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Message no. 1
From: "Thomas W. Craig" <CRAIGTW1@******.JUNIATA.EDU>
Subject: Strange Happenings Part 2
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 1993 10:26:40 -0400
>>>>>[Live Feed:
Steven Stalker: *To Camera* 'Hello, this is Steven Stalker, your action
news reporter, with Detective Callahan of Lone Star.'
*To Callahan* 'Detective, what has the investigation, into the
warehouse that exploded late last week, uncovered?'

Detective Callahan: 'First, some sort of magic was used. Second, the
victim was infected by HMHVV. Third, the victim was employed by Katana

SS: 'Is there nothing on the perpertrator?'

DC: 'Only that a man, wearing a long coat or a trench coat, fled the
scene immediately after the explosion. None of the witnesses that we
questioned got a good look at his face; but we are trying to piece together a
sketch of the perpertrator from each witnesses description.'

SS: 'So as of yet there are no suspects?'

DC: 'You are correct.'

SS: 'Thank you, Detective.'

DC: 'You are welcome.'

SS: 'This is Steven Stalker reporting for KTAN News.']<<<<<
-KTAN News Agency (10:37:05 EDT/09:06:54)

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