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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

Subject: ShadowTalk: Ares
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 92 17:10:16 EST
>>>>>[Word has it that Ares is looking for a group of persons to perform a
break-in at the Ares main office. This, I assume, is in response to the
government probe into their quality control measures. I'm not sure what
these burgalars would have to do, but I would assume steal some records,
make a big mess, and essentially give Ares an excuse to to give those
documents to the Gov. Don't you just love corps?]<<<<<
-- Dante <14:20:16 / 10-31-53>

>>>>>[ Sounds like another Johnson screwed up and needs a specialist in
quasi-legal activities to bail him out of trouble. I wouldn't touch
this one with a long range, satellite mounted comm laser operated by
a remote channel!!!! Johnson could easily turn the team over to the
CorpCops (after the evidence is destroyed) to gain the favor of his
superiors. Take my advice, stay away from a doublecross]<<<<<
---Dark Elf <Beating a dead horse with a dead horse>


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