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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: "John Y. Peng" <johnpeng@****.UCLA.EDU>
Subject: 6-PACK
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 92 14:53:53 -0800
>>>>>[ Woah! Dere was dis huge hit dat went on down at da 4th street
warehouse. Word was dat Hollywood set up some boys to take out da 6-pack.
I tink dey had a mage or sumpin', cuz da hit team had some hostages and
had da place set up for an ambush or sumpin'. Next ting ya know, I's hears
bullets and grenades and stuff and I's comes running out of my house and
I's sees dis landrover pull away. I's don't knows whats went down, but I heard
6-pack took a layover outta town while tings cool off. I'd hate to see what
happened to dat hit squad. ]<<<<<

- Brutus 'T Gnash <14:44:31/11-23-52>

>>>>>[ Yeah, well I heard what went down as well. And 6-pack, I know it
was you. I found the bodies and the Mechanic's signature sniper rifle shells.
I also found traces of elemental dust, Drake. I had a mage pal of mine check
the background aura and there definitely was some hot stuff flying. Oh, we got
some blood samples off the floor too. Most matched up with the geeked squad,
but we got a line on Ork metagene traces in one sample. How're you feeling
Haus? I don't know who else was there, but I know that you guys were up to
no good. I just don't know why you chose to "execute" these poor SOBs in MY
part of town. I'm telling you, if I ever EVER see your sorry hides again,
they'll be nailed to my duraplak walls. ]<<<<<

- Cpt. Grissim, Lone Star Securities <15:10:11/11-23-52>

>>>>>[ Grissim, you never have a clue about what drek is hitting who's fan
do you? If you did, you'd know that Hollywood set up the hit on US. If you
did, you'd know that they took HOSTAGES and we barely got outta there alive.
If you did, you'd know that we don't "execute" anyone. If you did, you'd
start taking a look at the corporate behinds that you kiss so well, instead of
hassling us. If you did, you'd know that hassling us just isn't
cost-effective for you. I ditched your last two undercover boys without even
breathing hard. Why don't you take a real look at what's going on? Maybe
then you'll realize who's messin' with who. Until then, keep your sorry butt
off the Nets, cuz you're really starting to bore me with your bluster.

- The Mechanic <23:10:19/11-23-52>

>>>>>[ It's always those stinking Tir elves behind the stuff

- Blacksuit <23:15:28/11-23-52>


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