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From: R Andrew Hayden <rahayden@*****.WEEG.UIOWA.EDU>
Subject: The Underground: Volume 1, Number 4
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 92 21:44:28 CET
The Underground

Volume 1, Number 4 November 27, 2053
The Magazine for Those on the Edge

* * * * * * * * *

By: Robert Hayden

I apologize for the delay in getting this out. I'm working double
shifts right now so my time at home is severely limited and I had
my first chance to compile this over the Thanksgiving holiday.
Unfortunately, the U took that opportunity to apparently take the
modem pool offline and I couldn't get it uploaded.

Also, as long as I have your attention this far, I would like to
request that everyone submit something. I don't have the time to
be writing it myself so I am relying on the submissions of
others. That's what I get or taking on a project and then having
my work all messed up. Oh well.

In any case, please submit.


Barroom Brawl Leads to Disaster
By - Vincent Esposito

(NEW YORK) ---- Ragnarok bar and grill, known hangout of the go-gang
known as the Vikings was the site of a vicious brawl that ended in
several deaths and the destruction of countless nuyen worth of
property in uptown Manhattan today. Apparently, members of the
Vikings started trouble with a group of strangers, and began an all
out brawl.

Unfortunately for the Vikings, the group was a heavily armed team of
"shadowrunners," who proceeded to wipe out the Vikings in a bloody
battle. Soon after, another group of Vikings arrived, this time
prepared for the 'runners. The battle that ensued resulted in the
deaths of several bystanders, the destruction of the interior of
the Ragnarok, and severe damage to several nearby buildings. Most
of the damage was caused by an automatic grenade launcher fired by
a panicked Viking as one of the 'runners closed in the kill. The
interior of the Bar was riddled with bullet holes and broken
furniture. The owners of the Ragnarok claim that their entire
stock was destroyed in the clash, and that the building will have
to be completely redone due to structural damage.

The body count for this incident includes 10 dead Vikings, and 5
dead bystanders. 3 Vikings were too injured to escape before Metro
Police arrived at the scene, and they claim that at least 5 more
Vikings were wounded but managed to escape. The identity of the
shadowrunners have not been verified as of yet. Survivors say that
the five shadowrunners were carrying a large number of concealed
weapons. Metro has refused to release the descriptions of the five
as of yet.


Electric Dreams Researcher Missing?
By: D.L. Clements

(Seattle) -- Reports are emerging this morning that a researcher for
the Electric Dreams Corporation has gone missing. The man concerned
is the Vice President in charhge of their special projects division,
Len Major. Our sources suggest that he is involved in secret talks
with another corporation about a possible move from EDC.

EDC works on custom software systems for automatic, remote and rigger
control of safety critical equipment. Their systems are in use in several
major fields including Federated-Boeing aerospace planes and suborbitals and
in fusion reactor maintenance drones. A representative of EDC denied that Major
was missing but suggested that he was conducting research at a remote, secret
location. She further suggested that Major may be available for a detailed
briefing tomorrow.

EDC stock dropped 5 points on this rumour.


"Tooth Fairy" Murders Baffle Metro
By - Vincent Esposito

(NEW YORK) -- Last night the third victim of the killer now
known as the Tooth Fairy was found dead in a downtown Manhattan
apartment. The victim was the four year old daughter of buisness
entrepanuer Robert Cheng. Cheng's daughter was found the same way
as the other Tooth Fairy victims, strangled in bed with an antique
coin placed under the pillow. There were no signs of forced

The so-called "Tooth Fairy" has so far baffled Metro, leaving
behind no definite clues in three murders. All three murders were
accomplished in the same manner, the child of a known buisnessman
is strangled in bed, an antique coin that Metro has identified as a
"Quarter" is left under the child's pillow, and there are no
visible signs of entry. The only lead Metro has at at this point
are the coins. The coins are all from the same year, and were made
at the same mint. The coins are 1992 series D quarter dollars, and
Metro is in the process of investigating all known collectors of
pre-awakening coins.

The "Tooth Fairy" has yet to leave fingerprints or cell
samples behind at any of the crime scenes. He has managed to defeat
all domestic security devices and leave no evidence of doing so.
Metro staff psychologists have not ruled out the possibility that
the "Tooth Fairy" is a victim of HMVV and magically active.

"We're waiting for him to slip up, no one can pull off crimes like
this without leaving physical evidence sooner or later. We're also
using psychological and magical techniques to project the Tooth
Fairy's next potetial victims. We'll catch him soon" quoted Metro
Detcetive Serge Ramussen, leader of the Tooth Fairy investigation.

This issue of The Underground is copyleft 1992 by Robert Hayden
[INTERNET: AQ650@****.INS.CWRU.Edu] and you are free to distribute
this document provided that the contents are not altered. Archives
are available from me or via anonymous FTP at in
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