on a secret undercover mission for the OTIS
chipware inc. megacorp which is based in azetlan. Currently one of the
leading users of a new cyberdeck, that is in the beta model being tested.
he is also the president in charge of development for OTIS chipware.

Ito, Jaron Joichi -- Sean McGinnis <seanmcg@******>
Plain and simple -- a killer. Son of a shamed Yakuza banker, Jaron is
on a quest for personal honor. That, and money, are his only
motivations. He has no friends, family, loved-ones -- only associates
and business contacts. Though he has been a hired gun for some time, he
just recently started running. Half asian, he has a long scar recieved
during the night of rage, defending his goblinized sister. He favors
dark suits and an armored trench coat. He is really cybered up (spurs,
optics, dermal plating, smartlink). Though he has cyber-spurs, he
favors katana, and packs an Ares Predator 2 and a Defiant T-250.

Jacamus -- James Cueno <cuenojf@*********.edu>
Born in Atlanta, USA (now CAS) in 2028, Jacamus joined the CAS Recon
Marines in 2045. He was recruited by the Apocalypse Horsemen, a
Dallas-based merc group in 2048. In the early 2050's the Horsemen began
dabbling in magic, before coming under the power of a powerful shaman
with an unknown totem. In 2054, Jacamus fled the organization with
several million nuyen of beta-grade cyber. He now resides in Seattle,
working as a free-lance security specialist. He has a nasty problem
with giant bugs that keep trying to kill him...

JackFrost -- Alexander Gay <cs6004@****>
A decker who has been running the shadows of Seatle for about five
years. Jack started off as a young man, whos only love was the
Matrix. Now he enjoys himself as well as works. His flamboyant
attitude can be seen in the car he drives, a Candy-apple red Westwind.
If you meet him in the Matrix he is recognisable by his spiky, frosty
icon, as well as the snowballs he throws. He has been known to help
deckers new to the sprawl to find their feet, ocasionaly.

Jack Hack -- Doctor Doom <jch8169@****>
Cyberknight. Street-wise, a survivor, and a bit of a cynic, Jack Hack is the
leader of the team that includes both Hangtime and Sonic Boom. Actually, he
hasn't the faintest notion of how to "deck", and hence his time in the Matrix
is usually spent observing others, offering commentary, or giving Hangtime a
hard time. The streets are his element, and he is only truly at home on them.
He is quite adept at discerning people's true motivations, cutting through all
the proverbial "smoke and mirrors" used to screen their intentions.

Jackson, Dr. Alexander (Action) -- Brian Angliss<angliss@****>
Alex is a highly trained surgeon who was turned into a vampire 21 years ago
while at a symposium in New Orleans. He hates what he must do to survive but
has been persecuted too much to sit by and let possibly decent individuals of
any race or metatype be treated badly. He ran the shadows for a couple of year
suntil realizing that his true calling will always be headware implant surgery.
He is the founder of the now defunct Mil Tech smuggling/arms dealing "corp."

Jaez, Jenipher Elizabeth McCoy -- Jeremy Roberson (RJR96326@****
Jaez is the Deb Decker. More interested in socializing than serious
shadowrunning, Jaez ran away from daddy at the Renraku Arcology with her
boyfriend from the wrong side of the sprawl. When he was killed, a naive and
confused Jaez was forced to run the Shadows. She is now employed as a
technical consultant for Erin Spelling's tridshow "ICbreakers" starring
Ford Harrison and a half-dozen angst-ridden teenagers. Her best friend is
Raven the Mage, an irony considering Jaez has antipathy toward magic (she
hates it).

James Campbell -- Matt Sylvester <ESPD92MS@****.ANGLIA.AC.UK>
Scottish immigrant. Was a military man from the age of 16. Served with
distinction in the Scots Guards, gained a commission, joined the SAS and saw
active service in T'Ir Nan Og. At present a company CO in the 6/66th Division
(Mercenary) of the Mex rebel forces, he is in Seattle trying to recruit and
train men to fight for the Mex cause. Very professional and always wears tres
chic clothes (a habit from the Officer's mess). James is an phys adept.

Jasmine -- Brad Shantz <bshantz@****.com>
A Snake shaman healer. Originally from Quebec City, she moved to Seattle
at age 21. She has spent a large amount of time trying to "bring to
light" the truth of the Universal Brotherhood. She is recognized by her
peers as a true friend because of her healing abilities. However, none
of them really enjoy watching as her delicate facial features begin to
take on snake like qualities.

Javlin -- Ken Williams <kewilliams@******>
Javlin is a muscular man of about 6' and is recognized by the tattered black
overcoat and dark sunglasses he always wears. Javlin is a gambler at heart
and considers life to be the ultimate game. It is because of this attitude
that he has earned a rep as the "Samurai who don' say no". He accepts all
jobs no questions asked. Quotes: "Livin', the ultimate high." "If in doubt,
charge in guns blazin." Javelin does not talk about his past and gets angry
with those who question him about it.

