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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Dark Elf <VESPOSIT@****.SUNYSB.EDU>
Subject: Magna and Dragons
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 92 17:02:05 EST
>>>>>[ Yo, too bad most of you guys are in Seattle. You should see all the
hardware flying around here in NY. Those rumors about Magna making an
armed strike in the Intrepid must be true, ever since Tirandor got
back from his "meeting" the Intrepid's flight deck has been running
around the clock!!! They've got a squad of those EFA's in the air
at all times, and at least three gunships flying. It also seems that
the Intrepid wasn't the only boat that Tirandor bought, 'cause he's
got GMC Rivrine Patrol Boats combing the harbor. In the past two days
the Intrepid has shown enough hardware to level the city!!! People are
getting nervous around here! ]<<<<<
---Big Jake <17:08:07/11-10-53>

>>>>>[ And Tirandor told NewsNet that his security force was doing training
manuvers for the upcoming Desert Wars IV ]<<<<<
---OddBall <17:09:46/11-10-53>

>>>>>[ HA! I finally managed to get a hold of BobK, it took a little
decking though. (So I borrowed a little bandwidth from one of Tirandor's
NavSatellites and opened a channel to the commlink in BobK's chopper.
Well, according to BobK, he was ordered to drop a senor probe onto the
roof of the MagnaTech building (unofficially of course) so that they
could get a scan of the building layout, especially of any underground
sub-levels. Well, he was about to make his approach when his motion
sensors picked up some kind of commotion on the 20th floor. Next thing
he knew the building blew up in his face. The Mage who was riding
shotgun with him freaked and cast an illusion of a dragon around the
chopper (dumb move). Big Jake's friend must have picked up the
Intrepid's transmission to "abort the job" when they discovered that
something was wrong. ]<<<<<
---Dark Elf <17:20:41/11-10-53>


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