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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: "John Y. Peng" <johnpeng@****.UCLA.EDU>
Subject: 6-PACK
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 92 12:42:56 -0800
>>>>>[ Early this morning around 0218, an explosion went off on the main
floor of the Carland Research Institute, a subsidiary of Mitsuhama inc. No
one was reported injured, and the Social Relations Executive of Mitsuhama
stated that the explosion was purely accidental caused by a gas leak. The
Exec declined all other comments. ]<<<<<

- Generic NewsTrid [12:29:02/11-14-52]

>>>>>[ Fragging agas leak! I'd sooner believe a dragon farted over at the
Mitsu lab. I know C-12 when I smell it. I don't know which of the SINless
pulled this hit or why, but I have my hunches. There was the matter of a
certain characteristic LandRover pulling away from the scene and an Ork
at the wheel of a computerized Ares Roadmaster. If you guys are out there,
know that I'm watching you and suspect who you are. Stay out of my district,
"chummers", or I'll bust you soon enough. ]<<<<<

- Captain Grissim, Lone Star Securities [12:35:12/11-14-52]

>>>>>[ Grissim, you couldn't catch flies if there was drek on your face.
Cut the idle threats, you got drek for a file on us. ]<<<<<

- The Mechanic [12:59:50/11-14-52]

in another corner of the Matrix:

>>>>>[ Anyone know why Fuchi ordered the hit on Whisper? And what was up
with the drek hitting the fan at the Mitsu lab? Did Johnson botch the job
on the other simultaneous hit? I don't like it when things mess up my
plans -- especially counter productive things to our job caused by the same
Johnson. No hard feelings Johnson, just expect a higher price next time you
ask for a pro. The deal was agreed upon, and your cred was good. Next time
I'll have a couple stipulations of my own... ]<<<<<

- The Mechanic [13:04:41/11-14-52]

>>>>>[ I got the info you wanted Mechanic. Drop me a line at the Coffee
Shop, and we'll deal. ]<<<<<

- TeeHee [15:42:17/11-14-52]


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