Jazz -- Ian Smith < KildTheCat@***.com>
Slight but muscular, Jazz is a Raven-haired purple-eyed Gang boss who resides
and rules in Puyallup. Over the past eight or so monthes Jazz has taken the
"Iron Legion" from being a small and struggling bunch of kids to a reasonably
sized pack of well-trained thugs. It is known among *real* shadowrunners
that Jazz is a former CorpSec sub-commander. He may talk streets, dress
streets, and move streets but Jazz teaches his kids very tight, disciplined,
deadly, professional behavior . . .

Jeweler, Masaaki Hiroshito -- Kevin Prier <prier@***>
Japanese Male Human. Born in Seattle but raised in strict Japanese tradition.
Former Shadowrunner turned Fixer, but not above the odd run here and there if
he thinks it's worth it. Has risen quite high in the Yakuza, but has nothing
but contempt for younger members who have no sense of tradition. Very
cultured, but can be just as brutal when the situation calls for it. Very
loyal when he gives his word. Given the name Jeweler for the way he handles
a job, with the precision of a jeweler turning a rough stone into a gem. Like
a gemstone, he can be considered flashy and elegant, or cold and hard.

Johnny M -- Paul Strohschein <squeaky@******.net>
Johnny M is a fairly competent combat decker. He's helped in the downfall
of Anna. He's cocky to a point. Was once an elven wanna-be. Currently
messing around in Renraku.

Joshua's Arm -- Joe Helfrich (jbh@****
Joshua's Arm, known to a select few Shadowrunners (and Law Enforcement
agencies) as Joshua Mitchel MacBaine, is a pale skinned, redheaded kid of
obvious Irish desent. He's the matrix cover for an experienced but low rep
team that just relocated to Seattle from the Pueblo Council lands. He picks
up his nickname from where he keeps his deck--Josh was born without a left
arm and, as he became a better decker, had it built into the artificial limb
that he's had since he was a kid. He's very enthusiastic about the move to
Seattle, and the ability to work more openly--and that may get him killed.

Journey -- James Tyler <pherble@*****.com>
Real Name - Nicholas MacGregor
Journey was a spike baby, an elf born before the Awakening. And worse, a
half-breed Crow Indian/Caucasian. Being nearly a century old now, he has
lived many adventures and seen most of the world. He has a doctorate in
biology and was working in the field when he was introduced to his
shamanic powers. He is currently a 3rd level initiate shaman of Coyote.
He is tall and heavily built for an elf, looking only to be in his twenties,
and acts ancient at times and childish at others.

Junkyard -- Duncan Hay <duncan.hay@******>
Dwarf merc, 9 years with Met2000 in Europe.
Specialities Demolitions, combat engineering & urban
combat. Resigned with rank of captain, resigned to come to Seattle
due to a friends dying wishes. Has one last request to fufill,
unfortunately the person he has to deliver a message to is hiding in
the manor of a Tir prince. Junkyard has a shaved head, wears
leathers, is a good weapons man & gunsmith. Loves his food & a drink.
Can be brutlely blunt and is a bad man to cross.

KHANx -- David Altman <Izzyux2@***>
5'9", caucasian, black hair & eyes. Powerful Build.
Clothing: Wraparound mirrorshades, black trenchcoat, black turtleneck, baggy
jeans, boots. Black leather gloves.
Style: KHANx is a point or cover man. He is ambidexterous and uses two UZI
IVs. He also has wide experience in Black Ops, Intell, and
Companyman work.

Kafka, Erich von Walenburg -- James Cueno <cuenojf@*********.edu>
Kafka is a German Troll born in Potsdam, 2015. His magical ability was
established early in life, well before goblinization. While attending
the University of Heildelburg he began goblinization during his
initiation into the Corps Astralis Jenese (of which he is now a
fifth-level initiate). Graduated in 2041 with Doctorates in Hermetic
Magic and in Parabiology, Kafka became one of the first magical
"bug-hunters" He now stalks problem paranormals, especially those
afflicted with HMHVV. Last confirmed location: Portland, TT.

Kaigan, Allister -- Emily Dresner <zenith@*****>
Allister is the youngest son of Donald Kaigan, head of Kaigan
Enterprises (and the Kaigan Mafioso Family.) He is sixteen years old,
and a Raccoon shaman. He often finds himself mixing with runners for

Kana -- Joe Bay <bay@*******>
Originally nicknamed Arcana for her interest in old musty tomes, Kana
studied magic at Aztech's Brown University. Coming from a family with a
tradition of magic and no way to pay for an education, she agreed to a
lifetime contract in exchange for the exorbitant cost. She doesn't like
to talk about her past job, but it is where she received her rather
extensive cyberware mods. She is quite displeased at what was done to
her body, and seeks to prevent the same in other wielders of the Power.
Her head is shaved except for three locks in the front, which are dyed
blue to match her all-blue eyes.

