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From: Dark Elf <VESPOSIT@****.SUNYSB.EDU>
Subject: News of the World
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 92 17:35:30 EST
>>>>>[ OK chummers, here's another excerpt from the NYC NewsNet that has to
with my recent troubles with MagnaTech ]<<<<<
---Dark Elf <Down 'n' Dirty>

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New York City NewsNet (local) 11-2-53 Morning Edition

New Developments in MagnaTech Bombing

Metro Police Inc. has provided some new information into last week's
bombing of the MagnaTech Buisness Headquarters in downtown Manhattan.
Metro investigators have managed to salvage some of the building's computer
system. Most of the system was damaged beyond repair, but a few datastore
and slave units were recovered. Investigation of the duty logs of the
door alarm slave revealed that there was a break-in through the roof door,
and that several interior doors had been opened.
This was confirmed by the testimony of several wounded security guards,
who were on their way to assist in the apprehension of the intruders, who
had apparently engaged a security squad in the upper floors when then bomb
exploded. There were no descriptions of the intruders since the guards who
actually engaged them were all killed in the explosion.
Metro also released a preliminary medical report. The report stated
analysis of tissue samples of the remains found scattered through the site
revealed at least three seperate tissue types that were not from the
security force. Although there has been no attempt yet to identify the
remains, Metro is confident that there were three, possibly four intruders
who attacked the MagnaTech building that night. <NewsNet Staff>

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>>>>>[ I wonder if they've checked the radar logs from any of the nearby
airports and security airstrips. I'm shure that if they had a good
decker working for them that the radar logs would have been altered,
but doctored records can be detected given enough time. I want to know
more about the chopper that Big Jake's friend claims was in the area.
Oh, by the way, someone tell Dante that he can feel free to include this
clipping in his "underground newsletter" ]<<<<<
---Dark Elf <Free Access, Deckers Unite!!!>

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New York City NewsNet (local) 11-02-53 evening edition

Decker Arrested in Connection with MagnaTech Bombing

This afternoon, Metro Police Inc. acted on information provided by
P. Johnson of MagnaTech R&D, and have made an arrest in connection with last
week's bombing. Johnson provided excerpts of BBS postings where a decker
using the handle "Dark Elf", and then produced documents giving the identity
of this "Dark Elf."
While BBS excerpts are not admissible in a court of law, there was enough
supporting information to lead to the arrest of one Wolfgang von Helsing, an
employee of Akaru Inc. Von Helsing denies any connection with the incident,
and also denies ever using the handle "Dark Elf." Von Helsing claims that
his Matrix alias is really "DireWolf" but admits that it is not uncommon for
deckers to use more than one alias. A trial will be held once Metro has
collected sufficient evidence.
On a related note, there may be some credibility to von Helsing's plea of
innocence since BBS postings using the name "Dark Elf" have been made since
the arrest. Akaru Inc. also denies any interest in MagnaTech and claims that
von Helsing was not acting under a directive from Akaru Inc. or any of it's

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>>>>>[ Damm that Johnson!!! He got my decoy, but he's still managed to get
name in the papers!! I don't know how he managed to manufacture enough
evidence to warrant an arrest, he should have realized that he had a
dummy ID. At least I got even with DireWolf for the time he stabbed me
in the back three years ago!!!! He won't get convicted, but he knows
I've ruined his rep with Akaru, especially since the warrant read
"Warrant for the arrest of Wolfgang von Helsing aka Dark Elf". I think
he got the message that I'm not someone you want to mess with. I'll
have to settle accounts with P. Johnson next. ]<<<<<
---Dark Elf <Pissed>


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