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From: "mulutuv - 'blowing things up is fun!'" <CBREWER@******.BITNET>
Subject: dark elf don't flatter yourself
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 92 18:51:00 EST
>>>>>[ since you don't me, i guess i shall have to explain to you the
situation. I don't hate elfs. The kid in our party is an elf. I just
have a problem with a particular elf go-gang. I am not a (fill in)ist,
i beleive in judging on ability not by looks... yes i have been told i don't
have the best etiquette in the world, but i do know how to act.. and i
don't threaton people that don't deserve it, and so far you don't. So you
know who did do the magnatech job? I would like to meet them.... i am sure
i could arrange for an equal trade for some info... ]<<<<<<<
--Mulutuv <18:47:43/11-05-53>


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