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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

Subject: Detroit-Windsor!
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 92 08:10:00 EST
>>>>>[ Why an' the world would you guys want ta come here? Ya got yer
Eco-Terrorist, the SAM's (Society Against the Mergance), the HOBBIT's
(Humanis Of a Better Biological Ideal Tomorrow), an atmosphere of 35%
carbondioxcide, old Ares Street patrols that just LOVE shootin' things, and
a government legistration who were personally put there by corporate vote.
Take my advice guys, stay home. And if yer already here, stay low, wear a
breather and gods' sake don't talk back to the armed security!!]<<<<<

>>>>>[ That's great, all we need is more snot-nose punks running around ths
sprawl THINKING they're something bad.]<<<<<
Dan the Divit,{08:12:37/11:23:53}

>>>>>[ Close it Dan, (the man has gotten a real attitude since Ares shot
his leg off) Don't mind him kids, D-W is a good enough town for anyone.
Just mind your manners and you'll go far. Oh also, if you are from out of
town, make sure if you're a spell-chucker to register with Ares in Detroit
Central. THey have this little problem with magic, they don't like it
unless it's on their side of the firing line. Just a good bit of advice
from little old me.]<<<<<


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