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Subject: Wedding part 2 - the toast
Date: Sun, 9 May 1993 17:06:24 -0500
>>>>>[ Hello again folks well I have more time now to tell those of you who
weren't there what happened at the wedding. I'll start off right were I left
off at the cerimony.

After the kiss the bridal party made their exit through the center of the throng
of people to give greetings to all the people they had missed while they were
getting ready. Spirit was very happy when she finally saw the uniformed form
Dr. Doom accompanied by his beautiful wife. She had been unable to greet them
when they came. Standing along the doctor was the decker extrodinare Dark Elf
and the rest of the Delta Epsilon team. It was then that Sheena pulled Nex away
to help sing a wonderful wedding song. Seraphy help out a little too when he
created a brilliant rainbow that streched from one end of the field to the
other. The congradulations went on for atleast a half hour. There were so many
people they were to numerous to count.

Finally Circuit Breaker took over the Mic to announce that dinner would be
served. Thanks to Nightstalker she had hired the Chef that he had had at his
party. She said that he had helped in the making of many dishes and had created
that wonderful desert that Sheena had loved so much. Spirit as the bride was
first in line while CRUSH and Nexus where a quick second. Between those two
a hearty hunk had been cut out of the food on the table but more was on its way.
The food was simply wonderful, I even got I.B.A and Lister away from their
Vindaloo and Curey to try some. The chefs had a hard time keeping up with the
number of hungry runners who were consuming all the food.

When everyone had been through the line atleast once, or twice for Nexus, CRUSH
and a few others. Claw, the best man, went up to the mic.

"Could I have your Attention please. Would you all please get a glass and
some Champagne so that you may join me in my Best Man's toast to the bride and

It was then that the three pyramids of champagne glasses were revealed
and brought forward through the magic of Claw and Nightfox. After it looked
like everyone had gotten their glass Claw continued.

"Though Lister has the honor of knowning Spirit for the longest time, I can
claim that I have known them since they became a couple. It all started when I
helped rid Wendy of an annoyance of drunken frat men. Come to find out she and
Craig were taking the same boring history class that I was. I am happy to say
that we soon became fast friends, because friends were something that I didn't
have many of at college. We both helped Craig cope with the death of his father
who had died two nights before I met Wendy. When Craig went under
goblinization, it was Wendy who was by his side giving all the moral support and
love that she could while I did what little I could with my magic."

"When the pain finally went away, it took all the convincing that I could give
for me to get Wendy away from his bedside and to get some rest. It was doctors
orders that he be left alone for a day atleast. The next day while Wendy was
out talking to professors whose classes she had missed was when we met the young
and innocent Nightfox. She took an instant like to him, like the little
brother that she never had. That day she showed him what Seattle was really
like and all the fun things you could do in the city."

"When we met again the next day, Wendy introduced me to the mage who would be
compatriot in magic for many years to come, while I introduced her to trina, the
decker with whom she would cause so much havok. That night was when Trina and I
took them to the back entrance of Penumbra and we met the dancing warrior

"It was strange to have so many different people become so fast of friends.
We had our differences, as all friends will, but through the level headness and
bright cheer of our beloved Spirit and Crush that we stayed together. We have
often risked our lives for each other, I for one have often had my behind saved
by the bulk of large friend CRUSH. No matter how hard things got though we
could always count on the love Wendy and Craig held for each other to lighten up
the mood and bring us all closer."

"So it is with extreme pleasure that on this glorious day I may celebrate with
you my fellows the joining of the two most wonderful people I know,
Spirit and CRUSH.
So let us raise a toast to their health and to a very happy marriage that will
be filled not only with the love they hold for each other but for the love we
hold for the both of them. Long life of love my friends."

There was a great cheer from the multitude of guest in attendance, many of whom
had been brought to small tears through the loving sentiments of Dorn "Claw"
Quilshran the Best Man of Craig "CRUSH" Morgan. I believe I even saw a small
tear of blood, which was quickly wiped away, come from Action Jackson.

CB gave a small toast to the bride and groom wishing them a full life and saying
there was no way she could top Claw's toast or that she would even try.

Well I am sorry, but I have to go again, there is somemore work to do. I'll
be back in a few hours with the rest of the reception including the cake
cutting and the throughing of the bouquet.]<<<<<
-- Kichanski <02:12:47/05-09-54>

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