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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

Subject: The Night-Knights!
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 92 04:04:00 EST
>>>>[ Time to grab your girls and double-check your Smartlink folks be
cause the word on the streets is that the Night-Knights are planing on
reclaiming their turf from the Anti-Bodies. You all remember back in
Janurary when the "AB"s bum-rushed the "Knighties" straight out of
Downtown and in the process geeked 20 gangers and abour 35 civies? Well the
time has come for paybacks.
-Flank MacMax,03:46:29/11:03:53]<<<<

>>>>[ I was caught in that fragging cross-fire. Bloodiest turf battle I
ever saw. Those Anti-Bodies really knew how to wield a SMG. And those
Night-Knights seemed have slotted something good 'cause they weren't
dropping too quickly.
-Over Easy,03:52:02/11:03:53]<<<<

>>>>[ The Night-Knight's level of Weaponry ranks about a G and their Chrome
is somewhere in the BA range. The Anti-Bodies, however rate only a F on
weaponry, but the Chrome rank excedes CC.
-Lt. Coontz,03:58:48/11:03:53]<<<<

>>>>[ Does anyone out there in the Sprawl tonight, have any info on these
Go-gang Leaders or where the farg they're getting all the nuyen for the
software and weapons?


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