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Message no. 1
From: Dean Esam <twist@******.EDU.AU>
Subject: The run - Part 2.
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 1995 14:51:00 +1100
>>>>>[ Hmm, it does indeed seem that a Professor Darren Willard has been
cut to bits by monfilament wire in his home. Aparently Mr. Willard was a
specialist magical researcher, his field of research was: Shamans and
their Totems. Present research was, umm... Chicago related I believe...
Word is the Star believes it's related to that gundown last month, dont
know why, yet...

Anyway, on with the show...

+++++ Reconnect Feed:

(Once again the hallway comes into view, it is currently empty, giving
you time to survey it, at the end is a large double door, the presence of
a security station next to it indicates the door probably leads outside,
you can see a guard, just, he appears to be playing cards, talking and
drinking, there must be more than one.

You catch some movement and zoom in, the door creeps open an inch and
the end of two barrels come into view, one at ground level, another at
about human head height. Both spit at the same time, and you realise that
they are narcojet rifles, the guard you can see has collapsed, and you
guess the other did too, as the alarm hasn't sounded. As the door opens
fully the security terminal comes on line, the familiar figure of the elf
is shown on it. In the door you can see two figures, both holding
narcojet rifles, the caucasian lying on the ground covering the hallway
has brown hair and is in a long trenchcoat, opening the door and kneeling
over him is a huge troll, shaven, after a few seconds you recognise him,
just before the names flash onto the screen, Doomsday and Zarkon.

When Doomsday is satisfied the coast is clear he quickly moves over to
the terminal and begins speaking softly, Zarkon, holding open the door
scans the hallway then leans up against the door, and goes into a trance.
He nods and two more figures come into view, after thier performance at
the party you recognise them as Whisper and Tarkis, neither of them are
carrying any weapons that you can see, but you pick up Tarkis saying
something, a fact which seems to annoy Whisper.)

Tarkis: That door was a piece of cake, you know, I should paint
something on it, leave my mark. so to speak... when do we get to beat
someone up.

(Whisper quickly pushes Tarkis into the security station and they
re-emerge carrying a drugged guard each, which they deposit in the room
across the hall, they then go back into the station and return this time
carrying a troll in security uniform. For a second you are confused, only
two rifles, and three down, there is a mage, but he was a shooter, then a
fifth figure comes through the door, he is an ork, large and dressed in a
dinner suit, no obvious weapons, as the name Fenris super-imposes itself on
the screen you realise that the wolf shaman nailed number three.

As the terminal goes blank Zarkon returns to normal state and puts on a
helmet, you notice communication and recording gear attached to it.
Doomsday takes point and begins leading the group, Whisper and Tarkis
follow with Zarkon and Fenris bringing up the rear. As they turn into
another hallway your view shifts, and you get vantage from a different
camera, the best for where they are.

The group twists and turns through the complex, the whole time you watch
them, finially your view switches and you cannot see them, you are
looking at an elevator, in front of it stands a pair of guards, these two
are alert, and appear more professional than normal security. Doomsday
comes into view, he is still out of the guards sight, and he signals the
situation back.

Fenris points to Whisper and Tarkis, the two nod and then break for it,
whirling around the corner straight at the two guards, who are surprised,
but they recover and start bringing weapons on line, you realise that the
two sams wont make it as the guards smile and take carefull aim. Both
then go stock straight and collapse, as both Fenris and Zarkon appear
around the corner, of course, the suicidal charge was a simple diversion.
The group of five warily approaches the elevator, Doomsday rips a panel
off it and Tarkis begins fiddling with the wires, a short time later the
elevator arrives and opens, empty. As the group climbs into the elevator,
dragging the guards with them, your view once again fades into
+++++End feed

Ok, from here I have to send through the camera recording, it'll be a few
minutes. ]<<<<<
-- Courier <23:47:32/01-05-56>

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