Katana -- Ahern T Stephan <Maxim@****>
Male, human, Physical Adept of about 25 years of age. Had trained with
a Yakuza Master for about five years. Just as he was about to recieve
his initiate training, his master was kidnapped by a dual being. Now,
his ultimate goal is to train as an initiate, find his master,and
destroy the being that took him away. He will stop at nothing to

Kendach, Antonio -- Lasr Ericson <lericson@***.edu>
Antonio Kendach is well known in the organized crime circles of Seattle.
He is the primary bodyguard and hitman for Don Armando. Antonio is a
very big, very dangerous troll who has been responsible for the deaths
of dozens of shadowrunners and Yaks. It is rumored that Don Armando has
spent over three million on beta and alpha class cyberware and bioware.

Kendra -- Kendall Davis <Kendall@***>
Kendra is a decker, elven. He was brought up making a living on the
streets of Seattle by selling his well endowed body to interested men with
big credsticks. He used the money he made to by is first deck (Yes, he's
Gay). He had studied the matrix through friends long before he turned his
first deck into a job. From there He continued to add cyberware from run
revenues, and upgrade decks, which still continues. He's smart, even
though he can seem rough from his street training. Around 'family' though,
all his rough edges disappear. He takes great pride in being dependable.

Kep, Laurissa -- Eric Bensin <foutain@****>
Lauriss's mother was part elf, part human, her father was part dwarf, part
human. Mother disappeared when Laurissa wasa young. Father abused her
and her older brother. At some point during her childhood, her throat was
almost slit during a fight, leaving her almost mute. Laurissa left the
remains of her home and joined the "Pickled-Sea-Grass" order, a modern day
monestary. Now, she's wandering the city, trying to hand out tracts and
convert people. :)

Kergan -- Lars Ericson <lericson@***.edu>
Kergan is a Elven physical adept. He is a skilled practitioner of both
Aikido and Low Bando. Kergan is considered a mischevious troublemaker
by those who know him, simply because of his innate ability to stick
his head where it does not belong. To his more loyal "co-workers,"
Kergan is a reliable asset with a keen mind for small unit tactics.

Kichanski, Lorana Beth Pintowski -- Daniel Waisley <Djwa@******>
Human Female, age 24, 1.6 m tall, 56 kg. short curly brown hair, brown
eyes, very mixed descent. A cute techy. Kichanski loves workin on
electronics and vehicles, and has become VERY skill at. She was the head
technician for Project Red Dwarf for Fuchi United Kingdoms. She designed
the things, Lister did all the test driving/piloting. Kichanski likes
beer but does not have the undying love that Lister has for it.
Kichanski loves to have fun and party, this reason why she was excepted
so quickly by the other girls in the group. Birthday December 12, 2029.

Knight -- Corey Espich <espichcl@****>
Mercenary. Will try almost any job, but is not cheap. Currently lives in
Seattle <of course, that's where the action is> and frequently runs the sprawl.
Semi-Experienced at decking, but found it to be boring. IF you can find him,
you would think he looks like your average Joe <aside from the weaponry>, but
look into his eyes. He is obviously a cold, calculated killer.

LACY -- Jason Glenn Hall <s975164@*******>
Lacy, Jennifer Greyswan. Former Salish-Shidhe Ranger specializing in
LAV, tracked vehicles and aviation. Lacy cut her teeth as a rigger along
the Tir border with the S-S border patrol. After two years there, she
was assigned to Bighorn's Ranger platoon as team rigger. She left the S-S
Rangers with Bighorn and her current whereabouts are unknown.

Larry -- Scott Peterson <scpeters@****.edu>
A Troll Street-Sam of some repute, allthough not all of it serrious. He's
the Heavy Weapons expert with the "Toys 'R Us Team." Tall, bulky and just
the thing to hide behind in a firefight. "Don't hurt Larry...!?!" see
also "Toys 'R Us Team."

Law'N'Order -- Andrew W. Ragland <RAGLAN54@***.BITNET>
Former Metro Police officer from before the Race Riots of 2049,
left the force in disgust at the inefficiency and under-budgeting.
Now works as a private security consultant, setting up anti-
intruder systems and training guards for local companies. Still
bitter about the hamstringing of the police and the increasing
dependency on the MegaCorp security forces in Northern Davidsford.

