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Message no. 1
From: Mike Goldberg <m_goldberg@**.COLORADO.EDU>
Subject: Shattered (Part 2)
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 1995 16:45:48 MST
+++++ Continue transmission

You see a non-descript van driving away from the downtown area. It is slowly
winding it's way toward a slum area of this city. Judging from the lights of
things, you would say it is somewhere like Tokyo.

After a while the van stops. After a few moments the van back doors opens.
The first out are two massive trolls. They quickly scan around the area. Soon
to follow them is a human. You can see the edge in the manner he moves. He
has short brown hair and green eyes, yet his face is almost carved from stone.
He looks decently mature age considering the fact that he screams street
experience. He wears a longcoat that has obvious bulges underneath. The doors
to the van are shut by what looks like the arms of a gray military uniform.
Quickly and efficently the three move out and proceed to do a thorough search
of the area. Once satisfied the human comes back to the van and taps on the
hood of the van.

The side door opens on the van. Out steps a beautifl woman. She wears a
length black trenchcoat that has a bulge as well. Her long shiny dark black
hair is pulled back into a French Braid. Her green eyes sweep out and meet the
other human's eyes. She nods. Following her out is a man that takes away your
breath. It has indeed been a long time since you have laid your eyes upon
this noble and notable person.

He is wearing a military uniform that is kept absolutely perfect condition.
It is made up of a field gray double-breasted coat that reaches above the
knees. The coat has a standing collar of gold yellow and silver shoulder
boards. He has a waist belt of black and white as well. His white pants and
black cavalry boots are a fitting compliment to the uniform. Even more notable
is the awards that he is wearing. Yet they look extremely fitting on the
tall, wiry man. His blue eyes quickly scan the area (notably one eye is
looking through a monocle). His short blonde hair is covered by a unobtrusive
hat that has a yellow band around the brim of the hat and a black visor. The
rest of the hat is one that a respectable German officer would wear and the
color of course matches the coat.

Quickly they move out. You can spot the drones being launched out of the back
of the van by a young ork girl. After she launches the last one, she shuts all
the doors to the van.
The trolls and the humans move deceptively quickly. All of them seem
exceptionally paranoid. Every once in a while you can see a drone whip into

Suddenly there is an explosion. You watch a drone veer off and go over to
check it out. The group continues to move quickly. One troll is leading, and
the other one is keeping back. They seem to be looking for someone.

The man in the uniform frowns at the area in front of him. He says, "We might
be running late than should otherwise be desired. Apparently the explosion was
set up by one of our enemies. He has split up his team in the process."

As they continue, he whispers something to the other male human. The back
troll has a puzzled look on his face. But apparently decides to let whatever
is bothering him drop.
The lead troll and the stone-faced human carefully look around a corner. The
man in the military uniform and the others suddenly turn around. You see a
well built man, with very short blonde hair and blue eyes.

In german he says, "Of all the things I was expecting, you weren't one of them,
Count and Countess von Doom. It is good to see you up, but I'm afraid I cannot
stop to chat. You really shouldn't have come here though."

The military man starts to respond, "So we finally meet --"

The man responds with a calm, "Look out behind you!"

As they turn around, an elf in urban camoflogue fills the troll with bullets
from a silenced HK 227. The human moves to deal with the elf, but the elf
bolts and disappears out of site of the human. The military man, undoubtably
the Count von Doom, appears to be annoyed that first man used the elf as a
distraction to get away.

He says, "Jack take our guide and find the elf. Be very careful though."

The other human male looks a little worried but him and the troll start off
after the elf. While the Count and Countess start off toward where the man has
seemed to disappeared to. There doesn't seem to be any fear in their faces.
Jack spins to the ground. You can see fustration clearly planted on his face.
Three times the elf led them into a neat ambush. While the drones were barely
giving him warning, his troll friend has taken a fair amount of abuse. Grimmly
he spins around the corner to shoot a short burst, and once again he has come
up empty. The troll says, "Jack Hack. We have trouble." He points.

Any response that Jack Hack has is lost in the realization that a bunch of
gangers have surrounded them.

Somewhere off in the distance you can hear the sound of a large explosion
+++++ pause transmission
-- Scourge <15:44:50/4-21-56>

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