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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

Subject: THAT'S "HBBIT"
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 92 23:55:00 EST
>>>>>[ Dear Mr. Boxcar,
After viewing your latest transmission, I am deeply hurt by your misguided
violence toward my originization. If memory serves we have never directly
offended you in any manner or form. If you are accustom to the bloodshed
and crueltality of the Alamos 20,000 of the west, I asure you we are not of
that lowest of caliber. I formally invite you to our meeting house, the
address is on the LTG 0915 district. Please join us, you are most welcome.
I hope after meeting and discussing our stand one-on-one, we will be able
to see things in a similar point of view. ]<<<<<
Ronald Benkings,{16:51:38/11:24:53}

>>>>>[ Don't trust 'em, Box-cars. They may seem like chummer enough
people, but behind those smiles are 120% meta-haters. ]<<<<<

>>>>>[ Forget it O*I, let the newbie get hosed by the jerks! Did you ever
bother to check out where the HOBBITs get their backing, or are you that
wet behind the Datajack? ]<<<<<
Dan the Divit,{17:38:09/11:24:53}


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