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Message no. 1
From: J0hnny4n4l06 J0hnny4n4l06@********.com
Subject: ShadowTk digest, Vol 1 #262
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000 17:16:28 -0600
> *****PRIVATE: J0hnny 4n4l06
> >>>>>[I might be able to fix you up with some work - if anything comes
should I let you know? And do you have any moral limitations I should know
about up front?]<<<<<
> -- Ronin <15:39:25/02-26-61>

******[PRIVATE: Ronin
>>>>>>[Have run will travel. Post me a private here or use the good ole
ICQ#7925591. Experience in UCAS, CAS, Seattle, the Carib League and the UK.
No wetwork. Too many complications. If this suits you, let me know.]<<<<<
-------J0hnny4n4l06 <16:59:39/02-27-61>

> >>>>>[God it feels good to be back in Seattle, a bit nippy compared to
> Peru, but it feels good none the less. But that's enough with the
> pleasentries, just pulled a run in Lima and let me tell you that things
> are certainly jumping down there. There seems to be a whole lot of
> fields out there with nothing but poppies in them. The didn't look like
> normal ones either, they were much bigger. Kinda weirds me out when I
> think that what my crew and I shanghied was a new formula for an
> opiate. Maybe it's nothing, but I think that there is something m,ajor
> going on down there. Well, back to life in the cold, I'll keep ya all
> updated with what I find]<<<<<
> -- 13Cycle <22:08:36/02-26-61>

>>>>>>[Never met you 13, but I'm glad that you're stateside. Those
you saw down Lima way. Should they be Marijuana or Coca Leafs? Some of the
drek I scanned from some of my chums was that South America, besides being
the home of Amazonia there were a bunch of regimes and all that. I dont
know 13 but scan this: In the Old Days (way before the Awakening say the
1500's) Lima was capital of the Incan Empire. You thought the Azzies were
bad, wait till you scan the data of the Incan Empire (it was larger than the
Aztec Empire for starters). I figure some of those other regimes are either
military dictatorships, "democracies", oligarchies, or Aztech/Amazonian
puppet regimes.

By the way, expect that brand new opiate to hit the streets sometime soon.
Or not. Be careful out there.]<<<<<<<<<
-----J0hnny4n4l06 <17:16:59/02-27-61>
Message no. 2
From: Jaimie Nicholson chicken@********
Subject: ShadowTk digest, Vol 1 #262
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 17:40:20 +1300
*****PRIVATE: J0hnny 4n4l06
>>>>>[I'll let you know - but just to clarify, do you mean that you won't
take jobs that are specifically wetwork, or that you won't kill at all? I personally
prefer to disable anyone who gets in the way (security etc.) rather than kill them, since
it pisses the cops off less, but it's not a moral thing.]<<<<<
-- Ronin <23:09:02-28-61>


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