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Message no. 1
From: Chuck McKenzie <kilroy@**.WISC.EDU>
Subject: UCAS Magazine Sub sent worldwide-200+ Choices! Up to nY64.00
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 19:51:26 -0600
>>>>>[ FOR MORE INFO: please "cut out" the below form on the
"cut" lines
shown, and fax it, for the fastest reply to: <number> (this is a fax
# in the UCAS)

or send via smail (first class mail or airmail) to:
Tempting Tear-Outs
Att. Free-catalogue-by-email Dept
3835 Richmond Ave. Suite #200
Redmond, Seattle 10312-3828

--> IMPORTANT complete directions, to ensure that you get a reply, and
more info follow, below the reply form and the catalogue options.

+++++: Include 2.3 MP data file


Tempting Tear-Outs is an advertising company that brings potential new
customers to the companies they advertise for.


The company making the offer is a magazine subscription agency based in
the UCAS. They have over 1,500 popular USA titles available to be shipped
to *any* country, including of course, to anywhere in the UCAS! They
a FREE 1 yr. subscription to you r choice of over 270 of the titles in
their catalogue to any new customer using them for the first time. The
dollar value of the freebies, based on the subscription prices directly
from the publishers, ranges from nY6.97 all the way up to nY50.00!

Sometimes they are less than half of the next best deal out there,
sometimes just a little cheaper, but always you get the lowest rates
without having to shop around. With 1,500 titles on their list, they
would like to think that they have also the be st selection around!

Titles like:


Overseas, (even after you factor in the cost of the FPH (foreign postage &
handling) and the conversion from Nuyen to your company currency), on the
average, they are generally around one-fourth to one-half of what the
newsstands overseas charge locally for UCAS magazines. On some titles
they are as little as one-tenth of what the newsstands charge. They are
also the cheapest subscription source for delivery overseas, including
directly from the publishers themselves! Some publishers don't even offer
sub scriptions overseas.........but overseas subscriptions are this
company's specialty! They feel that magazines should not be a luxury
overseas. In the UCAS, people buy magazines and then toss them after
reading them for just a few minutes or hours. They
are so cheap in the UCAS! Well, this company would like to make it the
same way for their overseas members. They are also cheaper than all their
competitors in the USA and overseas, including the publishers themselves!
It! ! !
is also *highly unlikely* you will find any of their UCAS competitors
calling you overseas, in order to offer that personal touch, just to sell
you a couple of magazines! But that is what this company specializes in
and loves doing! Around one-half t heir business comes from overseas, so
they are very patient with new members who only speak limited English as a
2nd language. Subscription prices quoted for overseas consist of the
subscription price, plus the FPH. You add the two together and that is
your total cost. The exception is the 1 yr. freebie you get with your
first order. On that title, you pay *only* the FPH for the 1 yr. term.

Their prices are so cheap because when you deal with them, you cut-out all
the middlemen.

Within the UCAS, they accept payment via check over the phone, Mastercred,
Vista and Maxim Express. Overseas, or in corporate areas, they accept
Mastercred, Vista and Maxim Express, even if your credit card is a
local one in corp currency!

That's our introduction of our client that we represent. We hope that we have piqued
your interest and that you will take the next step to get their free catalogue! Thank
you for your time and interest.

Tempting Tear-Outs.
For more info on advertising rates, please write us on your company
letterhead, w/business card, via smail to: Tempting Tear-Outs, 3835
Richmond Ave. Suite #200, Redmond Seattle 10312-3828, UCAS.

-- Krazy Kevin <20:01:15/02-25-59>

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