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From: The Reverend <IH46@****.BITNET>
Subject: CaliforniaFreeState.
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 92 16:45:34 MST
>>>>>[Brodie, thanks for the offer, but I really need to take care of
Wolf, an
I can't go running down there right now. But, I _can_ use you. I need an
escort of sorts, there's some business that I have to attend to, sans bod.
#Doom, if you can set me up in a secure spot for awhile, I would really
appreciate it. I don't know how long this is going to take. I have to find
something first, and I doubt that either of you guys could help. Chalk this on
up to Mage S**t, Brodie.
#Doom- The "kids" are all yours for the duration. Take care of them.
#Thanks guys.]<<<<<
##--Flare <16:08:32/11-23-53>

>>>>>[Maybe you misunderstood. I'm with JEW right now. In a certain
part of Seattle which should remain nameless. While I have been in con-
tact with members of the group in Houston, I may have mis-represented
where I was (gee, wonder why? Jew's nemesis corp would like to know:(
but I am indeed in Seattle. Ask around. And to make it fairly easy,
just remember what I used to do before I ran, and what Jew & I could do
if we weren't running. That should lessen the possibilites down to a
dozen or so. And yes, we are in the Yellow Pages...(yes, yet another
archaic term). Our place should be reasonably secure, and while it may
not be specifically designed for you, we have PLENTY of room. Just sold
one ...project... and so have more than enough room for you. Call!]<<<<<
--Brodie <4:42:55/11-23-53>

--- "If character isn't an issue, why isn't
The Reverend Ted Kennedy President?"-Rush Limbaugh
"My employers have changed but the name remains"


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