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Subject: Re: Magnatech: stirring up yet more drek
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 92 19:04:00 EST
>>>>>[Finally heard from the people I put on the Magnatech business. Or
from the remaining half of them. Big Jake is right, there's more to that corp
than meets the eye. For starters, under their subsidary office in New Y%$&^k is
%^&*$#<lotsa useless drek deleted/stevie wasn't here, heh
Of more immediate interest to myself (and anyone heading into NAN territory)
are the LAVs. They're gone from Alamagordo, and I can't find them. Coincidently
(who am I kidding) there are damn few free traders coming into Denver these
days. If an^&%*$%^&*<stevie's back!/Poe sucks>&^($%*^$#olitical
alliances among
the NAN states; if the Sioux have them, who would they be sharing them with?
I'd appreciate any information.]<<<<<
-Raven <19:05:11/11-9-53>


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