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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

Subject: Strangers in the night!
Date: Sun, 8 Nov 92 04:19:00 EST
>>>>[ Was anybody around the Space Needle about 2100 hrs. last night?
I have to verify something that I saw. About 2045 hrs. I saw a nice
Westwind pull up to the front of the Needle, I'm thinking nothing special
alot of ritzies come to this place. I look again and it's Cathrine Deburke,
Treasurer of the Metroplex, stepping out of the car. You're thinking big
deal right? hang on here's the good part. As she's standing at the
entrance, three more Westwinds pull up. Out jumps about seven obvisous Body
guards. As their securing the area, Deburke waltzs over to the middle
vehicle and kisses some guy through the open window. The car door opens and
out steps Gerald O'Maley. Yup that's right chummers the Treasurer and the
third in charge of the Mob have something going. I wonder how much the
trideo news people would pay to have info like this? And I wonder if it's
more than physical? One can never tell.

>>>>[ Doesn't Gerald only take his orders from Don-James O'Malley directly?

>>>>[ Naw, Gerald has to answer to Daniel A. O'Malley, James' nephew. And
man does he hate that. James is like the Overlord, while Daniel controls
Downtown and Gerald control all non-Downtown Mobster activities.
-Whispers in the Night,04:09/:47/11:08:53]<<<<

>>>>[ Maybe Danny boy would like this information? Nothing more interesting
than watching internal conflicts. Especially when it comes to the Mob.

>>>>[ I wouldn't do that old friend. Gerald has the name "THe Badger of
North". He is NOT a person one would willingly want to mess with.
Whispers in the Wind,04:09:00/11:08:53]<<<<


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