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Subject: The trouble with MagnaTech
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 92 17:15:59 EST
>>>>>[ I've got the latest news on the MagnaTech dustup, straight from the
Metro Police BBS. Metro found three unidentified bodies in the wreckage
of the MagnaTech office building. The bodies were ripped to pieces, but
a little tissue matching revealed that there were in fact three. (they
haven't ruled out the possiblility of more bodies though) At least one
of the three was heavily cybered as evidenced by the presence of neural
linkages in almost all of the pieces identified with this body. The
tissue samples and linkage components were too badly ruined by the blast
to identify the type and manufacturer. The three were probably near
the center of the blast. ]<<<<<<
---Dark Elf <Probing the Mysteries of the universe>

>>>>>[ I've also heard rumors that the wounded security guards have made
statements to Metro claiming that the building's security had been
breeched from the roof, and were on their way up to backup the forces
that had engaged the intruders when the place blew up. ]<<<<<
---OddBall <17:30:46/11-02-53>

>>>>>[ Interesting! I wonder if Big Jake has found out anything about the
chopper pilot that was supposedly involved. I think I have the
start of an answer...]<<<<<
---Dark Elf <Frag 'Em All>


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