LeBlanc, Allen P. -- Chris Knight <alienspt@**.edu>
Allen LeBlanc is an albino, tall ,med. build,long white hair and with a
mild allergy to sunlight. He is new to the Seattle scene but plan's to run
the shadows as soon as possible. That is, as soon as he finds a good
team. Has a brand new deck he's only used about 5 times. But he plans to
get his experience in the shadows. Very soft spoken,never raises his
voice unless he is *extreamly* angry.In the net he is known as the White
Alien, due to the fact that his construct resembles an alien from an old
late 20th century flat 2-d movie, done in dazzling white arcs of electricity.

Legion -- Mike Loseke <legion@**************>
Samurai/Wolf Shaman - Elven male, Black ops stud. Military expert,
spent six years in the Texas Rangers. Left after a new administration
started changing things and reducing funding for operations
concerning Aztlan. Recently acquired shamanistic powers. Has the
reputation of being cool-headed and clear-thinking.

Lightfinger, David Luven -- David West <sevnara@******>
David Luven Lightfinger is an elven mage who claims to have been in existance.
since before UGE. He is a grade 2 initiate who has recently moved from Omaha
to Seattle to ply his mercenary spellcasting trade. His specialty is mental
control spells. He is seldom without his sword cane, which is believed to be
a weapon focus as well.

Limaal -- Keith Ammann <Prospero@***>
Elf physical adept. Cuts an imposing figure at 202 cm (6'7") -- with his
high-top fade adding several inches onto that -- and only 74 kg (162
lbs.). Usually wears a leather jacket and flip-up round sunglasses.
Limaal's reputation for having the keenest senses around precedes him.
Scrupulously ethical; passionately detests injustice and will put himself
on the line for his beliefs. Too concerned with practicing to preach.

Lister, James Offland -- Daniel Waisley <Djwa@******>
Human Male, Age 23, 1.8 m tall, 87 kg. Long pony tail in back short on
top, dancing brown eyes, mualato. Lister is a truely outstanding
Rigger. He was the rigger for Fuchi UK Project Red Dwarf. After his
fall out with the company he and Kichanski took most of their vehicles -
somewhere in the 100 mil worth or so, and the prototype of project Red
Dwarf - the cyber armor called Rimmer that also acts as a remote cyber
drone. Lister is known for his great love of beer, a fact which endears
him to I.B.A. Going out with Kichanski. Birthday: October 8, 2030.

Little Dragon -- Brian Angliss <angliss@****>
Little Dragon is a 12 year old physical adept. He was conceived and raised by
Renraku in an attempt to generate the perfect fighting machine. He was broken
out of the Arcology at age 8 by his two spike baby parents(both now dead). He
lives with Valentine currently and is aided in his learning by his father's
now free ally, Saki.

Lobster -- Austin Lin <ovid311@******>
Lobster was a combat mage who formerly worked for for a Baltimore based
corporation called Northern Science. He was one of three senior officers
in NorSci's branch of a local Knight Errant security team. He and the two
other officers, Void and Nocturne, turned against NorSci when one of
their longtime companions, a corporate rigger named Flashback, was killed
in a NorSci related operative in Arizona. Void and Nocturne moved
operations to Atlanta and Lobster moved his place of work to Seattle,
where they all are searching for the NorSci executives responsible.
Lobster wears an blue vinyl blazer with matching hat and sea fetishes.

Loki -- Ethan Court <jek5313@****>
1.8m Human male. Long, black hair, black eyes. Souix heritage. Coyote
shaman initiate. Head of a private consultations firm: Dark Thought
Publicatios. Ex-runner, ex-fixer. Chemical concentration: 5ppm. Yak ties,
corp ties, Eastern Dragon ties, gang ties, wharf ties, railroad ties, fish
ties, Windsor ties, bow ties. . .

Lord Strange -- Andrew Freese <AFREESE@****.UMKC.EDU>
Rigger, arms-dealer, and general purpose smuggler. A vehicle for
nearly all occasions. Well connected with Yaks who use Strange for
the transportation of chips and other and other contraband.
Hot LZs = null sheen. Famous in certain circles for evading and/or
burning {Details are sketchy} Aztlan's 15th Panzer squad.
Lord Strange is based in Kansas City but operates from Atlanta,
Grand Cayman, Seattle, Bogota, Paris, and Cape Town regularly.

Lorien -- Andrew W. Ragland <RAGLAN54@***.BITNET>
Radical Elf supremacist, Greenwar veteran and general terrorist.
Lorien has a background with the CAS government in black ops, and
keeps tabs on CAS, UCAS, NAN and Aztlan intelligence agencies
through a complex network of informants and deckers. His
organization could be the rival of Der Nachtmachen, but it's hard
to tell; he's not very visible and his group usually does not go
for public recognition. It's enough for them that the target knows
why he's been hit. Vicious, ruthless, amoral and callous, and
takes offense easily at anti-Elf remarks.


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