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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: The Reverend <IH46@****.BITNET>
Subject: Re: supplies & Brodie
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 92 22:52:46 MST
>>>>>[Sorry to drop off like that. We had an unexpected guest, and ended
#The Illuminati were behind it all. Just kidding, Brodie.
#Wher we last left off-- we need you to run a supply train for us. I'll
give you the details later. And sure, bring your friend- the more we can
recruit from contacts, the fewer we'll have to hire.
#Well, I'm off to go run some serious errands. I have to have all this
cyber-junk ripped out and retire, I think, so I'll be out of the picture for
awhile. I'll say hi to sis and the clan for you.
Just remember, Brodie; NOBODY expects the Bavarian Illuminati!!!

>>>>>[No problem. And it's not the illuminati. My friend Jew has been
informing me of the error of my ways. It's the BROTHERHOOD! They are
responsible for all of it! Run away! At any rate, I would be more than
happy to oblige. I miss the non-limelight. Much rather be running.
You're retiring? Damn! Try to stick around for a while... Jew said he
had some questions for you on initiation (Oww! Stop that! I was just
kidding! Get off of me! OWohiae4y90u8326qg
Umm..Like I was saying. Be more than happy to.
And Brodi...I mean that *I* was only kidding about the initiation bit,
of course. Good to hear from you again..uh.. Flare! (Yeah... *boot*
get up Brodie... and NO more munchkin crackers before bedtime)
--Brodie <10:49:15/11-20-53>


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